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Mornings In: The Netherlands

What does a typical Dutch beauty routine looks like? How do the ladies of the Netherlands get their hair so shiny?! And do they really put chocolate sprinkles on their breakfast toast? Click through to read about one Dutch woman's breakfast + beauty routine! >>
Those Dutch girls are gorgeous, aren’t they? All that blond hair and flawless skin – what’s their secret? Today Laura is telling us all about her Dutch beauty + breakfast routine, including what she sprinkles on top of her toast and the Dutch makeup line she swears by! (Don’t worry, us non-Dutch ladies can buy it online.)


Mornings In: Slovenia

Slovenia beauty routineName: Tanja Jurgec
Hometown: Maribor, Slovenia
Age: 22
Occupation: blogger/full-time Supernatural fan
My alarm is set for 7.00am

Sloveninan breakfast

My Slovenian breakfast:

I usually eat fruit or a light salad; I don’t eat a lot in the morning. A lot of Slovenian children eat Lino Cokolino – particularly the chocolate flavor. Most adults eat eggs or bread and marmalade and – of course – coffee.

A decade ago, a traditional Slovenian breakfast would have been buckwheat or millet porridge or white coffee and bread. There was also polenta that you ate with milk and the still-very-popular butter and jam on bread with tea.

Slovenian beauty routineMy Slovenian beauty routine:

I don’t really wear make-up regularly, but when I do I love Alverde foundation and for eyebrows I ALWAYS use Essence brow pencil. I don’t think I could ever survive without my Essence lipstick in ‘Oh, So Matt!’  When I wear mascara, I love Catrice’s  All Round Waterproof Mascara.

(editor’s note: Essence cosmetics are available at some Targets and I use them and love them! They’re super affordable and cruelty-free!) 

At least twice a week, I will do a face scrub with sugar and raw cocoa, and when I finish I gently apply coconut oil all over my face and neck. 

I’m actually working from home at the moment but when I go to the city, I go by train!

Thanks so much for sharing, Tanja! International Yes & Yes readers, I’m always looking for new Mornings In contributors! If you’re a local (rather than an expat) and we haven’t covered your country – please drop me a line! sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

P.S. My minimalist, 3-product makeup bag!

photo credits: Gilad Rom // coolinarika // jacob’s kitchen // cook republic // Luke Price

Mornings In: Greece

What's a typical Greek breakfast and beauty routine? Is there any truth to the saying that the traditional Greek breakfast is a frappe and a cigarette? //
: Danai Christopoulou
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Age: 31
Occupation: Part-time baker. Full-time Editorial Director at Savoteur. Full-time cat lady.
My alarm is set for 9:00 am. And then 9:15 am. And then 9:30 am. The morning struggle is real.

My Greek breakfast

I’ll just go out and say it, I don’t really do breakfast. (Unless it’s the weekend and there’s booze involved.) If left to my own devices I’ll just sip on a ridiculously long cold brew coffee all morning and it won’t be until 2 pm that I’ll start craving some solid food.

But recently I downloaded this fitness app called Lifesum which has been really eye-opening and I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more frequently, so I’ll opt for a cheese pie (on good days, I may have baked it myself) or a koulouri, a kind of thin and crispy bagel that has a whole in it and you can find it at various street-food carts all around the city and in most bakeries. Or I’ll do a plain yogurt. (By the way, I recently tasted “Greek yogurt” in the US … yeah, no, that’s not what our yogurt tastes like.)

It may be a cultural thing too: I saw a GIF once that claimed  “traditional Greek breakfast consists of a Frappe coffee and a cigarette.” I don’t think that’s very far from the truth. Although we do have our share of fitness-crazed hipsters who will get up at 6 am to make spinach smoothies, and we also have a tradition in making amazing jams (which most people will have on non-toasted bread, with butter, usually in the weekend), Greeks are not that big on breakfast.

We do love our pies though, cheese and spinach phyllo pies mostly: You will see many people munching on them on their way to work or at their office. And we love Merenda, the Greek version of Nutella (but thicker and more chocolatey), which we will have on toast — some of us even after we’ve stopped being 8-year olds.

Around Greek Easter, we are big on tsoureki, which is kind of like a fluffy babka. Add some Merenda on it and you have the definition of happiness (although my fitness app may disagree).


What's a typical Greek breakfast and beauty routine? Is there any truth to the saying that the traditional Greek breakfast is a frappe and a cigarette? //

My Greek beauty routine:

I always take long showers in the morning and then shampoo and condition my hair with Argan oil. I have very thin, straight hair so I usually never blow-dry (to prevent heat damage) and bless our warm climate for letting my hair dry naturally without me getting pneumonia. Most Greek women though will blow-dry and straighten their hair daily.

As for makeup, there are two ways I can go about it: either not-at-all, or all-out. I can get away with either: My company has an outpost in NY and one in Athens, and in the Athens one, it’s just four guys and me and I sincerely believe I could do a clown makeup and they still wouldn’t notice.

On the “I can’t be bothered” days, I’ll just apply a primer under my eyes (instead of a concealer) and opt for a bold red, orange or fuchsia lipstick that I hope draws the attention away from my un-madeup face.

