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How was your week? As you read this, I’m in New Mexico visiting a friend, soaking in mineral springs, and OBVIOUSLY going to Meow Wolf. You can follow along on Instagram if you’re curious! 

Links for you!

Because I know everyone will ask once they see it on Instagram, this is the amazing Airbnb we stayed at in Truth Or Consequences. It has its own private hot spring! (If you’ve never used Airbnb before, here’s $40 towards your first booking) 

This is my fifth trip to New Mexico, so 9 Wonderful, Off-The-Beaten-Path Things To Do In New Mexico


I’m the stepmother of 12 and 15 year old boys and I loved this: 21 Completely Subjective Rules for Raising Teenage Boys 

5. Prepare for cranky questions to emanate from the open fridge: “Is the ham all gone?” “Wasn’t there leftover steak?” Answer with your sunny good nature. “It is!” “You ate it!” Remind your son that he is welcome to restock the fridge.

6. Familiarize yourself with the expression “second dinner,” and buy lots of Trader Joe’s frozen entrees for hungry nighttime foragers.

How a Tribe Battled Loggers With a Drone They Built Watching YouTube

I am reading this book four years after everyone else and it is excellent!

What 10 years of trying looks like

I loved this roundup of DIY and handmade gifts

Co-signed. (Why are people so weird about height and dating?) 

Related – True Story: I’m 4 inches taller than my husband

Excellent, blunt advice
My wife and I have been paying off our student loans for years, but we still have about $75,000 to go. She’s 35 and really wants to start having a family, but I think we should wait a few more years, until we’ve paid off more of our loans. We argue about it constantly.— Anonymous

You don’t actually want children and you’re wasting her time and she will hate you forever.

Why you should travel alone as a woman

In August, Leah Nixon was in a serious accident while working construction for Habitat For Humanity. Her right leg had to be amputated and she’s paralyzed from the chest down. Now, her friends and family are raising money to cover her medical expenses with this amazing raffle for $20,000 worth of products!

Kenny’s Jewish so we usually spend Christmas Eve with his family at Shuang Cheng. If we wanted to branch out, I loved this round up of 25 Chinese recipes for a Jewish Christmas

Hope you had a great week!

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