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How was your week, friends? On Monday, I ran The Get What You Want Workshop  live and people loved it!

It was so fun to try a different format, after hearing that so many people found six-week courses overwhelming. I re-filmed the whole thing in small chunks (and without my cat yowling in the background) so people can buy it, watch it, and choose the sections they want to revisit – without wading through one giant, two-hour video. If you wanted to take part and were afraid you missed out, you can start watching and downloading here!

Links for you

In our Money & Happy Facebook group, we talked about our favorite budget-friendly beauty products and I will not stop shouting about coconut oil + these microfiber wash cloths to remove my makeup. And they’re black so they won’t look grimy with your eyeliner smeared all over them! They’re $8 for 3 and they last forever – so much better than disposable makeup wipes!

If you live in MSP and you or someone you love is about to give birth and you want support, Gather Birth Collective looks amazing!

Also for MSP-ers: if you’re interested in becoming a better ally to the black community (and earning community education credits if you’re a social worker) this workshop presented by Humanize My Hoodie is for you.

I loved this ‘Beauty Uniform’ interview with a 60-something American woman who moved to a tiny fishing village to England to take care of her mom. She has a great attitude about everything!
I always feel really happy when I’m doing something fun and adventurous. I used to be really worried about swimming the cold sea. I don’t like being cold, and it’s VERY cold in England. But then I thought, I can cope with this. And I swam for half an hour! It’s such a shock when you first jump in, AHHH!!! Now my sixty-something friends and I jump off the rocks and swim to the beach. We chatter all the way there and all the way back. It’s really invigorating. Apparently cold water makes you toughen up.

I am EXTREMELY team Elizabeth Warren, but I love that Cardi B is partnering up with Bernie Sanders to get more young people voting.

Why is this birthday card so cute?!!

The truth about being a successful creative freelancer.

Multiple times a week, I get spammy emails from companies who want to pay me $50 to put links to their site in my blog posts. I LOVE how Paul is dealing with this!

Cow BFFs.

I really appreciate when home decor blogs highlight rented spaces – not everyone owns a 2,000 square foot house in LA! – so I loved this post about a renter’s DIY-filled entryway.

A lovely essay about going home again + if you can/should stay.
Trips back home are like this. They’ll always be like this: frantic races to see family and friends, sleep-deprived, hungover and nostalgia-drunk, fighting off exhaustion with a steady stream of Dutch Brothers iced coffee and #400s with extra pepperoncinis from Phil’s 1500 Subs. Between reunions and goodbyes, I sit in traffic in Southeast Portland and drive too fast on the back roads in North Plains. I track the time that’s passed between my visits by the wrinkles on my great aunt’s face and the trees my brother planted in the yard next to the chicken coop. 

“I’m so sorry I can’t stay longer,” I say, but really what I mean is, “I’m so sorry I left.”

Funny, funny.

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