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How was you week, friends? We hosted old friends, worked through our ‘last summer in South Minneapolis to-do list,’ and I was on Twin Cities Live talking about how OMG YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY A NEW OUTFIT FOR EVERY WEDDING YOU ATTEND.

Under the heading of ‘Saving Money’:  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, ‘Prime Days‘ officially starts on Monday and there are already some deals up.

I know maaaaany of us have complicated feelings about Amazon and how Jeff Bezos runs his company.

When it comes to stuff like this, I think it’s worth remembering that choosing exclusively shop at locally-owned businesses, only buy ethically-produced clothing, only buy organic produce or never, ever shop at big box retailers is something of a privilege.

Not everyone can afford $200 organic linen pants. Not everyone has the time/energy to sift through the racks at thrift stores to buy things second hand. Sometimes you have to choose between driving 45 minutes to buy your vegan protein powder at a locally owned health food store … or just buying it on Amazon and saving time, money, and gasoline.

Obviously, we should all do our best to make our spending align with our values. 95% of the things I own are second hand! I eat 99% meat-free! But it’s okay if sometimes aligning your spending and values means having more time to spend with your friends and family by ordering something online from a big ol’ company.

P.S. Here’s a list of 23 life-improving things I sweaaaaar by that you can (mostly) buy on Amazon.

P.P.S. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, make sure you’re making use of all the benefits!

Other links for you:

Daaaaang but this is a bathroom makeover! (Stealing the idea for how they painted that vanity!)

I really appreciated Alison’s break down on how bloggers make money – and how we’re knee-capping our favorite bloggers when we refuse to click ‘like’ on an Instagram post that happens to include sponsored content.

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This Might Take Awhile.
Let’s talk about all the ways you’ve tried to paper over or speed up life’s hard parts, when the goodness is often stuck somewhere in the mess like a Double Dare flag buried in whipped cream and slime.

The Case For Curiosity (And 20 Ways To Build It Into Your Life)  

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Discuss! Politicians promote the idea that hard work can carry you anywhere. But the American dream is just that — a figment of our collective imagination.
A 2017 study tracking U.S. immigrants and their children over recent decades found that these kids do tend to rise up the social ranks, but mainly until they match the social status their parents once held in their former country. So what looks like upward mobility — child of immigrant parents climbs comfortably into the American middle class — is really what the authors describe as a “reproduction of their parents’ pre-migration status.”

Somewhat related: A World Cup Champion Also Struggles to Afford Childcare
Of my career in the NWSL, I’ve only played one season where I wasn’t a mom. Trying to figure out a routine is probably the hardest thing, and because I got traded a lot, I had to find new babysitters and child care all the time. Child care in particular was very difficult, because it’s expensive and we don’t get paid much. If I put [my son] in a daycare, that’s my entire paycheck, you know?

Winona Ryder is the friend we all need.

I have nothing but respect for this woman’s hustle and giant joke/performance art/scam.

When I get troll-y DMs and emails, my response is very, very similar to this.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Re: The Gamer Girl BAth Water-

“Three weeks ago, Delphine posted a (NSFW) photo on Instagram, writing in the caption that if it got 1 million likes, she’d open up a PornHub account. True to her word, once the post accrued the requisite likes, she did create a PornHub account—and then she proceeded to only post non-pornographic videos that had suggestive titles. ”

:::dies laughing:::: LOVE IT.


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