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5 Kind, Sensible Ways To Stop Psyching Yourself Out

Do you want to stop psyching yourself out? Stop procrastinating and freaking out over deadlines/projects/pitches/finals week? Click through for 5 tips that will help you right now!
How often do you psych yourself out? How often do you get panicky and procrastinate-y and do NOTHING instead of the huge to-do list you hate?

Friend, I have been there. There was a three-month period in 2007 in which I attended graduate school full time, held two part time jobs, attempted to go vegan and lived with three other people in a two bedroom cottage.

What? Yes. How ridiculous am I?

And when it came time to write my papers, my coping technique involved staring the computer into submission, crying and then eating several candy bars. However! That awful three-month foray into insanity taught me a bit about how to chill the eff out in the face of pressure and not completely psych myself out.

5 ways to stop psyching yourself out


13 Ways To Feel Cuter + More Confident

Sure, this post has great beauty tips and style tips, but feeling cute is just as much about makeup as mindset. Click through and feel cuter today >>

Yesterday was not the cutest day in the history of my life. I misplaced my contacts and spent the day rocking some glasses circa 1998, a rather greasy ponytail and a shirt that I thrifted and belatedly discovered was not so much empire-waisted as it was maternity-waisted. I wanted to feel cuter. Like, badly.

Here's the thing: feeling 'cute' is equal parts makeup and mindset. Click To Tweet

13 ways to feel cuter + more confident

1. Make a list of all your great traits, physical and otherwise

When confronted with tight jeans and a questionable complexion, it’s easy to get hung up on the ways that your appearance is failing you.
But what about your great calves? And those adorable freckles? And your ability to quote the entirety of Legally Blonde ver batim? Not things to be over looked, friend! Make a list of the ways in which you rock and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

2. Have a one-person dance party

Sure, dancing (and all physical activity) boosts your endorphins blahblahblah. More importantly, it’s wicked fun and silly and will probably make you feel heaps better. I challenge to you rock out to She-Wolf in your ruffled underwear and maintain any sort of grump.

3. Call someone you love

Your mom, your BFF, your unfailingly positive and funny cousin. Talking to someone that loves you feels good, right?

4. Have a bit of lady bath time

Maybe immersing yourself in bubble bath and scented oils probably won’t change the way you feel about your haircut, but it’ll sure make you smell good!

5. Try a different hair style

Hairstyles make a huuuuge impact on how you look. Now, I know that I look better with swoopy side bangs and that sexily messy hair that takes so long to sexily muss. Despite this, I spend most of my life with my bangs pinned back and my poker-straight hair mashed into a messy bun.
But on these rough days, taking the time to actually (gasp!) style my hair makes all the difference. Blowing your mind here, I know.

6. Or cover it up

If you can’t be bothered to fuss with your hair (or honestly can’t do much with it) embrace the hat! Or the headscarf/head band/fascinator. It’ll make you feel mysterious and new, I promise.

7. Get a makeup counter makeover

Why not let a professional apply your blue eyeliner for once? It’s a fun (and cheap) way to spend 30 minutes and you’ll hopefully come out of it looking like a new woman. Those Sephora people know what they’re about!

8. Change who you follow on social media

For many of us, crises of self-esteem are triggered by images of pert, curvy-but-somehow-still-thin women on Instagram. Cut that shit out. If someone’s (perfectly lovely!) IG feed is making you feel about about yourself, engage in a bit of self-care unfollowing.

Studies have shown a not-insignificant increase in happiness when women follow people online who are their size or bigger. Give it a try!

9. Reconsider those features you dislike

Now, I’m not one to advocate pinning your self esteem to your appearance, much less how your appearance compares to what we see in the media.
That said, it’s pretty likely that the bump in your nose that you hate so much or your wicked curly hair has graced the pages of Vogue at some point. I don’t have much patience for my blond eyelashes or eyebrows. Supermodel Maggie Rizer has both.

10. Try a bit of structure

Sure, I’ll feel more cozy once I’m in my XXL U of M sweats, but I actually feel emotionally and psychologically when I add a bit of structure. A big belt cinched tight around my waist, a button-up shirt, or a pair of wedges make me feel a bit more human.

Devolving into a slob, comfy though it is, generally doesn’t make one feel more attractive, does it?

11. Play dress up

Remember the dress-up trunk you had as a kid and all the fun you had in those prom dresses? Why don’t we treat our closets like that? I don’t mean that you should do some of that ‘shop in your closet’ sensible-ness.
Try on the most ridiculous combinations you can find, top it off with some purple eye shadow, a messy top knot and then try to scare your cat. And devotedly hope that your neighbor doesn’t pop over to borrow a cup of sugar.

12. Slap on some color

Sometimes just altering your appearance is enough to feel better. I’m a big fan of ye old ‘red lipstick and big sunglasses’ trick, but you can probably accomplish the same thing with a big swipe of blush or some epic eyeshadow.

13. Reference some cute photos of yourself

When you’re suffering from a crisis of self-esteem, it’s easy to forget that you ever looked cute. This is when you check out those professional photos of yourself I’ve been banging on about!
I know looking at myself all well-lit and touched up, certainly makes me feel better. If you don’t have any fancy pro photos, surely you have a few snap shots on Facebook that do you justice?

