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Web Time Wasters + Network of Nice

How was you week, guys? We spent most of the week in Wisconsin poking around supper clubs and weird roadside attractions and it was perrrfect. (You can see all the photos on Instagram!)

We don’t have many Network of Nice offers/requests for this month, so I’ll just mashing them in here 🙂

I’d love to hear from people who have moved overseas to live and work

Specifically, I plan to move from Australia to the USA in the next few years. My areas of expertise are communication, policy, government, and the non-government sector. By the time I move, I’ll have a Masters in Communication. Share your secrets about job and apartment hunting, and appropriate visas, etc with me? I am interested in all the practicalities involved in making a big international move happen.

chloejmoss@gmail (dot) com

I want to learn about US domestic adoption

I am most interested in private newborn adoption, but would also like to hear about foster-adoption. I am overwhelmed by all the info out there and just need some real live humans to talk to! I live in Colorado, so if you do too, that’s even better!
aestrusz@gmail (dot) com

I’m looking for an email pal who’d be willing to communicate weekly about their practice of Intuitive Eating

I’m a 31-year-old therapist who lives in Pittsburgh with my handsome husband and our hyperactive hound dog. I first embraced IE a few years ago and as a result, I am committed to never dieting again! My primary IE goals are moving my body more consistently and gaining insight about my emotional eating patterns. I’m at a fairly good place of acceptance with my body and want to connect with another woman who is in a similar phase with her body — someone seeking to practice IE in a compassionate way, and is looking for accountability and support. If that’s you, please email me!
quarterlifelady@gmail (dot) com

I can help you write your personal statement for grad school

Are you planning to apply for a Masters degree course in the UK? I’ve been helping friends and family write and polish their personal statements for years and I’ve become very good at it. To test and help me further hone my skills, I’d like to help 4-7 people with theirs!  All I ask in return is that you give me feedback on the process, let me know if you’re successful, and grant permission for me to use your finished statement (minus any identifying info) to teach others.
juliannebenford@gmail (dot) com

Links for you!


September Network of Nice Hookups!

It’s that time of month again! Time to make up for undertipping, not returning your shopping cart to the corral, and not letting that minivan merge.

Here’s the deal:
1) Read through the hookup requests. You see someone you can help? Email them.
2) Read through the hookup offers. You see someone who can help you? Email them.
3) Write kind, thoughtful thank-you email to anyone who was lovely enough to share their time and expertise with you because you’re A Nice Person not an Ill-mannered A-hole.

I need a hookup!

I’d love suggestions on music for my choreography
I’m a choreographer submitting proposals to dance companies and I need help finding music! Something that can be played by trio, quartet, or at most quintet of classical musicians.  But I don’t want to go after your typical composers (i.e., Mozart, Bach, etc.).  Something created (or could be re-created) for chamber musicians/groups from the 20th or 21st century, but no Phillip Glass, Max Richter or Steve Reich. I’ll take ANY input on this, from a title, a composer, or if you know of a great Spotify playlist.
kjlangford@live (dot) com

I’d like to interview you about your Monday
I am looking for some creative, awesome professionals (or not!) to feature on my blog. Each Monday, I host a series the {best} Case of the Mondays – looking at a Monday in the life of different people. Open to any and all professions – all you need is passion!
erin.sagester@gmail (dot) com

I’d like to talk to women whose partners work in medicine
I’m looking for other ladies whose significant others are in the medical field as students, residents, or doctors. I’m a 29 year old graphic designer and my boyfriend is a MS4. I’d love to connect with others who are going through or have previously been through similar experiences (away rotations, match, residency, etc.).
entirelyashley@gmail (dot) com

I’d love to meet some new folks in Philly!
I’ve lived in Center City for a few years now with my husband – we love it here.  I’m 27 – I like hosting dinner parties, attending story slams, and checking out fun events in Philly like beer gardens, street fairs, and free concerts. Enjoy the occasional karaoke or speakeasy night 🙂 Double dates are fun too, but mostly just looking for new local (Center City) friends to hangout with! (Many of my friends have moved or live an hour or so away). I know most of my friends through work, and I’m looking to meet new people outside of the office. I’d love to grab brunch, take a bike ride, or hang in the park!
damon.katherine@gmail (dot) com

