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How was your week, internet friends o’ mine? Some buddies and I checked out Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists at MIA and it is so good! My fellow MSPers: you should go!  I also continued on my quest to find the best hashbrowns in the Twin Cities by visiting Grandview Grill and had one of my favorite summer friend-dates: walking around Lake Nokomis.

Links for you!

Remember: On Monday, I’m running The Get What You Want Workshop in the much-requested two-hour format instead of a six-week course nobody can finish! Click here to grab your spot. I hope to see you there!

I was on the You Are Infinitely Loved podcast this week, talking about making decisions that align with our values. Are you doing that? You can listen here!

Yup. Same.

I’m reading this book and it is SO good! It confirms what I’ve always suspected and it’s a great addition to your happiness tool kit.

A pyramid of transformation.

What a kitchen remodel!

I take the art of conversation weirdly seriously so I loved these tips from our collective Cool Aunt Terry Gross.

Vaguely related: have you heard this old Childish Gamino track Sunshine? It includes the line “Terry Gross on the mic, I’m the talk of the nation.”

A beautiful essay about loss and inherited laptop.
I blinked. “Endings are like little deaths,” she’d written in her notes on the Bridges book. “We forget that they can be entrances to the beginning of a new life.” The computer began to bleat, a rumble of distress. The screen flickered, blindingly white, and then faded to black, and so, it embarrasses me to say, did I.

Captain Awkward says what we’re all thinking: “Dear What’s Wrong With Me,
What if nothing is wrong with you and the problem is you’re married to an asshole?
That’s it, that’s my whole answer.”

Adding these Mango “Burrito” Bowls to my to-make list!

Also: vegan ‘Parmesan’ cheese?

Not sure why there are protests in Hawaii? Here’s a good explanation.

Hope to see you on Monday!


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