What do you do when you want to feel cuter? Tell us in the comments!

P.S. How to feel good (or any other way you want to feel)

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How To Become A Morning Person (Or At Least Fake It)

Is it possible to become a morning person? Can you create a morning routine you actually enjoy? You can! Click through for 5 tips to use today.

Would you hate me if I told you that I’m one of those awful morning people?

Most days I pop out of bed completely awake, all full of intention and purpose and eye boogers. I’ll be the one chattering glibly in your ear while you try not to punch me in the throat.

But of course, I wasn’t always this way. I spent most of my childhood waiting till the last possible moment to leave my bed and most of college growling at people who dared talk to me before 10 am. The nerve!

Now, I’m not sure that a dyed-in-the-wool night owl will ever be able to cross over completely to the land of Brightandearly, but there are a few things that can help you ease into your day with as few curse words as possible.

5 ways to become a morning person

Sleep Well

Blowing your mind, aren’t I? But mornings are obviously less painful if you can wake up feeling rested. You probably know all the tricks already, but they bear repeating. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Sleep in a dark, slightly cool room. Don’t do exercise, watch exciting TV, or read exciting books right before bed.

Make sure you’re getting enough aerobic exercise. Don’t drink caffeine after 4 pm. Sleep in something comfy. Have the right pillows and mattress. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, try some Chamomile tea or a bit of lavender aromatherapy.

Get the right alarm

Of course, you’re going to be an unpleasant breakfast partner if you wake up to a shrieking alarm clock! Why not try dawn simulator (I swear by mine). You could try setting your phone to wake you with something lovely and sparkling? I like Chicago by Sufjan Stevens, but you could use chirping birds, Feist or robot noises if that’s your thing.

You can get alarm clocks that vibrate you awake and even one that you turn off by shooting it with a retro video game gun! Or you can just leave you bedroom door open and awaken to your cat licking your face.

Make your morning as relaxed as possible

You’re bound to hate mornings if you’re only allowing yourself 15 minutes to shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. This might seem counter intuitive, but I actually enjoy mornings more when I get up earlier and give myself plenty of time to read blogs, eating a nice breakfast and try on seven different scarves.

I try to save a variety of little treats for myself in the morning – really nice Greek yogurt, swanky good-smelling Aveda hair products, a really good cup of peppermint tea. They all make the morning a bit nicer!

If you can’t manage to wake up any earlier, channel your second-grade self and pack your lunch, shower and choose your outfit the night before. You’ll save yourself a) time b) a headache.

Engage in some non-threatening physical activity

I’m not going to recommend that you work out first thing in the morning. I mean, it is a really good idea, but I wouldn’t do it so why encourage you to do so?

However, I do love a good three-minute stretch, a few rounds of the sun salutation or even just rocking out to my favorite song. I can very highly recommend The Knux or Wild Beasts for the latter! If there’s any way that you can walk or bike to work, it is not an exaggeration that it will change your life. It’s so lovely to see the sunrise against the skyscrapers and arrive at work all pink-cheeked and awake.

When in doubt, add caffeine

Really, a cup of coffee or strong tea can make all the difference, right? Of course, developing a 9-cup caffeine addiction isn’t particularly advisable but a single cup in the morning never hurt anybody.

Of course, you can also get an energy boost from a bit of deep breathing, a hand full of peanuts, drinking a big glass of cold water or singing a few bars of your favorite song.

Are you a morning person convert? If you’ve got some good tips, share them in the comments!

P.S. Becoming a morning person is just developing a series of habits – this will help!

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Should I pursue my dreams or a steady paycheck?

Do you feel like you have to choose between pursuing your dreams and a steady paycheck! If that's you, click through for some goal-setting, dream-chasing tips and advice!Sometime opportunities present themselves that put a big monkey wrench in the works! You decide to pursue one dream but then “adult” life comes calling—which is the right path to choose? One reader asked me this question:

Dear Sarah Von,
I recently made the decision to leave my current employment. The original decision was to leave in late October, do some traveling and go back to school in the winter. But before making the decision to go back to school, I applied for public servant positions which pay 10K more than I currently make and would allow me to have a stable income to start my “adult life.”
Now after three months they are calling me to do interviews! I am completely conflicted and have no idea what I should do – pursue the high paying career or go back to being a student and work in something that I adore?
Oh, giiiiirl! That’s a tough one – and I think I might just shock you with my incredibly pragmatic answer to this million-dollar question about pursuing dreams or money.

Should I pursue my dreams or a steady paycheck?

Here's the thing about dreams: they usually need funding. Click To Tweet Traveling the world, going to school, starting a business, buying a house, dressing your dog in exclusively brand name gear – all of these wonderful things require dropping some change.

How you choose to earn that money is up to you. I have a friend that house sits and tutors (in addition to her full time job) to finance her summer mountaineering expeditions. I know people who have taken jobs because of the tuition waivers that come with working at a university. And don’t we all know an artist/writer/actor who’s waiting tables on the side?

