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How was your week, friends? I just got back from another week in Costa Rica leading a retreat for Fit & Fly Girl. I’m weirdly looking forward to having at least two months of flight-free time in my future. Sometimes you just need the time and space to really dig into your life and get some momentum going, ya know?

Links for you!

Breakfast and beauty routines in The Netherlands

Some truth about why it feels weird to break long-term patterns

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Where I’ve Lived: Eight homes of a 13-year-old former foster kid
When he was 8, Logan moved in with his last foster parents, Shasta and her husband, Ben. They adopted him in 2016. “I just remember going into my room, and it was really cool. I had this fort between two couches where it was warm and squishy. It felt good, like I finally was going to stay somewhere.”

Agreed! Kevin WAS the hottest Backstreet Boy!

Ghost apples

FASCINATING: The lonely life of a yacht influencer
“I used to feel all messed up about my career,” he continued. “I was a short-haul truck driver in the Bronx, and I guess I caught the yacht bug. I’d go to a bookstore, grab a table and read everything I could about yachts. Then, on the very first weekend after I downloaded the Instagram app, right after Instagram became a thing you could download, I went to a luxury boat show and took some of pictures of the yachts. I added some hashtags, and pretty soon I had 800,000 followers. But the quantity doesn’t really matter to the folks who pay me, it’s the quality. Influential people follow me, Gulf state princes and Russian moguls who might actually be able to buy these yachts.”

One of my absolute least favorite things is when people talk about saving a lot of money in a short period of time and then you find out that they a) lived with their parents b) don’t have school debt. ANYBODY CAN SAVE A LOT OF MONEY IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME IF THOSE THINGS ARE IN PLAY.

I will absolutely be making these mushroom ‘scallops’ for a future No Grocery Challenge!

I was on the Life Rebrand podcast talking about redefining happiness for yourself. If you have a podcast, I’d love to be on it! Drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org and let’s get a date on the calendar!

I use Canva for pretty much everything – my blog post graphics, Instagram graphics, project proposals. Now they’ve added a whole bunch of new, free stock photos called ‘Natural Women‘ and they are GREAT. Super inclusive and free.

A $700 kitchen makeover!

Hope you had a lovely week!


Mary W

Regarding the saving money article . . . We have friends who married about the same time as us. Somehow they bought a house $100K more than ours *and* could afford to do renovations. What were we doing wrong?
I found out that her father who died much too soon had left her stocks and that’s what they used. It sent them on a different trajectory than us. I then decided to never be jealous of how other people are living. Some people scrimp and save, some are in credit card debt up to their ears, some are living in less than ideal situations to save rent, and others have had a tragedy that has left them with money.
Would I take financial advice from any of these people? Nope. I’m in a different league.

Sarah Von Bargen

Yes! The only people we should compare ourselves to is our former selves. Are we making better financial decisions than we did two years ago? Yes? Awesome!


Canva is the sh#t and I use it for “ALL THE THINGS!!!” I love it! I have taught a mini workshop on it I love it that much!!!

Kathryn OHalloran

I am so anti the move in with your parents thing. No anti people doing it, if it works for them but it’s expecting someone else subsidizing your lifestyle and as advice, isn’t an option for a lot of people.

I was just talking the other day about how awesome it that my son never asks or expects financial help.


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