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Dream Design

Do you lovelies ever experience a gap between the sort of design that you loooove and covet and reality of your space? I love these rooms – so lush and colorful and filled with fat pillows! But daily life finds me meticulously arranging my two throw pillows that perfectly match my drapes and dusting my one knick knack. In real life, I’m not sure that the Virgo in me could handle all that not matching and all those decorative things on every surface.

Do you ever experience a gap between the design that you live with versus the design that you love?

Tis The Season to …. Decorate

This is a guest post from the lovely Anna of Much Love. Her blog is one of my daily haunts – heaps of pretty giveaways, beautiful photos and cute ideas. Do stop by!One of the easiest ways to decorate a room for the festive season is with paper garlands. All you need is some paper and string, and you’re good to go. There’s no need to go out and buy anything fancy either, why not be kind to the environment and reuse what you already have?

Things like old magazine pages, wrapping paper, envelopes can become the loveliest decorations. Put them on your Christmas tree, in the living room, or just string them above your bed to add a dash of festivity any time of the year. Here are some of my favourite paper garlands, that may inspire you to make your own.

Ever thought of decorating your walls with paper doilies?
I sure didn’t, until I saw this sweet photo.
Dreamy rows of butterflies and stars, made from
recycled pages of text and nature books. Available from Etsy
Recycled from the backs of security envelopes.

It’s hard to go wrong with simple love heart shapes. Much love!

Adorable paper boats. Available here!

I love paper cranes, and even more so when there’s
a whole long line of them. These are made
from newspaper and are available at Etsy
Vintage maps make charming crafts. Cut up some old maps
(NOT the ones you’ll be needing for your next road trip!)
into cute shapes – like these traveling birdies.Are you a fan of garlands?
How are you decorating for the holidays?

Fort Fantastic

As a child I was obsessed (obsessed!) with fort making. Why I felt that hanging out under a tree by the road or in my dad’s old fishhouse was superior to my large bedroom that I shared with no one, I’m not sure. But I’d still probably rather drink Koolaid out of tiny plastic cups under a pine tree next to a ditch than in a living room. Let’s coo over some of these great forts, shall we?

Recipe for The Perfect Fort:
  • 1 overcast Sunday afternoon
  • 1 sibling/neighbor/cousin/friend
  • 5-6 blankets and pillows to building a ‘napping nest’
  • 2-3 different kinds of snacks (preferably tiny)
  • 1 thermos full of a delicious drink (Koolaid, tea, whiskey)
  • 2-4 tiny cups
  • 1 flashlight for reading
  • 5-6 comic books, magazines or books of your choice
  • 1 set of Madlibs

Were you a fort builder?

See-ling? Ceiling!

Have I told you before that I’m oddly obsessed with hanging things from the ceiling? Well, now you know. The secret’s out. I’m a hanger. It’s such an under utilized space, don’t you think? And what a fun way to fanci-fy a space. Let’s steal some of these ideas! As always, links to sources embedded in the photos.


An old map on the ceiling! What fun!

Wouldn’t you love to lay on your back and imagine
trips to foreign lands? Me, too.

I would do this in a heartbeat! If I lived someplace

with high ceilings. That was bigger than a breadbox.

I’m sure the designer probably imagined using these

planes in a little boy’s room but I’d live them in my office.
Like, today.

Wouldn’t this be lovely for a wedding or a shower?

I love how this is feminine and subtle but still sliiiightly off
and messy. Yum!

This is being added to my list of “Party Ideas That
I Can Use If I Ever Become Independantly Wealthy.”


Yes! Birds photocopied out of a guidebook and decoupaged

to the ceiling. So.damn.clever.Would you ever do anything crazy to your ceiling?

Are you hanging anything from yours at the moment?


The House* of Yes

*And by “house” I mean “shoe-box sized apartment.”Would you guys like to take a peek at the three square feet that I call home? These photos are just of my bedroom and bathroom – the rest of the flat is not yet sufficiently cute to share with you. But when it is? Watch out! Photos, as always, by Yes and Yes’s resident photographer, Jill.

Shockingly enough, Putin would rather lie on the bed than hang out in his jet.
I bought this bedspread at a market in Sapa, Vietnam. When the woman told me the price ($12 US) my mouth maaaay have actually fallen open. And that was the hugely inflated, just-because-you’re-a-tourist price! It was handmade by the hill tribe Hmong who live in the surrounding mountains. They literally grow the indigo and other plants needed to hand dye these and then hand stitch approximately a million tiny squares all over it. I used the blanket on the overnight train back into Hanoi, and then mailed it home – which, coincidentally, cost more than $12.
I bought that sweet little chain of elephants in Yingge, Taiwan, a little tourist town filled to bursting with pottery shops and good cafes.
All of these frames are thrifted, though I took the the photos myself on my trips through Asia. The big orange picture is a rather intrepid soul holding a flare at a crazy fireworks festival I went to. Said festival mostly consists of wearing rain gear and helmets and getting fireworks shot directly at you. Yes, really! The shoes are those crazy golden lotus, bound foot shoes and the little green thing is a tiny jade tiger I bought from a sidewalk vendor for entirely too much money (read: $11.) He told me it was an antique but I’m 99% sure he just rubbed it in the dirt.My bathroom is the size of a matchbook with no storage, so I thrifted and painted this wee shelf and use the brown decorative box to store my make up, bits and bobbins. The shower curtain comes via and I thrifted the frame, undeterred by it’s total lack of glass.

I have a strange affinity for religious iconography, despite being pretty agnostic. The gold and black bobbin next to the plant actually contains anointing oil – I bought it in Paros, Greece. And the nightlight? Good ol Spencer’s Gifts.

Have you got any photos of your space to share?
Where do you find things to furnish your space?

Closet Case

I live in a postage stamp of an apartment. Okay, really it’s more of a legal-sized envelope of an apartment but regardless? It’s wee. But one of the best things about my particular tiny space is The Best Closet Ever. Double doors that swing open! Built-in cubby holes! Heaps of shelves and drawers!It’s currently not cute enough to show you, but once the weather turns, there will be painting, and handle-replacing and mirrored trays all full of powder puffs and perfume bottles. To tide me over, I’ve been prowling the internetz searching for closet inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites – links to sources are embedded in the photos.


One of my design dreams is to have a library
of my very own (and you know I’d have my
couple turned an unused walk-in into a
tiny library space
I know that the closet office is now ubiquitous
in certain design circles but I care not!
Yup. Still cute.I like the idea of freeing my jewelry from
its current tangle in an old cool-whip container.
And you know how I feel about wooden hangers!

Oh, that someday my closet would necessitate
a ladder! And would include fresh flowers!

This closet is so impressive I don’t
even care that it only includes red and
pink and gold things that match

I love this method of storing boots!

And shouldn’t every closet include roller skates?What’s the state of your closet?

Any clever organizational tips to share?