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I hope Christmas was lovely for those of you who celebrate it! We’ve been laying low in this weird week between Christmas and New Years. Lots of movies, long walks, and plotting 2019.

Reminder: Bank Boost opens on January 3rd. It’s only $45 and last time it sold out in four days, so you might want to get on the wait list!

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8 things to do in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s.


Ahh! The world’s smallest wild cat!

A few weeks ago, I shared on Instagram Stories that I often make new candles out of the melted bits of old candles. I got tons of questions about how I do it, so here’s a tutorial.

Also, I’m a huge fan of wood wick candles (they make crackling fire sounds!) and you can buy the wicks for your candle-making adventures here.

Reminder: I’m teaching the money module of Courtney Carver’s super popular year-long course A Simple Year. This is the last year she’s offering the program, so if you’ve been on the fence now is the time!

Are you still friends with everyone you invited to your wedding?

So good: the pleasure/happiness gap.
Pleasure and happiness feel like they are substitutes for each other, different ways of getting the same thing. But they’re not. Instead, they are things that are possible to get confused about in the short run, but in the long run, they couldn’t be more different.

Both are cultural constructs. Both respond not only to direct, physical inputs (chemicals, illness) but more and more, to cultural ones, to the noise of comparisons and narratives.

The 7 rules of Compliment Club.

I am weirdly into extensively tested product recommendations, so I loved this round up of all Real Simple magazine’s ‘road tests.

Sexual assault happens to men in the military.

14 Black-Owned Etsy Shops to Celebrate

This is a great time of year to assemble a New Things list for 2019 – here’s how to do it!

Co-signed: Why you need ‘white space’ in your daily routine
Time scarcity is like kryptonite for creativity. If we want to create an environment that nourishes innovation and imagination, we need to build quiet counterpoints into our daily rhythm. These small moments of “white space”— where we have time to pause and reflect, or go for a walk, or just breathe deeply for a few moments — are what give balance and flow and comprehension to our lives as a larger whole.

Hope you had a lovely week, friends!



Re melting candles together to make new candles, have you seen Safiya Nygaard’s “Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together”? It’s a fun video to watch, Safiya puts a lot of thought into her videos and has interesting things to say. Also she has a cute cat named Crusty


I love the idea of a new things list! Do you have any suggestion for an end-of-the-year reciew?


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