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I’m writing this from Morocco! It’s as colorful, fascinating, and delicious as you’d expect! You can follow along on Instagram Stories if you’re curious what this trip looks like.

Links for you!

A mini travel guide to Morocco if my IG Stories make you want to book your own trip!

I was on the Money Made Easy podcast, talking about saying yes to BOTH money and happiness. Listen here!

A must-pack if you’re traveling carry-on only to a sunny place.

Another podcast episode about money, but I’m not in this one. I so appreciate Jason Zook’s honesty in this episode of Beyond The Dollar. He talks about how he got into debt, how it affected him, and his ‘enough’ number.


I loved this: How One Couple Lives Separately, Together
Cecilia and Gerry say the decision has been great for their own relationship. “I’m super tidy — that’s my zen. Gerry loves that he can come home and put his keys wherever he wants without someone telling him otherwise. He’ll have hockey nights at home, where he can knock himself out watching sports, while I’ll be on my side, watching Catastrophe.”

Cecilia also swears by the separate sleeping arrangements. “When I get into my bed every day, I give thanks. I sleep with three comforters and socks, and Jerry sleeps with a fan and just a sheet. Before, one of us would be hot or cold, and now we can each do our thing. The intimacy is still there. We make time for each other, and then when it’s time for sleep, we’re like, ‘Bye!’”

An excellent roundup for my fellow thrifters: 10 Best Cities For Antique + Flea Market Lovers

Fellow online entrepreneurs, this is for you: How to sell on Instagram Stories.

This cashew turmeric granola looks amazing.

Did you know there’s a ‘right’ way to serve grapes?


In an Instagram world filled with white farmhouse chic, I love somewhat maximalist, colorful accounts. The Makerista’s house is amazing and almost all of it is thrifted!

Hope you had a lovely week!

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