sarah von bargen
Internet friend!

Hello!  I’m glad you’re here. I’m so happy that you found your way through the cat videos and Buzzfeed lists and memes to Yes and Yes.  (I really love cat videos and memes so I know what a triumph this is.)

When people ask me about my blog I tell them “It’s a lifestyle blog for smart, funny people.” And then I might point at them and wink and say “So you’re allowed to read it.”

Yes and Yes grew out of my desire to read A Very Specific type of blog that – at the time – didn’t exist. I liked lifestyle blogs (who doesn’t?) but I wanted something with a tiny bit more depth. Interesting interviews in addition to the recipes posts; thought-provoking personal essays and “what to wear for a weekend away” posts.

I started Yes & Yes in 2008 and since then I’ve slowly found an audience of 13,000+ daily readers and been featured in places like Lifehacker, Problogger, Glamour, and Forbes.com among others. I created an ecourse about money + happiness and another one about changing our habits. I also created an app, three calendars, and I even signed with a literary agent!

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