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How was your week, friends? Are you enjoying this new reality tv show we’re all watching called ‘Impeachment 2019’? In addition to refreshing CNN every 20 minutes, I helped coaching clients with Pinterest strategy, impostor syndrome, and finding the right audiences. We also celebrated one stepson’s half-birthday and another stepson’s Jujitsu medal with some very delicious Mongolian barbecue!

Links for you:

I Am The Trader Joe’s Parking Lot and I’m Here To Destroy You
When you finally spy an open spot, you rush to it. It is a false flag: you will find a mess of discarded carts, a pair of chatting, dreadlocked yogis, or a small yet hip turquoise Vespa that is invisible to the naked eye until it is too late, all placed there by me and my fellow saboteurs.

Two great hostess gifts for the coming holidays: magic salt and candles with a cause

Yup! Self-care I need less of

I got this and it is A GEE DEE DELIGHT.

With Thanksgiving coming and all those leftovers, now would be a GREAT time to plan for a No Grocery Challenge!

13 fun, interesting things to do on Black Friday that don’t involve standing in line at Target

This documentary looks beautiful and important.

A sweet book + reminder.

Ooooooh! This might be a fun departure from the traditional for Thanksgiving deserts.

If you feel guilty about charging for your work, if you chronically undercharge, if you’re constantly offering discounts for no reason – this is for you.

A fun apartment tour!

And two Netflix recommendations:
Shine On – Reese Witherspoon’s interview series with awesome women from all walks of life
Last Chance U – A docu-series that follows “Elite athletes with difficult pasts turn to junior college football for the last shot at turning their lives around and achieving their dreams” WEEEEEEP

Hope you had a lovely week! 


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