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This song has 12 million views but I only discovered it last week. Doesn’t it have a Dolly Parton vibe?

How was your week, friends? The weather was gooooorgeous here in Minneapolis and I spent it fussing with the yard, re-painting, and cleaning a million things – activities that I have INCREDIBLY soothing. ‘Improve something visually’ is literally an item on my Happy List! We also celebrated my oldest stepson’s 16th birthday, saw friends, and generally rejoiced that the snow is (hopefully!) finally gone.

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Opening May 6th!

I was on the podcast ‘That’s What She Said‘ talking about money and how “tapping on your temples and repeating mantras about manifesting abundance won’t help you stop buying throw pillows at Target.” 🙊 Click here to listen – and if you have a podcast, I’d love to be on it! Drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org and let’s get something scheduled!

Ten years after everyone else, I am reading this book and it is GREAT. A must-read if you, like me, care about climate change, food waste, or farmers.

How to curate meaning in your online life.

Related: This week, our private Money & Happy Facebook group talked about moving in with partners just to save money, down-sizing, switching careers, and travel purses! Come join us – it’s free.

Somewhat related and I’m interested to hear what you think: what if individual choices aren’t responsible for climate change?
A recent report found that just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions since 1988. Incredibly, a mere 25 corporations and state-owned entities were responsible for more than half of global industrial emissions in that same period.

I loved this roundup of a week in outfits!

Online business people very rarely talk about the programs that failed. I really appreciated Tara’s recent podcast where six long-time online entrepreneurs shared their struggles.


I can’t wait to work my way though this list of 12 old-school Minneapolis and St. Paul restaurants – we’ve already been to seven of ’em.

A new-to-me site you might already know about: The Aesthetics Of Joy. So Good!

What does ‘enough’ look like?

Are you waiting for proof that you’re ‘really’ an artist?

An icon!

I Wanted to Fall in Love With Men. I Also Wanted Men to Leave Me the Hell Alone
Dating men, studying men, sleeping with men—it felt like lancing the blister. A mixture of pain and release. There was the polyamorous poet. The writer who told me I was overrated and insisted I listen to his vinyl collection. The very nice lawyer. The former white nationalist turned librarian whom I ghosted with no shame. The man who, when he saw a professional accomplishment of mine, told me it wasn’t as impressive as his dick. The politician who told me to tell people he had a big dick. (It was average.) The woke professor who talked a lot about feminism but refused to put on a condom and scared me when he grabbed my neck and kissed me, leaving bruises. There was the wedding hookup. The married novelist. The date I walked out on 10 minutes in, after he told me if I wanted to be with him, I would need to be a better cook. The sports editor who pulled out his phone and read Seinfeld plot summaries to me. I walked out on him too.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



I actually HATED Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, even though I care deeply about food and the environment. I loved the idea of it, but found her writing too pretentious and felt like she didn’t acknowledge the barriers most people would have with this kind of eating. We actually tried to read it for my book club and it’s one of only two books everyone refused to finish haha! I think I’m the only one that stuck through until the end.

Sarah Von Bargen

Interesting! I certainly noticed that it didn’t include as much acknowledgement of privilege as one would expect in 2019 – but since she was writing almost 15 years ago, I tried to give it some leeway. Also: I grew up in a low-income county where most people ate had big gardens that supplemented their grocery runs, so I’m sure it seemed more doable and realistic to me than it did to a lot of people 🙂


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