Looking to meet fun friends in Sarasota, FL
Hi! I’m 26 years old, just moved to Sarasota, and dying to meet all the fabulous people who live here! I came from Missouri, and am so excited to be in a place so saturated with culture. I love theatre, vegetarian food, vintage clothing, tea, books, and animals. I like to take adventures, and I’m loving exploring this wonderful city…would love to meet up with some new friends for an adventure, a beach day, or a coffee shop chat!
hmbagnall@gmail (dot) com
I’d love to meet people in Sydney
I live in Sydney with my husband, two cats, and 1-yr old. I’m a reference librarian (of sorts) and my husband is a social worker – we have an old hatchback, student loans, and rent. I like to crochet, make my kid giggle, code a little, container garden, visit the library, and drink a lot of coffee! I’m originally from California and don’t have my own family/friends here – I’m looking for other mamas (or non-moms who like kids) in the Sydney area for: farmers markets, board games, potlucks, rent bikes at the park, etc. Pen-pals would be cool too.jenrobinson.oz@gmail (dot) com

I’m interested in speaking with women who have undergone breast reduction surgery.
I’d love some advice about what to expect, what to look for in doctors, and anything else from the “I wish I had known this beforehand” part of the experience.  Perspectives from around the world are really welcome (having it in the US is possible but not a requirement since I currently live in Asia), and it would be great if I could talk with someone who had kids afterward. (dot) com

I need to know about applying to American graduate school from abroad
Hi! I’m a New Zealander who’s applying to do my Masters in the USA and I would love some guidance on my application. I have the school I want to attend sorted but any advice on sitting the GRE, sourcing financial aid or scholarships, tips on application essays, translating my GPA into the American format, résumé and so on would be wonderful. I’m not from the USA so advice on funding my study (since I can’t draw on interest-free student loans) would be particularly appreciated.
annamarywoods@gmail (dot) com

I can give you a hookup!

I can tell you about beating acne!
If you are struggling with the emotional side effects of acne or want truthful advice on a product/treatment/idea, I am here for you! I’ve used everything under the sun: antibiotics, prescription topicals, drug store regimens, monthly chemical peels, elimination diets, and even Accutane (twice!). I have tried all the products, met with all the doctors, felt all the feelings. You are not alone. Let me be your rock on the journey towards clearer skin!
Annecwave@gmail (dot) com

I can give your site a facelift
I recently finished a coding bootcamp that taught me the basics of web development and design. I would absolutely love to work with anyone who is looking to give their website a face-lift. If you’re looking for a refresh, let me know! I’m trying to build my portfolio, and I would absolutely love to work with you!
jacklynlee31 @ gmail (dot) com

I am an astrologer offering free soul strategy sessions
For those looking to understand themselves and those around them better and gain some cosmic help. I love astrology and all things universe and it is a joy to help others who need support getting unstuck or with an epic dream they want to manifest. A soul strategy session is 30-45 minutes long and can take place over the phone.
AskJFO@gmail (dot) com

If you’d like to offer or recieve a non-Google-able, non-promotional hookup send me 50-ish words at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org and we’ll get you squared away!

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Yes and Yes Network of Nice Hook-ups!

Friends! The Yes and Yes Network of Nice is up and running! Here are our first ten readers who are looking for hookups. Can you help them out?I need to know about starting a photography studio

I’d like to connect with someone who has started their own photography studio. How did they start? What equipment do they have? How do they decide what to charge? It would be awesome if I could find a mentor in the SF Bay Area who would be interested in meeting with me!
unexpectedsunlight (at) gmail (dot) com


I need to know about moving to England

We have family who live in Switzerland and Germany, and we are thinking of moving to England from the U.S. My husband wants to go to grad school there, and then we’d theoretically like to stay as long as possible, traveling Europe, Asia, and Africa while we’re on that side of the Atlantic. But we don’t have a clue where to start. We’ve traveled in Europe before, but moving there, even for just a few years, is a different beast entirely. So, is there a Yes and Yes reader who has done it before and can help? Because they might just save our sanity.
aribabybug (at) gmail (dot) com

I need to know about high-altitude hiking in South America

I think I am going to quit my corporate job in September and backpack through South America. My two goals include hiking the Incan trail to Machu Picchu (piece of cake) and climbing Aconcagua in Argentina (SA’s highest peak…gulp!). The trouble is I’ve never done any technical climbing before. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to train for this sort of climb? Is 5 months long enough to train to get ready for it? How much will the Aconcagua trek cost me and how long will it take? Am I deluding myself to think that just because I climbed one of the highest peaks in the Rockies I can take on South America’s highest summit? Thanks, y’all!
lauren.caselli (at) gmail (dot) comI need to know about my new city, L.A.
I am moving to Los Angeles for graduate school this September & am quite nervous because I don’t know anyone who lives there & I am not familiar with the city at all. I have been browsing Yelp for a bit, but would love to hear about LA firsthand! Things like nice parks, safe places to ride your bike, great thrift stores, & places to avoid when you’re walking around alone would be really great to know!
hellogravity (at) hotmail (dot) com

