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11 stealable habits that support my business + creativity

Trying to build better creative habits? Want to build habits that will support your business? Steal these 11 habits of mine!  #goalsetting #habits #resolutions

The music at First Avenue is eardrum-ruining loud and – like an idiot – I’ve forgotten ear plugs. After a few songs I can’t enjoy because I’m certain I’m going deaf, I push my way towards the bathroom. I’m convinced I can fashion makeshift ear protection from tiny, wadded up pieces of toilet paper.

And it is there, in the bathroom stall at a music venue, that I see a quote that changes the way the way I navigate my professional and creative life:

We are what we do every day, so we might as well make it count. Click To Tweet

I ignore the profanities and graffiti surrounding this gem and stumble back into the music, thinking about this. If I am what I do every day, what things should I be doing every day? What kind of life do I want and what can I do every day to help me get there?

I thought about this, friends. I thought about it for the rest of the concert. I thought about it as I drove home. I thought about it as I lay in bed, squinting at the ceiling.

And then I slowly and systematically started to create habits that support the professional and creative life I want.


The Unpleasant Truth Behind Why We “Can’t” Break Bad Habits

Think you can't break bad habits? You totally can! But it started by being really honest with yourself about why you think you can't. Click through for 4 tips that will help with long-lasting habit change!


It’s an overcast Tuesday night and it’s happening again.

I’ve been horizontal for two hours now, slowing eating my way through a bag of pizza rolls. The sheet pan lies on the floor and my laptop sits on the coffee table, both within easy reach so I can alternate between eating cheesy pillows of goo and clicking through 90s music videos on Youtube.

Pizza roll. No Diggity. Pizza roll. The Boy Is Mine. Pizza Roll. Karma Police.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. For a 1.5 year window, this pizza roll + music video binge became, well, a habit. Whenever the stars aligned (the weather was bad, Kenny was gone, and I’d worked too hard) I’d find myself on the couch. Somehow, there would be pizza rolls in my mouth and *NSYNC in my ear.

Did you notice how I phrased that paragraph? As though I was powerless? As though this bad habit ‘happened’ to me and I didn’t have any control over it or myself?  AS THOUGH A BAG OF PIZZA ROLLS IS SMARTER THAN ME?

Friends, it’s time to have a brutally honest conversation about bad habits and why we “can’t” break them.

Demoralizing but true: We engage in bad habits because - on some level - they benefit us. Click To Tweet

The Unpleasant Truth Behind Why We “Can’t” Break Bad Habits


How To Make It Easier To Be Awesome

Do you want to have more self-control? Make better decisions? Sometimes it just comes down to making 'good' things easier to do and 'bad' things harder to do. Click through to learn how you can start doing this today

Please raise your hand if your daily routine looks anything like mine:


Drink virtuous breakfast smoothie. Resist the urge to eat an entire package of fake bacon. Write an ambitious but doable to-do list. Dutifully wash my breakfast dishes. Make my bed. Resist the urge to crawl back into bed.


Make a sooooomewhat virtuous lunch while listening to podcasts. Check Instagram but for, like, a reasonable amount of time. Keep plugging away at big project. Resist urge to fall down a Facebook hole. Take the dog for a walk. Resist the desire to stop at the bakery and buy/eat 15 donut holes.


Eat a virtuous salad. Hate the stupid salad and then make a giant bowl of pasta. Open laptop to just “research something super quick” and fall down a social media hole for two hours. Stand in the kitchen, mindlessly eating peanut butter from the jar while looking at the yard and thinking about how fat the squirrels are. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time but stay up talking till 11:30.

Yes? Yes.

But did you know there’s a reason why we do this? Why our self-control slowly crumbles as the day passes?


9 Morning Habits That Are Doable + Day-Improving

Looking for morning habits that will set you up for an awesome day? Can the right morning routine set up your whole day for success? Absolutely! Click through for 9 morning rituals that'll improve any day!

Picture this.

It’s any given Tuesday and you stretch yourself awake, nestled between clean, high thread-count sheets. You pad downstairs and tuck into a delicious, nourishing breakfast. You meditate. You journal. You put on a lovely, well-planned outfit, before opening your laptop to begin a day of creative, fulfilling, productive work.

Is that what your mornings look like? Weird, me neither!

But I sure wish they did and this year I’m doing my damnedest to get closer to a morning like that.

Why? Because I’ve discovered that the first 10 minutes of any portion of my day – my morning, after lunch, after I close my laptop – set the tone for everything else. When you start the day right, the rest of it is more likely to fall into place. Click To Tweet

You want better business mornings, too? Here’s what I’m doing.

9 morning habits that are doable + day-improving

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all 9! 😉


Why You Only Need 10 Minutes For A Better Morning Routine

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If you asked me where my days go off the rails, I could tell you. I could, with absolute precision, point to the moment when things go pear-shaped. (more…)

An Insanely Easy Way To Stick To Your Resolutions

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Like most humans with a pulse, I’m not always great at sticking to my resolutions or achieving every goal I attempt.

And it’s not always for lack of trying! Sometimes I literally just forget about them.