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How was your week, friends? I spent Monday – Wednesday on DIY writing retreat (aka holed up in a hotel writing till my hands cramped.)

I’m working on an idea that
a) very much aligns with my values + interests
b) has almost nothing to do with anything I’ve written about here

It’ll be a minute before there’s a website and whatnot, but I’m excited for a totally new, totally different thing.

Links for you!

Ticket for The Get What You Want Workshop are available! When I asked what format you like to learn in I was bowled over with responses that everybody’s sick of/overwhelmed by huge, six and eight-week courses. So we’re doing a two-hour workshop that’s actually digestible and actionable! Click here to grab your ticket + your workbook.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a DIY writing retreat, here’s how I do mine!

Recommended reading if you know or love someone who was adopted from Korea.

How are detained children treated in other countries?
It takes a lot of money to do this. We’re talking about seven hundred and fifty to seven hundred and seventy-five dollars per day, per child. That’s a lot of money that could be used to do something else. We know that the other options—such as to place them with other family members, in foster-care facilities, in child facilities that are, in fact, living up to court orders or U.S. government settlement agreements—are cheaper.

Related: questions to ask yourself when you’re outraged.

A photo tour of ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ around the U.S.

(audible squeal of joy!!!!)

More joyful squealing.

In the world of online marketing I have soooooo much respect for Melyssa Griffin and how she makes her life about more than selling online courses or making as much money as possible. She’s volunteer teaching business classes at a men’s maximum security prison.

This feels like a plot line from a Pixar movie.

An apartment tour that isn’t just white subway tile and open kitchen shelving!

These family photos made me laaaaaugh!

As someone who very much enjoyed living alone, I loved this essay: Living Alone Is a Revolutionary Act

As we all KonMari our way through our clutter, a good read from my friends at Break The Twitch: Why You Should Stop Donating Your Stuff (and Do This First)
Selling off your items one by one is a conscious act and reminder to be more intentional with future items you bring into your life. Dropping a bunch of things off at the donation center really just makes your clutter someone else’s problem.

Hope you had a great week!

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