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15 Lifehacks That Are Making My Life Easier + More Awesome

Are you looking for lifehacks? Do you want to be more productive? Click through for 14 little tweaks and products that are making my life easier and more awesome.

I’d like to preface this post by saying I’m not quite sure how I feel about the term ‘lifehack.’

In my somewhat curmudgeonly opinion, wearing a hair tie on your wrist so it’s easily accessible is not a ‘lifehack.’ Understanding how to use Google Calendar is not a ‘lifehack.’ Knowing how to cope when people disappoint you isn’t – say it with me now! – a ‘lifehack.’

Also? We can’t lifehack our way to happiness. Making a big pot of soup so you can bring lunch to work every day will help you save money. Organizing your closet might make your morning easier. These are not the same as, say, going to therapy or working through deep seated, lifelong issues.

With all that said, sometimes tiny, logistical changes CAN make daily life easier, less stressful, and more pleasant. Sometimes oddly obvious tweaks to our day-to-day habits can add up to big changes.

What follows is a random assortment of little ‘lifehacks’ that make my life easier and more awesome. Many of these may strike you as wildly obvious. If so, you are smarter than me! Awesome! Here is a blog post about animals in buckets for you. 

15 lifehacks that are making my life easier + more awesome


How To Get What You Want (it’s a lot easier than you think)

You want to get what you want, right? We all do! Sure, there are lots of productivity tips and tips for reaching goals that will help. But if you're not doing this one thing, you might be wasting your time.


Earlier this year, a reader emailed me to juuuuuust casually mention that some advice I’d given had changed her life.

Obviously, I had to cry about that for awhile. But after I’d calmed down and reapplied my eye makeup, I re-read her email. What was it that tipped her life in the direction she dreamed of?

It was one sentence in a free workbook I created: “Now that you know what you want, tell people about it.”

That’s it! That’s it.  Our girl told two people about the career switch she wanted to make. They both sent her the same job posting, she applied for it, got it, and in December she started her dream job.

It sounds deceptively simple, doesn’t it? But how many of us sit quietly on our dreams, devotedly hoping that someone or something will fall into our laps? How many of us chat with friends about tv shows and travel plans while our brain is screaming “I HAVE A THING I’M EXCITED ABOUT AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME!!!”

(everyone ever raises their hand)

People want to help us! The people who love you and know you, want you to get what you want.
We can’t help you get what you want if you don’t tell us that you want it. Click To Tweet

If you want to get what you want, here’s why talking about it helps


A Better Way To Think About ‘Busy’

This is not a post of productivity tips. If you're looking for advice on scheduling or how to be less busy, this is not the post for you. I'm just suggesting you change your mindset.

“Wait. What about a weeknight? Maybe a Tuesday? I could move some stuff around and if we eat early, we could make it work!”

My friend and I have been trying to schedule dinner for three months.

It started as a “I want to see your new house!” dinner. Then it became a “I haven’t met your baby yet!” hangout. Now, as she’s wrapping up her maternity leave and her son has a full head of hair, we’ve found time.

We’re seeing each other on a weeknight. I’m sure we’ll show up with a dessert plucked from the bakery section of the grocery store, but 90 days later, it’s finally happening.

If you’re an adult human, this is probably your reality, too. Your calendar and inbox and heart and mind are full.


Every choice is a chance

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. But our tiny, daily actions add up to real change.

It’s a wet, overcast Tuesday and I’m treating myself one of my favorite activities:
Poking Around Antique Stores, Picking Things Up And Putting Them Down Again.

I page through the old Life magazines, fiddle with Fiestaware, imagine a life that necessitates a 12-piece set of Wedgwood china.

I turn a corner and see a sign that shoots an arrow through the dust-filled air of that overfilled antique store right into my heart (if I’m going to go ahead and be melodramatic about it.)


11 End Of Year Traditions That Will Make Next Year Amazing

Looks for an end of year tradition that ISN'T writing a resolution or singing Auld Lang Syne? These 11 end of year rituals will make your home cleaner, your heart free-er, and even benefit your bank account. Click through and choose a few that work for you!

What end of year traditions do you take part in? Deleting texts from your ex? Smooching a good-looking stranger on New Year’s Eve? Going to bed early so you can start the new year bright eyed and bushy tailed?

I love any excuse for a fresh start and/or making a list. Birthdays work. The mid-year point works. New jobs, new homes, new relationships work. I’ve only got two tried-and-true end of year traditions so I asked you guys on Facebook to share yours and you gave me tons of great ideas!

11 end of year traditions to try this year (more…)

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude Without A Gratitude Journal

Are you looking for a way to practice gratitude without the journals and mantras? Click through for 11 ideas for creating a gratitude practice that works with your busy life!

When someone tells you that you need to find more ways to practice gratitude are you like “UH OKAY HIPPIE”?

Do you nod politely and mentally add gratitude to your list of Things I Know I Should Be Doing But Realistically Have No Time For? Right between ‘mediation’ and ‘drink more water’?

By now you’ve probably heard all the reasons we should add more gratitude to our lives. It’s scientifically proven that gratitude improves psychological and physical health, strengthens relationships, and it even helps you sleep better!

And maybe you know that already but you can’t quite make the gratitude journal thing happen. That’s okay! There are so many other ways to work it into your life!

11 ways to practice gratitude without a gratitude journal