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Hello friends! How was your week? I spent much of mine in New Mexico and IT WAS GREAT. 

Absolutely no one asked, but here’s my 4-5 day New Mexico itinerary for you:

* Fly into Albuquerque and drive up to Santa Fe. Go to Meow Wolf. Go to 10,000 Waves (use the clothing optional section if you’re brave!) Eat dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the plaza.

* Drive back to Albuquerque and visit The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Go to El Patio de Albuquerque and eat all the New Mexican food you can’t get elsewhere (Carne Adovada, green chile everything, frito pies, Mexican colas, and Biscochitos). 

* Drive to White Sands National Monument, stopping at PistachioLand -Farm Tours & Country Store for your fill of pistachio brittle and a photo with the world’s largest pistachio. 

* Explore White Sands. Yes, splash out for the sled, no you don’t need the wax. They’ll buy the sled back from you. Take one million photos. 

* Drive on to Truth or Consequences. Stay at one of the million vintage hot spring hotels or this amazing Airbnb. Eat at Latitude 33 or Passion Pie. Soak in a hot spring and poke around the art galleries. 

*On your drive back to Albuquerque, stop at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge to check out wintering birds. 

Anyhoo. Links for you!

I really appreciate home tours that aren’t a) in NYC or LA b) white minimalist farmhouse chic. So I loved this Australian couple’s 80’s homage

I loved this thoughtful gift guide that could help someone in your life shift their habits to be a bit more sustainable. 

Erica Allen-Kim dresses like your super cool best friend

A divorce lawyer’s guide to staying together
Ask yourself the question: “What is the problem to which marriage is the solution for me?” Anytime someone tries to sell something to me, whether it’s a cellphone or a new app, I ask myself, “What is the problem this is seeking to solve?” So, if you say to me, “Oh, I’ve got this app that lets you order guacamole online,” well, is that a problem I actually have? I think people often assume marriage is a smart thing to do without even asking themselves this question.

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Ooof. I Am 37 Years Old And I Live Paycheck To Paycheck
One thing we don’t talk about enough is how expensive it is to be broke. Our credit card payments all had late fees added onto them. And when one of my client’s handwritten checks didn’t clear before some of the checks I had written to cover our expenses did, our bank account was suddenly overdrawn. Before I knew it, we had accrued over $300 worth of fees and penalties.

Sweet, tiny love stories

Do you know anything about Kwanzaa? I didn’t. This essay will help change that!

A great tip for navigating holiday parties: My Social Anxiety Cure All


Wow! Two New Yorkers erased 1.5 million dollars of medical debt … for $12,500

Caesar salad gnocchi

Hope you had a lovely week, friends!



I just wanted to share that I love your blog! I look forward to the Web Time Wasters every Sunday, and your writing is always interesting, informative, and throughtful. Your trip to New Mexico sounds amazing too!

Sarah Von Bargen

Crazy, right? It used to be called Hotsprings, but they changed it to match the name of a famous radio program (??!!) in the 50s.


Thanks for sharing about you New Mexico trip. I love Santa Fe and am planning a trip back in March. Can’t wait to try some of your recommendations.


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