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How was your Thanksgiving, American friends? We hosted my in-laws and on Black Friday I popped down to Red Wing to hang with my parents and sister for the ‘holiday stroll.’ If you live in Minneapolis and you’ve never been to Red Wing, I SO recommend it as a day trip destination – it’s nigh on Stars Hollow-y!

Links for you!

Americans! The window for open enrollment for healthcare is open now and it closes on December 15th. The enrollment period is shorter than last year and the marketing budget even smaller, so tell everyone you know!

This habit calendar and this schedule-your-happiness planner are speaking my language!

Helpful: How to help a grieving friend during the holidays.

If the big meals of the holiday season trigger a lot of food guilt for you: a reminder.

With Earth beset by conflict, climate change, pollution, and other ills, Anne Lamott asks: What better time to be hopeful?
Hope is (for me) not usually the religious-looking fingers of light slanting through the clouds, or the lurid sunrise. It’s more a sturdy garment, like an old chamois shirt: a reminder that I’ve been here before, in circumstances just as frightening, and I came through, and will again. All I have to do is stay grounded in the truth.

If you live in Minneapolis, you’ve surely heard about the homeless encampment along Hiawatha. Last week, a photojournalist spent the day there so the men, women, and children could share their stories.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE product recommendations! Here are 59 things on Amazon that have a cult following.

This wasn’t on the list BUT SHOULD BE.

Who gets to live in ‘victim-ville’? – an essay by Monica Lewinsky.
The debate over who gets to live in Victimville fascinates me, as a public person who has watched strangers discuss my own “victim” status at length on social media. The person at the epicenter of the experience doesn’t necessarily get to decide. No—society, like a Greek chorus, also has a say in this classification. (Whether we should or shouldn’t is a debate for another time.) And society will no doubt weigh in again on my classification—Victim or Vixen?—when people see a new docuseries I chose to participate in. (It’s titled The Clinton Affair. Bye-bye, Lewinsky scandal . . . I think 20 years is enough time to carry that mantle.)

One piece of art, instead of a whole gallery wall.

It’s time: How to Hygge (Or: 29 ways to actually enjoy winter)

Somewhat related: A really clever layering trick I’d never heard of.

What noises surprised people who used to deaf?

Awesome! Covergirl cosmetics are now 100% cruelty-free! I’m stocking up on this.

Brown point shoes arrive 200 years after white ones.

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Hope you had a lovely weekend!



I love your Web Time Wasters posts but honestly I wish you would stop promoting Amazon. I know lots of companies are terrible and we all have to participate in a corrupt system to survive but they are especially heinous :/


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