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What’d you get up to this week, friends? We saw a movie at the amazing Height theater, saw a friend’s envy-inducing new house, and today I’m headed up north for a three-day cabin escape with some of my lady friends.

Links for you

Can’t believe I’m just learning this now! 3 tricks for making sure cheese never clumps in pasta.

A super interesting read about disdain towards motherhood.
Try it yourself, and your own list will fill in pretty quickly: Moms are square, moms are sentimental. Moms are smug. Moms post 15 baby pictures an hour on Facebook. Moms use Pinterest like they’re painting the Sistine Chapel. Moms plan a child’s birthday party like it’s the Academy Awards. Moms wear a pussyhat and attend one march and call it radical activism. Moms drink wine and make bad puns and call it a personality.

Moms age and gain weight, and unlike the “dad bod,” this isn’t attractive. Moms overinvest in their children, talk too much about them, think too much about them, and unlike involved dads, who are admirable… look, moms are just worse than dads, okay?

In light of the depressing, recently-released climate report that describes a strong risk of crisis as early as 2040: Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions. So then what?

One teeny, tiny change you can make in regards to climate change.

If there are kids in your life, they’re probably practicing every single emotion they’ll ever have on you.

A lovely house tour of a house that’s not in LA or NYC!

I’ve made this roasted carrot romesco twice in the last two weeks!

Peas with …coconut?

A cute reminder that bats are our friends! You don’t need to go after them with tennis rackets!

Fascinating! The Best Thing My Psychic Mom Taught Me Is No One Wants To Hear The Truth
Receiving a prediction did not feel good. I didn’t like being told what would lie ahead, and I didn’t like the way the Roma woman’s words haunted me. While I didn’t want to believe in her words, the way she had delivered them to me — so assuredly and so spontaneously — made me question every decision I made. I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly could lead me down a life that ended too early.

An incredibly cute four-minute video that will restore your faith in humans (or maybe just Tom Hardy)

Some dos and don’t for helping someone who’s (scary) sick.

This tap dancer is 74! #goals

A grate dane! Wearing a little dog in a baby carrier! In a motorcycle! Wearing goggles!

Hope you had a good weekend, friends! And I hope to see you in Habit School tomorrow!



That tap dancer is Toni Basil, who released her first album, including the hit “Mickey” (“Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine!”) when she was 39 years old! She’s amazing!


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