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I know we’ve left the holiday season, but I only recently discovered this Christmas song and now you need to know about it, too!

How was your week, friends? I spent most of mine launching Bank Boost – class officially starts tomorrow! As I type this, it’s 80% sold out – so if you’d interested, I’d suggest joining us sooner rather than later!

Other than that, I’m gearing up for two weeks in Costa Rica – one week hosting a retreat for Fit & Fly Girl, one week poking around San Jose with a friend. If you have recs for San Jose, send ’em my way!

Links for you

Since we’re deep into resolution season: An insanely easy way to stick to stick to your resolutions

Related: one of my goals for this year is to finally get serious about Instagram! So I’m very into this $200 course bundle that’s currently going for $97 – and it promises that I don’t have to be ‘instaperfect’ which is good because I am not.

This week I was on the Branding Outside The Box podcast talking about creating for your community and how we can’t take what people like (and don’t like) personally. You can listen to the episode here. Also: I LOVE being on podcasts. If you have one, I’d probably like to be on it! Drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org and let’s get something scheduled!

It’s citrus season, so here’s how to make candied orange peel!

3 winter road trips worth braving the cold

The best gift to give your priest, rabbi, or pastor.

I love it when people respect the era and bones of their homes (not everything has to be open concept!!!) so I loved this article full of tips for emphasizing period charm.

Things you CAN’T determine by someone’s appearance.

A member shared this in our Money & Happy Facebook group: What happens when you spending diary goes viral?
In a very long, typewritten letter, a reader told me my fecklessness brought shame on my parents and my editor and warned that, if not addressed, it would cause tension with my future husband and our hypothetical children, culminating, potentially, in my alcoholism. “I have not written this in anger,” she concluded, “but out of serious concern for the way you are wasting your money and your life.”

Are our period-tracking apps being used against us?

The military secret to falling asleep in TWO minutes.

Farmers market fresh, without the farmers market trip” I AM INTRIGUED!

A sweet comic.

Hope you had a lovely week! You can follow along on Instagram if you’re curious about what I get up to Costa Rica! (Last time I went white water rafting and fell out going over the rapids. So.)



I learned the trick of following accounts on social media that help remind you of your resolutions from your site a few years ago- and then I realized you could also do this with trip-planning.
Research shows that soooooo much of our enjoyment of travel and vacations comes in the anticipation stage, so I embrace that! Heading to Iceland this year? Follow some Icelandic accounts! Canadian Maritimes in your future? Start following Canadian accounts that showcase beautiful views, amazing-looking food, and great music, and it is a wonderful way to amp up your excitement about your trip and potentially learn a few things to try/taste/do/see.


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