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How was your week? We celebrated Kenny’s 46th birthday with tiki drinks on a rooftop, housewarmed a friend’s new condo, and I kept preparing for my month-long trip to Morocco and the UAE. I leave on Wednesday! I’ll be sharing the trip on Instagram, if you’d like to follow along.

Remember: The Yes & Yes free resource library comes down tomorrow! So you want 10 freeee workbooks, you best grab ’em now while you still can.

Free workbooks in the resource library: 

  • A ‘Before You Buy It’ Checklist
  • How To DIY A Creative Mastermind Retreat
  • How To Have Better, Cheaper, More Authentic Trips
  • A ‘Before You Commit’ Checklist
  • How To Charm Anyone, All The Time, Ever
  • Your Hygge Handbook (Or: 28 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter)
  • Meet New People + Make More Friends
  • 7 Tricks For A Polished, Impressive, Professional Online Life
  • Your Road Trip Checklist
  • Be Your Own Style Icon

Again, click here to grab these free workbooks before we pull down the library tomorrow!

Links for you!

The memoir I read to prepare for my Morocco trip – so, so good! (Also: I’m no longer interested in a remodeling a house in a foreign country.)

Do rape accusations really ruin the life of the accused?

Did you attend the climate strikes? Buying second hand is one of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are all my best thrifting tips and if you don’t like thrifting, try resale boutiques or ThreadUp, Poshmark, or TheRealReal!

I loved this round up a cooking Q & As, particularly her suggestions about using up leftovers and keeping your dog calm during a dinner party!

Related: I finally tried Imperfect Foods and it is SO GOOD! Reduce food waste, save money, and have it all delivered to your door? INTO IT. If you’ve never tried it, here’s $10 off your first order!

A super interesting essay about the reality of the publishing world + managing your money: How to Lose a Third of a Million Dollars Without Really Trying
After that second advance came through, I stepped into my dream life: I quit my day job to write full-time, moved to New York City, bought $15 cocktails, and learned (with astonishing speed) not worry about prices when ordering at a restaurant. I said yes to travel (often book research I wasn’t reimbursed for), concert tickets, new shoes, and finally being able to buy people the kind of presents I felt they deserved. I donated large sums of money to organizations I cared about, and delighted in the feeling that I was making a real difference.

I was on The Best Of The Nest podcast talking about how money affects how we feel at home. If you’ve never heard my teach my three highlighter money method, I talk about it there!

This applies to body acceptance and every thing else, ever.

This made me laugh till I wasn’t making any noise. This, too.

Amazing! I love Meg’s story of what she did after ending her engagement 10 years ago and how’s she’s celebrating that anniversary this year.

What someone’s really saying when they say “The sky is pretty tonight” or “Look at that dog!”

Can you buy happiness?

Hope you had a great week, friends! And don’t forget to grab all those free workbooks before we pull them down tomorrow!


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