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30 New Things: Go out For Breakfast Before Work

creditNow. I will grant you that going out to eat before work isn’t quite as challenging as cycling 88 miles with no training or braving a Scientology lair, but it’s hard to resist the siren song of pancakes, yo.

So it was with visions of giant muffins dancing in our heads that my friend Jess and I braved drizzle, fog and 6 am eye goobers to dine at our local Perkins. I ordered my usual stomach torture of orange juice, coffee and hashbrowns and Jess indulged in the ubiquitous giant muffin. We chatted about dinosaurs and thrifting, eavesdropped on the people across the aisle discussing Catholicism and attempted to guess our server’s gender (the jury’s still out – those fake nails aren’t fooling anyone, dude).

I headed off to into the rain, feeling smug that it was only 7 am and I had already accomplished something fun and lovely. Recommended.

4 Fun, Themed Food Parties

Looking for a new theme for your next dinner party? Here are 4 to start!


We’ve established that we love theme parties, yes? But what is even better, I think, are parties in the theme of food!

1. Fondue Party

Our parents were on to something with these parties. A group of friends, cuddled around the table dipping delicious nibblets into delicious sauces? Yes please! Even better, you can surely find an entire shelf devoted to fondue pots at your local Salvation Army. There are heaps of different yummy fondues you can make – blackberry! butterscotch! chocolate! cheese, cheese, cheese! What you choose to dip is up to you, but traditional choices include angel food cake cubes, fruit, bread and roasted vegetables. Bee Gees soundtrack is optional.

2. Cheese tasting Party

I actually threw one of these in November and, lordy, but it was fun. And delicious. Here’s the deal: buy six or seven cheeses, the more obscure the better. Look up descriptions of the cheese online and make a worksheet of sorts listing all the descriptions. (If you’re sneaky like me, you’ll also include several bogus descriptions of similar cheeses to throw your guests off the scent.) Unwrap the cheeses (so there are no identifying labels) and serve each cheese with some sort of yummy pairing. You know, blue cheese with pears, Gouda with almonds, etc. Then your friends taste the cheese and try to match it to the appropriate description. Whoever matches the most cheeses/descriptions wins! Perhaps you could give them a can of squeeze cheese as a prize.

3. Miracle Berry Party

Have you guys heard of this amazing little fruit? It’s a tiny red berry from Africa that contains a specific and rare molecule that makes sour food taste sweet. What?! You can get the effect from eating just one berry and holding the pulp on your tongue for about a minute. Then you have the next hour or so to tuck into lemon wedges, pickles, vinegar, radishes, brussel sprouts – the more bitter and sour, the better. The berries are available online, though they are a bit spendy. Willy Wonka, eat your heart out!

4. 32 Flavors Party

Are you in love with Cold Stone Creamery? The ice cream shop that custom mixes the ice cream flavour of your choice, before your very eyes? Well, friends, there’s no reason you can’t do this at home – alls you is a chilled marble cutting board, several gallons of vanilla ice cream, some formidable forearms and 32 different kinds of mix-ins. Of course you can go the traditional route of Oreo chunks or strawberries or chocolate chips. But how about cinnamon? or pineapple/basil? or earl grey? or ginger? You’ve got 32 opportunities to go crazy! Have your friends bring mix-ins of their own choosing and vote on the best and weirdest flavours.

What’s the best food theme party you’ve been to?

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For the love of gravy

“Gravy is the simplest, tastiest, most memory-laden dish I know how to make. It smells of home, the door locked against the night and a stillness made safe by the sound of a spoon going round a pan.”

– Dorothy Allison

Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Candy Astrology

Looking for some astrology fun this Halloween? Click through and find out which Halloween candy each of the signs would gobble up!

Now, I don’t particularly buy into the concept of daily astrological predictions. (“You will make an important decision today,” Really? Does the decision between cheddar and Swiss in my sandwich count?)

However! I am pretty entertained by astrologically determined personality traits … largely because I am a by-the-book Virgo, ready for anything with my stash of post-its, hand sanitizer, and tiny sewing kit. And this got me wondering … how would these astrologically determined traits translate into Halloween candy choices?


Adventurous and impulsive, Aries is the girl who joyfully pockets the unwrapped candy from your creepy Boo Radley neighbor. She might also try sucking on the nickels Old Lady Hanson is handing out or punch any untoward zombies in the throat.


Candy corn is security and reliability formed in tri-colored sugar which is perfect for tradition-loving Taurus. She’ll gladly trade you all of her yuck-o black licorice for your three pounds of candy corn.


Sweet Tarts are great for these Zodiac twins. Because they’re sweet! and tart! and sweet! and then tart again! She also loves to suck all the dye off so she can flash her creepy blue zombie tongue at all the boys.


Affectionate Cancer is holding out hope that someone has a few out-dated boxes of Valentine candy hearts for her. Then she can coyly slip them into her cutie’s candy pail and feign ignorance when they find 15 hearts that read ‘Hot Buns.’


Wax lips make for a great conversation piece and attention-getter, which Leo loves. And anything that makes a girl look a bit more like Angelina Jolie can’t be discounted. Even if it means chewing on wax all night.


M&Ms are perfect Virgo food. So clean and glossy! Conveniently melting in your mouth – not in your hand like those pesky, inconsiderate Snowcaps. M&Ms are also designed for compulsive color coding and then consumption in ascending ROYGBIV order.



Diplomatic, easy-going Libra is the friend who will trade you her king-size Butterfinger for a half eaten roll of Necco wafers. She is also the friend who wholeheartedly believes your flash-light-under-the-chin horror stories and is still a little unnerved by a darkened bathroom.


Any excuse to flirt is a good one for passionate, magnetic Scorpio. A candy necklace presents endless possibilities for strangers to nibble at her neck and use classy lines like “You look good enough to eat.”


“Where did the kittens go on their class trip? – the meow-seum.” may not be your idea of comic genius, but jovial, philosophical Sagittarius thinks Laffy Taffy is the height of hilarity. Meow-seum, indeed.


Practical, prudent Capricorn has reviewed her candy options and the caramel apple seems to be her safest bet. A bit of fiber, vitamin C and it won’t set her back toooo far at the gym.


While all her friends are fake gagging over their black licorice, independant, original Aquarius swoops in and gladly relieves them of it. Who cares if they say it’s Grandpa candy?


Swedish fish. For duh.

Contrary to my Virgo birthdate, I actually love me some Reese’s Pieces and Panda Black Licorice.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? 

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The easiest meal you will ever make

Not that you would ever know it from this blog, but I am actually quite the domesticated little bunny. Hot glue-gunning thematic centerpieces? Slaving over Brazilian beer and coconut soup? Compulisively cleaning my white carpet with a lint brush? Sounds like a great Friday night to me!
However! There are many a night when it’s all I can do not to pass out over a bowl of cold cereal. So for those nights when I’m craving something slightly more fancy than generic cheerios, I make The Easiest Meal Ever, black bean soup.
Seriously, it might be faster than your Lean Cuisine. Let’s race. Readygo.
2 cans of black beans
1 can of stock
1 jar of salsa
Dump all of the above into a blender. Blend. Heat through and top with sour cream and the last of that bag of Fritos. Viola! Dinner on the table in less than 5 minutes. Aren’t you the clever one?
What’s your go-to speedy meal?