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What’d you get up to this week, friends? Besides losing your mind over current events? I had lunch dates, got ready to open the live version of Make It Stick Habit School (!!!), and now I’m taking a three-day weekend at a cabin in Wisconsin for a friend’s birthday. Hiking! Kayaking! Reading by the fire!

Links for you!

A good, quick tutorial on how to ‘call out’ or question someone.

You’re registered to vote, right? And you’re voting in the midterms, right?

An innovative way to use Instagram (and a great post!)

I loved this interview and house tour. This is the life I’d like in my 70s, please!

My next trip is five days in Denver and, as is my wont, I’m reading novels set in Colorado before I go. I requested this and this from the library – do you have any other suggestions?

Whenever I mention that I read novels set in my travel destinations before I go, people always ask how I find them. Goodreads has ‘best of’ lists for pretty much every major city and every state!

If you’re tired of ‘supposed to‘ for your business, your blog, your online life.

66 ways to use index cards to land a job!

Why are 30-year-old women having mid-life crises?
Limp, desperate, they fantasize about quitting their good jobs and moving home to Michigan. They murmur about purpose, about the concrete satisfactions of baking a loaf of bread or watching a garden grow. One young woman I know dreams about leaving her consulting job, which takes her to Dubai and Prague, to move back home and raise a bunch of kids. Another, an accountant with corner-office aspirations, has decided to “phone it in” for a few years while she figures out what she wants to do. 

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What age does your self-esteem peak?

Have we already talked about how you should be using your public library’s OverDrive App for audio books? Because it’s free and public libraries are AMAZING?

A cozy, autumnal breakfast.

Hope you’re taking care of yourself this weekend, friends. <3



I love that example of a “call out” – assertive, kind, open, curious. No posturing or seeking to shame. Good for her – that’s the way to effect change! – and good for you linking to it.


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