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How was your week, friends? I phone banked (again!) and as you read this, I’m halfway through a trip to Denver to see a bunch of friends, hike, watch mermaids, and tour the Celestial Seasonings tea factory. You can see all my travel photos here!

Today’s Web Time Wasters is a short one, because I’m on vacation!

Yum! Vegetarian pumpkin pot pie!

A great read for all creatives: How to work with friends and not make it weird.

YESSSS. The One Piece of Advice Young Women Need: Don’t marry someone who won’t take your career as seriously as their own.
Wittenberg-Cox cites a 2014 study, for example, of Harvard Business School graduates that showed the majority of men surveyed expected their careers to take priority over their wife’s work, while most of the women questioned expected that their marriages would be equal.

Co-signed on this ‘recipe

Cats are allowed EVERYWHERE in Turkey.

If you’re starting to make your Thanksgiving travel plans, this will help!

4 things to do before voting.

Japan’s Princess Ayako surrenders her royal status as she marries for love!

I LOVED this impeccably-decorated, tiny NYC apartment.

Something lovely in a week full of darkness.

Something to think about as you’re making your holiday wish list: How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Things
The acquisition of new possessions is never a singular event. Each new purchase often creates a spiral of consumption that leads you to acquire more things. It’s a social phenomenon that explains much of our modern consumption patterns. Savvy marketers often bundle complementary products together and make us offers so compelling we cannot refuse them. One seemingly innocent purchase can lead to many bad decisions.

Hope you had a good week, friends. See you at the polls on Tuesday!

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