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How was your week, friends? I’m still in Costa Rica, ziplining and beach coming and eating all the chocolate I can get my hands on. But I still found time to round up some great links for you!

Link for you!

Beauty + breakfast routines in Costa Rica

I’m getting more into food styling and food photography for my monthly No Grocery Challenges and I loved these tips about how to slice vegetables artfully.

Inconsiderate conversationalists are one of my biggest pet peeves, so I loved Captain Awkward’s advice.
Constantly steamrolling a friend, dumping all your negative thoughts on them after they’ve asked you not to, giving them the silent treatment and tanking a joint game session (a nonverbal social cue…that communicates displeasure) because your friend disagrees with you or sets a boundary, never making an effort to see how your friend is doing or learn anything about them isn’t because of a disability, it’s because of selfishness, maybe intentional, maybe a bad habit, definitely sucky. 

Materials I’d rather be than wife material. 

Ohh, I think this would be a great addition to my tiny makeup bag.

I’ve been thinking about diet culture a lot lately and the amount of time, energy, and money we spend trying to make our bodies look a certain way. What would happen if we reallocated some of that time, money, and energy? Obviously, I loved this episode of the Hashtag Authentic: How diet culture is stopping you from playing bigger

I love this totally over the top throw pillow!

Recession fashion
Minimalism was also a hallmark of the clothing that came out of the Recession. Everlane pushed elevated basics, like simple T-shirts and navy sweaters. Cuyana, a brand launched in 2013, piously encouraged shoppers to buy “fewer, better things” — not a new impulse in the aftermath of an economic shock. In a 1974 essay called “Recession Dressing,” a response to an economic downturn that had begun a year prior, the fashion writer Kennedy Fraser wrote, “The old interest in the cautious principle of spending more on fewer clothes of better quality is back.”

YUM. Cacio e pepe roasted chickpeas!

How to close the gap between inspiration and action.

Hope you had a lovely week!

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