On the days that I’m feeling it, though, I’ll go all in. I’ve recently converted to contouring and highlighting and sing the praises of my Beauty Blender. I’ll do a base, which I will mix with some of my face hydrating cream for better absorption. Then, I’ll use my concealer and Beauty Blender sponge to highlight the areas under my eyes, between my brows, my chin, and the lower part of my cheeks.

Most Greek women love blush and bronzers, but then again most of them have slightly darker skin than me so terracotta tones actually look great and healthy on them. I tried it once. People were concerned that someone punched me in the face. Finally, I’ll apply the lipstick on my lips.

I use Korres products, an awesome Greek brand that’s actually available abroad and cannot recommend it enough. They have the best concealer on the market and some great lipstick shades. I also love Benefit cosmetics for base, primer, setting powder, eyebrow shadowsand colored eyeliners. My mascaras are usually Maybelline.

My Greek commute:

This awesome Greek app called Taxibeat – it’s like Uber, but way better as it lets you actually choose a driver based on their ratings (and you can see if they have wifi on board, if they accept pets and if they speak any languages apart from Greek). Taxis aren’t really that expensive in Greece so Taxibeat is always my go-to choice. That being said, we do have an awesome Metro (new and clean) that most people use

Thanks so much for sharing, Danai! Greek readers – do you agree? What does your breakfast and beauty routine look like?

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Mornings In: Costa Rica

Wondering about Costa Rican beauty routines or what Costa Rican breakfast? Click through for beauty product recommendations and breakfast suggestions from a local!

Name: Diana Ninette

Hometown: San José, Costa Rica

Age: 23

Occupation: Engineering in topography and geodesy

My alarm is set for 5:30 am

My Costa Rican breakfast

Costa Rica is a tropical country so we have a lot of fruit. Most of the time I eat strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, melons and mangos. Fruit is so easy to get – I literally have fruit trees in my backyard.

If there isn’t any fruit in the house, I eat bread with butter (soy butter) and cup of tea or coffee (our coffee is one of the best in the world). I eat this kind of breakfasts because it is so easy to prepare on my hurried mornings.

When we have time to cook, we eat our traditional breakfast. This consists of  “gallo pinto” (rice mixed with beans) with bread or tortillas, a couple of eggs, cheese, maybe bacon and orange juice or coffee.

Wondering about Costa Rican beauty routines or what Costa Rican breakfast? Click through for beauty product recommendations and breakfast suggestions from a local!costa-rican-beauty-products

My Costa Rican beauty routine

Costa Rican women are taught to take care of our skin. Since it’s always wet and hot here it’s very important to use sunscreen and prepare the skin (with moisturizing and primer) for the make-up.

I like to keep my makeup simple and light – powder, brow pencil, nude eye shadows, waterproof eyeliner, good quality mascara, blush and a lipstick (with sunscreen). I try not use foundation or concealer, because with the hot weather, my pores open and the foundation get inside my face.

We usually use makeup brands from all over the world – France, UK, USA, China, Mexico and more. But we use a very popular and local rose’s cream as moisturizing, produced by Laboratorio de Productos Farmacéuticos de la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CSSS).

My Costa Rican commute

I go to work by car, takes me 1 hour to head to work when there is a lot of traffic, but when there is no traffic takes me 15 minutes.

Thanks so much for sharing, Diana! Do we have any other Costa Rican readers? What does your morning routine look like?

P.S. An email to my body

photos by alex // armando maynez // jen // krista sylvia // ramnath bhat // cc

Mornings In: Pakistan

Wondering about Pakistan breakfasts or beauty routines? What makeup and beauty products do Pakistani women swear by? Click through to find out!

Name: Noor Unnahar Siddique
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Age: 17, turning 18 in August
Occupation: College senior, blogger, blog and graphic designer, poetess
My alarm is set for: 5:30 (for prayers) & 7:00 (college life, ugh!)


Most mornings I eat: Most mornings, I eat a toast or two with peanut butter mixed with strawberry jam and a cup of mildly brewed Horlicks or tea. A typical Pakistani breakfast consists of paratha, omelette and chai. Chai is actually a traditional form of tea, tea leaves are brewed in water in a teapot, mixed with milk when they’re completely brewed and filtered with strainer when served.

Wondering about Pakistan breakfasts or beauty routines? What makeup and beauty products do Pakistani women swear by? Click through to find out!pakistani-beauty-products

 My beauty routine consists of:  Most days, I only wear kajal. My favorite one is Hashmi kajal. It’s thick black kohl, though I usually have to put on a very light shade since I have to go to college. When the weather is humid, I wouldn’t leave the house without putting on lip balm and some coconut oil in my hair. I love Nivea’s Labello balms, they come in fruity scents and my to-go is apple scented. I use Parachute coconut hair oil , it’s light and has a sweet scent of raw coconut. And it’s not greasy!

Then, I head to school by:  My college is at short distance from my residence. So I always hop on the car and anyone in my family would drive me there.

Thanks so much for sharing, Noor! Can any other Pakistani readers weigh in with their favorite breakfast + beauty routines?