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How was your week, friends? On Thursday, I was on Twin Cities Live talking about how to shop for your REAL life, not your fantasy life. Today, my 17-year-old niece is coming for a quick visit and I’m using my Graduate Hotels Hall Pass (not sponsored!) to spend the night in the Minneapolis Graduate Hotel. We’re going to poke around the U campus and grab breakfast at the famous Al’s Breakfast. Fun!

Links for you

A timely quote + how you can help

I tore through this novel in three days. SO GOOD. I hope someone has purchased the movie rights!

Reduce food waste + make a mean green Bloody Mary – win/win!

Did you know that most airlines charge $150 EXTRA PER WAY for unaccompanied minors? Here’s a round up of airlines that charge less.

Daaaaaang. 4 Things Brands Should Do For The Environment Instead Of Launching A New Sustainable Line.
Labels may think they need to reinvent a product to make it more sustainable, but they don’t. “Durability is something that brands overlook very often,” said Xavier Vital, a global service manager at environmental consultancy SGS. “It’s something where you can have the same product, just connect sustainability with quality, and make this product last longer.”

Related: The Life Changing Magic Of Making Do
Making do is a deeply pragmatic philosophy. It means asking of our things the only question we should ever ask of them: “Can you fulfill your intended use for me?” The answer – if we can be honest, and resist a moment of discomfort, inconvenience or boredom – is, extraordinarily often, yes. Making do is about taming the reflex to discard, replace or upgrade; it’s about using things well, and using them until they are used up. Taken literally, it simply means making something perform – making it do what it ought to do.

Also somewhat related: 21 next-level DIY paint ideas (read: maybe you don’t need to gut your kitchen and bathroom.)

And under the heading of ‘making do’ – here are a few products that help everything in my life last longer + look better. As a side note, I’m not particularly handy or crafty, so rest assured that if I use these, you can, too!

  1. Bulk generic magic erasers
  2. Fabric shaver (de-pill everything you own!)
  3. Sewing kit
  4. Iron on patches
  5. Stitch Witchery (for ‘hemming’ things)
  6. Mineral oil – to make all the wooden things you own look nice

I loved this interview with Billie Eilish.

Bookmarking this recipe for tomato season!

High five! Starbucks offers expanded benefits for trans people!

Somewhat related: an update on the woman who inadvertently ‘invented’ the gender reveal party.

Most of the podcasts I listen to are about psychology, self-development, etc etc etc. Listening to So Obsessed was such a breath of fresh air and I scream laughed at least three times. Go listen!

This also made me laugh.

A tiny pep talk.

Hope you had a great week, friends!

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