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Extremely ready to poke around the adorable downtowns of historic Pennsylvania! This is Easton, PA if you’re curious. 

I’m writing this from Teaneck, New Jersey! I’m on the first leg of a 12-day trip out East, starting with Kenny’s family reunion. Tomorrow, the guys are headed to Six Flags and I’m headed to the Jersey Shore, which I’m disproportionately excited about. Exactly HOW much will it be like the show?!

If you want to follow along with my trip (New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, The Lehigh Valley) I’ll be staring all of it on Instagram Stories.

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I’ll be flying and driving a ton over the next two weeks, so please let me remind you of this $7 travel must-have. It will make your trip sooooo much nicer!

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I was on the Cook It Real Good podcast talking about the No Grocery Challenge! If you’re drowning in tomatoes, zucchini, and apples this is the time to challenge yourself to use it up and skip the grocery store! Click here to listen.

A great Twitter thread about pricing, negotiation, and freelancing.

Related: you know about our free, private Facebook group Money & Happy, right? And that I make applicants promise not to use the space to sell their MLM products?

Zombie snail!

How to design your life based on intentional living values
Fundamentally, this approach works well because as Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” If the small ways we show up each day align with the vision of the life we want, we’re much more likely to look back on a life encompassing our vision over the years.

I’m always a bit skeptical about ‘ethical’ websites that encourage you to throw away things you already own and then buy new things that are ‘ethical’ (when the most ‘ethical’ thing you can do is … use and repair what you already own or buy secondhand.) That being said, The Good Trade has a lot of great articles and resources for when you truly do need to buy something new.

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There is no rush.

You’ve probably already seen The Crane Wife being shared and posted around the internet, but if you haven’t it’s a must-read.
These were small things, and I told myself it was stupid to feel disappointed by them. I had arrived in my thirties believing that to need things from others made you weak. I think this is true for lots of people but I think it is especially true for women. When men desire things they are “passionate.” When they feel they have not received something they need they are “deprived,” or even “emasculated,” and given permission for all sorts of behavior. But when a woman needs she is needy. She is meant to contain within her own self everything necessary to be happy.

That I wanted someone to articulate that they loved me, that they saw me, was a personal failing and I tried to overcome it.

Here’s what vegetable you are based on your zodiac. I’m cauliflower!

An important read if you have white teenagers boys in your life.

Hope you had a great week!

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