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I’m so excited to share that I’ll be teaching the minimalist money section of A Simple Year this year! Click here to learn more. 

How was your week, friends? I spent the first half up north at a friend’s cabin and the rest of it enjoy Proper Fall Weather after 2+ weeks of rain. Gorgeous! This weekend we’re helping a friend celebrate his 35th birthday and phone banking for the DFL.

Links for you!

What’s the deal with breathwork? Try it for free!

Busted! (I also like to read billboards aloud and sing along to every song on the radio and, yes, I’m as surprised as you are that anyone wants to roadtrip with me.)

When I shared our new headboard on Instagram Stories everyone wanted to know where it was from. This is it!

A reminder that you don’t have to be good at everything – especially your hobbies!
If you’re a jogger, it is no longer enough to cruise around the block; you’re training for the next marathon. If you’re a painter, you are no longer passing a pleasant afternoon, just you, your watercolors and your water lilies; you are trying to land a gallery show or at least garner a respectable social media following. When your identity is linked to your hobby — you’re a yogi, a surfer, a rock climber — you’d better be good at it, or else who are you?

You’ve probably heard me natter on about how getting serious about Pinterest dramatically changed my blog traffic (from 7% of my traffic to 54%!) A big part of that is Tailwind and you can try one month for free here!

Ca-yute! And this is Double Ca-yute!

Whoa. Have you seen what’s happening on Brettkavanaugh.com?

Somewhat related: a potentially good way to feel less depressed about the current state of our world.

Related related: I know I’ve mentioned this book before, but I’ve found it to be very soothing when current events are tumultuous. (It’s set in WWI.)

Do you ever get served a Facebook ad or Instagram and think “THAT’s what you think I like?!” Algorithm shame.
The algorithm knows where I live. It knows the embarrassing secrets: that I don’t actually hate the music of Taylor Swift as much as I say I do; that I am fascinated by and intimidated by the streetwear moment; that I have watched When Harry Met Sally more times than I will admit here in public — but the algorithm can’t be fibbed to. The algorithm is my mother and my undermining friend and my id and my boss and my guide and my enemy who read my diary. 

What 18 looks like around the world.

An incredibly sweet obituary.

A note-to-self and a note-to-everyone: You Have To Stop Canceling And Rescheduling Things. Really.

I loved this! How to dress like a celebrity at any size.

Wow! Did you know that less than 50% of teens identify as straight in 2018?

Have you ever seen a house tour that made you think “That is the EXACT look I’m going for”? That’s how I felt about this house tour.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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