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Why isn’t this song famous???

How was your week, friends? Kenny and I had a two-night staycation at a lovely hotel here in Minneapolis and were, as always, amazed by how rejuvenating it can be to get out of your routine. Even when you’re only a few miles from home!

I spent the rest of the week working on wildly unsexy blog + business things. Eventually, they’ll help me create an online space that’s better, more useful, and more useful for all of us, but for now it’s 17-part Asana checklists and lots of Googling.

Links for you

I try realllllly hard not to give unsolicited advice (for the record: I’m not good at this, yet) but I loved Grace’s post about 5 pieces of unsolicited blogging advice she’s glad she ignored.
“You Should Really Get Married — Brands Will Feel You’re More Reliable.” I will never forget this statement. Ever. I remember where I was (Balthazar), what I was eating (Eggs Florentine), and the feeling of white hot anger that shot through my body like it was yesterday. I was having a friendly breakfast chat with a fellow blogger and he pointed out that if I was to get married (this was prior to my first marriage), I would see a huge change in ad support. This blogger had a feeling that I was coming off as “too young” and “too unsettled” for larger brands to want to invest in me.

I loooove DIYing house projects, but is it actually cheaper?

Ahem: Quit Your Terrible Job.
If “buck up and ignore it since there’s nothing you can do about it” worked as advice for anything, I and every member of the Advice Columnist Industrial Complex would be out of a job, so let’s skip that approach.

Related: How to quit your job without another one lined up 

Did you know that every winter, I lead retreats for my friend’s company? Yes! If you like luxury villas and working out (or just lounging by the pool and eating food prepared by a personal chef) you can join us in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, January 18 – 25th!

What happen when you attend an influencer event and most of them have smaller bodies and larger followings than you do?

Rephrase the questions you ask yourself.

Korean BBQ-inspired cauliflower? YES.

Just buy a different pair of jeans.

Related: If Beyoncé Finds It Hard To Love Her Body, No Wonder The Rest of Us Are Struggling
We’re constantly told that if we feel as though we’re failing, we must be more Bey. We have built an inconceivably high pedestal for her. As a result, I suspect that even Beyoncé doesn’t feel like Beyoncé every day. In the Guardian, Laura Snapes wrote ‘perhaps this is Beyoncé at her most human…to aspire to thinness is equated with fatphobia, lapsed feminism and shilling for the patriarchy…but so is feeling as if you don’t live up to society’s ideals.’

A sweet story from Jane Fonda about Greta Garbo

Literally 20 years after everyone else, I’m finally reading this and – spoiler alert! – there’s a reason it has 1,200+ 4.5 star reviews and is taught all over the country!

I made this apple pie recipe yesterday and it’s a) different than any other apple pie recipe I’ve ever seen b) amazing!

This Twitter thread is fuuuuuunny!

Hope you had a lovely week!


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