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How was your week, friends? I lunched with friends and mostly worked, worked, worked since I’ll be taking almost a month off while I travel around Morocco and Dubai soon! I’ve got 20-hour layovers in Amsterdam on each end of the trip – wish me luck!

Links for you!

Reminder: On September 23rd, we’re winnowing down the Yes & Yes free resource library from 10 (!!!) free workbooks to two. So if you want access to literally hundreds of pages of super helpful stuff, now’s the time to grab ’em! Click here to download your free workbooks.

A list of perfect moments

I’ve officially switched foundations and I love this – affordable, not tested on animals, has hyaluronic acid!

A sweet to-do list for the last days of summer

DISCUSS: How social media enabled the memeification of mental health.
Drawing a map of any given concept based on the internet’s information means the vast majority of us are disordered in numerous ways, many of them conflicting. “The silent treatment is ABUSE,” according to an Instagram post by NarcAway, an account run by a self-proclaimed survivor of narcissism. And if my sense of intuition often proves true, does that make me an empath? If I’m empathetic, compassionate, and headstrong, am I an Indigo Child? What even is an Indigo Child? (The answer: sensitive children believed to possess emotional intelligence that borders on the supernatural.)

Daaaaang. “Is that nourishing or numbing?”

Extremely added this book to my library queue!!!

This photo made me truly LOL. And this one, too.

If you’re not getting rejected, you’re playing too small. Similarly, if you’re not ever struggling while creating, you’re not challenging yourself.”

Yes! More ‘normal’ people being portrayed doing “outdoorsy” things! Not everyone who hikes is a 20-something white dude!

This is why I teach my Habit School students to start with something small, don’t worry about doing it perfectly, but just keep doing it!

Hope you had a good week and remember to download those free workbooks before we retire them on the 23rd!



Hi Sarah! So exciting you’re heading to Morocco soon! I spent three weeks there a couple summers ago and made it all over the country. I’m sure you have tons of plans and recommendations already but I’m happy to send some along if it would be helpful!

Sarah Von Bargen

I’m actually going for work so there’s a set itinerary already in place, but thanks so much!


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