I would never, ever advocate pushing your dreams aside in favor of an unappealing, soul-crushing ‘stable grown-up career’ just to make a few bucks. But who’s saying you have to commit to this job for the rest of your life? Or even for more than a year?

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Why not take the job for a year, keep living with the ‘rents and sack that big, grown-up salary away for future dream-funding? You’ll be able to travel for longer, fund your education or save it for a down payment on house later in your life. I’m not sure what you’re planning on studying in school, but perhaps it’s not the most money-making of majors?

If you’re not going to be pulling in six figures in your future job as a social worker/teacher/nurse, you could use the money that you make at this public servant position to put down on a house/car/set of braces, as you might not have heaps of disposable income once you start working your dream job.

I think the trick here is not to get sucked into this job, if you do, in fact, take it. Remember that you took this job to finance other things and as a means to an end, not to start climbing up the ladder of public servantry.

Many of us have experienced the phenomena that is the expandable budget – no matter how much money we make, we somehow seem to save the same amount. $2,000 a month and you save $400. $4,000 a month and somehow you’re still only saving $400. What?!

So look at the way you spend your money now (which I imagine is a significantly smaller paycheck) and continue to spend like you’re earning that amount, even when you move up into the next tax bracket.

Post pictures around your room of that places that you’ll travel with this money, read books about your chosen career, smugly check your bank account balance and think about how many classes/flights/Indian saris that money will buy you.

If you’re concerned that you won’t be strong enough to walk away from the money and the stability that this job offers once your one-year anniversary comes round, there are steps you can take.

Don’t get drawn into drama at work and keep up with friends that remind you of the greater goal you’re working towards. Really, this all adds up to just a bit of delayed gratification. But aren’t most good things worth waiting for?

What advice would you guys give our would-be traveler and student?

P.S. If you’re trying to figure out the balance between money and happiness, this will help.

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Be The One

Be The One

You know that slightly annoying email forward about Anybody, Somebody, Everybody and Nobody? The one you’re aways getting from that well-meaning second cousin? The one about how any of us can take action, can do the tiny things that everyone puts off and avoids because we think someone else will take care of it – but no one ever does?

But let’s do it. Let’s be the one.

the one who
puts the big bill in the busker’s hat
calls the police on the neighbor who’s always yelling and slapping his wife
cleans out the disgusting microwave in the break room
tells the 10-year-old girl that she’s amazing
points out that ‘gay’ and ‘retarded’ are not synonyms for ‘stupid’
starts a compost bin out back for the whole apartment building
plans the surprise birthday party
thanks the teacher/nurse/policeman for a job well done
leaves the extra-big tip for the harried student waitress
keeps in touch with grandmaWhat are the things that you’ve been avoiding – thinking somebody else will do them?

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15 Interesting Things To Do This Autumn

Looking for things to do this Autumn? Look no further! This fun list of fall activities will fill up your calendar with tons of great ideas!  #fallfun #autumnactivities #fallbucketlist
Yes, yes, tis the season to drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte and talk about how it’s officially Sweater Weather. Let’s use this season as an excuse to try new things and have tiny adventures!

1. Relive your school days with a community ed class or by signing up for one of an online class.
Food photography! Knitting! Screenwriting!

2. Make piles of leaves
Jump in them. Hide in them and then jump out when people walk by.

3. Add layers to your favorite summer outfits before packing them away
You can do so much with leggings, scarves, camisoles, blazers! Here’s a whole Pinterest board devoted to transitioning your outfits!

4. Thrift and felt an old wool sweater
Make it into a hat! mittens! arm warmers!

5. Write a letter to a teacher who changed your life
And then actually mail it. I’ve done this several times and it’s ALWAYS lovely.

6. Cook with seasonal produce
Maybe some sweet potato soup? Or apple butter? Or squash risotto?

7. Revamp your office space
Maybe an inspiration board? Some cool posters? How about these cute paper clips? Or this cute stapler?

8. Go apple picking
Yes,  it’s cliche BUT IT IS ALSO AWESOME. Or pumpkin picking. Or help a CSA with its seasonal clean up.

9. Go on a hay ride
Roll around in the hay, get straw in your hair, kiss your person and make inappropriate jokes about ‘taking a roll in the hay’

10. Send a box of leaves to someone who lives down south – or in another hemisphere
I remember nearly weeping with happiness when I got to smell autumn leaves while living in Taiwan.

11. Volunteer with school kids
Or better yet, become a big sister/big brother.

12. Consider an alternative to pumpkin carving
Painting? Or etching? Or making them look like they’re puking on your steps?

13. Tuck pretty leaves between the pages of your favorite books
to be found in depths of dreary March when you would give anything for 50-degree weather

14. Engage in a mini-redecoration of your living room
Maybe a nice textured throw for snuggling, some velvety pillows, switch out a few of your framed prints for something moodier and a bit darker.

15. Prepare your pet’s Halloween costume
No, really. Do it. Rasputin has a much-beloved (by me) bee costume that he can usually be cajoled into!

What fun things are you up to this fall? What are your favorite September/October activities?

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