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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I went to my friend’s annual cookie exchange (I brought these). We took the boys to see night trains, drove around looking at lights, and I had breakfast with a long-time internet buddy.

Links for you!

I’ll be doing a No Grocery Challenge after Christmas to use up all our holiday leftovers! Follow along on Instagram and join me!

Ha! Tomi Lahren Tweets About Border Wall, Gets Dunked On By 11-Year-Old Little Miss Flint 

Holiday gifts that invite calm. Lovely!

I loved this house tour of an 1800s Farmhouse in Ohio.

You know you’re an adult when you buy yourself these for Christmas and ARE SO EXCITED.

9 winter road trip tips to keep you safe + sane 

So, so funny! (Loretta and I have similar conversations)

A great interview with Jameela Jamil.
“Being okay with yourself is the most amazing middle finger to everyone.” She’s quick to clarify, though, that caring about your looks is okay, too. “I wear a bit of makeup and short shorts and high platform boots sometimes,” she says. “But it’s an eighth of who I am. I’m not sitting here as an actress who sometimes endorses clothing lines being like, ‘Don’t care at all about the way you look.’ Just don’t make it everything.”

I loved this episode of Alex Beadon’s podcast: The secret to creating internal and external environments that help you thrive. So smart!

A cute (and free!) idea for eco-friendly confetti.

A year of major change that’s not necessarily immediately visible.

Loving reminder that most Native Americans would really prefer that we didn’t throw around the terms ‘tribe’ and ‘spirit animal.’

Real talk about why we don’t move forward.

Looooool! New erotica for feminists:
“Why don’t we invite your friend over?” he suggests, testing the waters. “There’s nothing I love more than watching two women in sweatpants engaging in hot political discourse. I love to watch… how you always let each other finish speaking without interrupting. I’ll also make nachos.”

This would be a great holiday gift for any history-lover in your life!

I have fallen down an internet hole in regards to the Japanese art of mending clothes?

Hope you had a lovely week!


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