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How was your week, friends? On Monday, I taught high schoolers about how to use Instagram to find internships, brand partnerships, and collaborators (if you’d like me to teach something similar at your company, organization, or school email me at sarah@yesandyes.org). The rest of the week was devoted to lunch and coffee dates and last night was a friend’s yearly lip sync party. Fun!

Links for you

Related to teaching those teenagers on Monday: a Twitter thread from a teacher who incorporates phones into lessons, rather than confiscating them.

Such a cute way to start the day!

I’m definitely trying a few of these nine things to refresh for spring.

A book I am extremely enjoying!

I’ve written several ebooks: The No Grocery Challenge Guidebook + Cookbook, How To Get What You Want, the ebook version of Bank Boost … and I wish I would have read this super helpful post about how to market ebooks! I just, uh, wrote them and mentioned them a few times!

Related: 7 Honest Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind + Life

I was on the Own It All podcast talking about how use your time wisely + productively. Listen here!

P.S. If you have a podcast, I’d love to be on it! Drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org and we’ll get something sorted!

A very good post about making responsible choices + how it’s hard to be perfect:
In the face of it, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or cynical. I don’t think we need to throw up our hands and declare the whole project useless, but I do think it’s helpful to know that in seeking sustainability, we’re not always going to get it right. It’s wise to acknowledge that the least detrimental form of consumption is to abstain from consuming altogether, but that abstinence isn’t always possible (and not always pleasurable). I guess most of all, I’m hoping to remember that ultimately we’re in it together. 

A recipe I’ll be trying for my next No Grocery Challenge: Easy Dukkah

True story: when Kenny and I got married, I tried to convince him that he, his dog, and his two sons should join me in my 850 square-foot apartment. He could not be convinced. This family of four makes living in a 750 square-foot apartment look great!

Totally co-signed on these eight things to do for yourself before you leave for a trip.


An excellent Twitter thread about being okay with people disliking you and releasing the desire to control everything.

I hope you had a lovely week!


Stephanie Moulton

Love everything about this week’s Time Wasters! Thanks!

Also, how do you find all these neat things? I’m always looking at the same three websites all the time, and I’m bored.


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