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What’d you do for the 4th, friends? I was back in my hometown, swimming in lakes, eating sweetcorn, and catching up with friends from high school. I hope your time off was equally refreshing!

Links for you

If you have conflicted feelings about celebrating the U.S. right now, this quote might help.

This time of year can be a minefield for your money and happiness – attending high school reunions, family reunions, seeing everyone’s vacation photos on Instagram, spending $$$$ to attend weddings. I made a video about ways to deal with all this, things to say to people + things to say to yourself. You can watch it here.

I chatted with Tami Hackbarth this week about self-care and how money + habits contribute to it! Click here to listen.

FASCINATING! Can you forget things on purpose?
What we found was that when people engaged more with the information they were trying to forget, they were, in certain conditions, more successful at forgetting it. If they engaged with the memory too much, they strengthened it; if they completely disengaged the memory, it wasn’t modified at all; but if they engaged just a little bit, or a moderate amount, then the memory was more susceptible to forgetting, a finding we validated by testing them behaviorally later on.

We had a good discussion about this article in our Money & Happy Facebook group: ‘Class-passing’: how do you learn the rules of being rich?

I loved this house tour and its mix of new and old.

Wearing this every day this summer.

This made me smile.

Co-signed: The secret to getting ahead is doing the work other people don’t want to do.

I loved this interview with Alanis Morissette and I’d probably react the same way the writer did.
I knew that there was no chance of me being an objective journalist in our time together. I knew that I would have protected her with my body if the aforementioned man had pushed his way into the room. I knew I would tell her I too had left Canada at the age of 19, that Jagged Little Pill was my first cassette tape, and that I had three children, while she sat there beatifically gestating her own third. The question was: Would this word-vomit emerge from me the minute she sat down, or would it ooze out at odd moments? (The first, mainly.)

Ahhhh! I love this DIY!

Yessss. A good reminder if ‘swimsuit season’ has you up in your head, obsessing about your body or weight.

Hope you had a lovely week, friends!

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