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Online jewelry and estate sales are a great way to bulk up your bank account and re-home things with weird memories attached!

What’d you get up to this week, friends? I’m halfway through a road trip with my mom, visiting some of the best small to mid-sized cities in the country <- pretty much my favorite thing to do EVER. You can follow along on Instagram Stories if you’d like to see the quirky museums, adorable downtowns, and little diners we’ve been stopping at.

Links for you!

One place we’re FOR SURE stopping on this road trip? St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. It checks so many boxes for me: vintage decor, locally-owned, featured in a plotline for Parks And Rec! (Yes, I’m still a vegetarian.)

It’s Pride month! Awesome! Rather than buying a Rainbow t-shirt from Amazon or Target, what if we supported shops owned by LGBTQ+ people? Here are t-shirts from 22 queer-owned shops.

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I’m leading a group through a round of Bank Boost right now and several participants have brought in money by selling jewelry from previous relationships. Can you even STAND what a power move that is?! Imagine having more money in your bank account while also being rid of the ring that cheating so-and-so gave you? FWIW, a lot of them have had more success/a more enjoyable selling experience using online auction houses rather than Ebay or a pawn shop. Fellows UK is a great place to start (even if you’re in the U.S.!) and they’ve been family-run since 1876!

Somewhat related: the four types of wealth (most of us only think about two types)

I’m weirdly into this … biscuit recipe analysis?

Oh my. The World Of Incel Plastic Surgery
Friends and family said he had body-dysmorphic disorder, a condition the International OCD Foundation says affects about one in every 50 people. Psychiatric manuals describe it as an obsession with perceived flaws in one’s appearance that others don’t see or notice. But Truth4lie’s imperfections were perfectly noticeable to other forum users: weak jawline, feminine nose, small frame, thinning hair. To Truth4lie, their assessments explained why he hadn’t fit in in high school, why his ex didn’t love him, why women he looked at on the street didn’t make eye contact.

A simple trick to make your weekend feel longer.

On my ‘to travel’ list for next year: hiking the coast-to-coast trail across northern England. You hike all day but get to sleep in lovely rural bed and breakfasts! A company will transport your big backpack for you so you can just hike with a little day pack! My friend Lindsay is doing this hike right now and her Instagram photos have further convinced me. (If you’ve done this hike and have tips to share, please share them in the comments!)

Whaaaaat? A ‘string garden‘? Didn’t know I needed this in my life!

Great reminders from Captain Awkward about the emotional and psychological minefields of wedding season.
“Be in my wedding party?” is an invitation, not a command. So be respectful and up front about budget & time commitments. Let “So sorry, I can’t, but I’d love to celebrate as a guest!” be a good, happy, loving answer when it is the honest answer. Also, don’t expect people to read your mind if there’s something you want them to do, you might have a playbook in mind but it’s far from universal, so spell it out! Help people make a good decision, help people give you what you want and need.

Hope you had a lovely week, friends!



One of my fantasy goals is to hike the Ireland Way! Series of trails from one end of the country to the other and it takes about a month to do the whole thing. I would LOVE to do a thru hike but uh, I really really hate camping. And the PLANNING?! I’ve read several thru hiking memoirs and as much as I fantasize about doing it, I cannot wrap my brain around the logistics (or the camping part. I feel the same way about burning man too). This English trail plan sounds way more my speed! I am absolutely intrigued!


Right?! It seems like the best of all worlds! I can’t wait to catch up with Lindsay and get the real low down.


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