I need to meet NYC people who work in the audio industry
I need to know more people in the Audio industry, Music/TV/Movies etc., preferably in New York City (or that area). I currently live in Upstate, NY and there isn’t much in the way of these resources that I need (this is a networking industry). I’m moving to the city in September to take a 9 month course on Audio production I would love to have a new friend that would be willing to give advice or guidance to me as I take this HUGE step in my life!
caitlin.rielly(at) gmail (dot) com

I need to meet people in my new city of Seattle
I am moving far away from everyone and everything I know, I was hoping maybe there were some lovely readers of yours that live in the Seattle area that might be willing to give me some advice/tips on city living, or maybe even would like to meet for a cup of coffee once I’m there to show me around or just be a friendly face. I’ve got about a million and one questions (will I will really survive without a car? Should I have my bike shipped? Is the public transit system scary and overwhelming? Has anyone been a Starbucks barista before and can give me some inside knowledge on how to master it?), and it’s be great to get some insider knowledge.
m.sheilapritchard(at) gmail (dot) com

I need to know about living on a cruise ship
My husband and I have just accepted positions at sea with a prominent cruise line starting in mid-August. Are there any readers who have worked for a cruise line before? Specifically in cruise staff positions, but really any insight from anyone working at sea would be helpful. What were the positives, what were the challenges? Any suggestions on what to/how much to pack? Anything new at sea workers should know that we might overlook? How long did you work at sea? Once you left your at sea position, what was it like to transition back onto land, specifically in light of your career? Any suggestions on how to get our life “on land” settled before we leave?

kristalynnjennings (at) gmail (dot) com

I need to know about starting a mobile food truck

‘m looking into starting up a mobile food truck in Seattle selling pies and quiches, and have NO idea where to start! I know that I’ll need to rent commercial kitchen space, but I’ve never operated a small business like this before, and have no idea about regulations, code, finances, or marketing. I’m also wondering if this is a terrible way to start a first business, and if I shouldn’t aim for something a little more fool-proof. Any words of wisdom would be great!

renai.marie (at) gmail (dot) com
I need to know about applying to Canadian graduation schools (I’m American)

I am an American looking at going to graduate school in Canada. Being the first in my family to attend college of any sort – I have no idea the “etiquette” of apply & getting accepted into grad school. What do I need to know? Do I visit campuses before I apply to establish good contacts or do I just apply? What can I expect once I start grad school? I’d love some advice from any grad students but history grad students especially appreciated. The universities I’m looking at are either University of British Columbia (Vancouver) or University of Alberta (Edmonton).
maruhe (at) yahoo (dot) comWe need to know about road tripping across America
Two (!) separate non-American ladies emailed me interested in advice for driving across The States. Our route is still TBC, can anyone suggest must see places? Should we hire an RV and camp out, or hire a car and stay in motels? What do I need to know to stay safe? I love food, what can I pack in the car to keep my tummy happy? How do four of us avoid driving each other crazy? how can I cut back on food, transportation and hospitality costs? What are the few essentials I should bring with me? Any attractions I just have to see? Safety concerns?
stoppingshopping (at) googlemail (dot) com
And! One reader was actually kind enough to offer up her own expertise.
Allison (allison.happ (at) gmail (dot) com) would like to offer advice to anyone that is planning on traveling to, working, or studying in France in the near future. She’s been living in France for two years (one year outside of Paris, a second in Burgundy close to Dijon). She worked both years as an English Language Assistant, helping high schoolers and middle schoolers improve their English. It was a (challenging) rewarding job, and the travel perks were nearly the best part. If anyone needs advice about working or traveling here, She’d be more than happy to help!

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me with connection requests. I would love to have featured every last one of them but time and space don’t necessarily permit that. And honestly? I’ll give preference to connections that request advice or meet-ups, rather than google-able information, job leads or promotion of a business or product. That’s not to say that I don’t want to hook you up with your dream job, but the girl who’s trying to volunteer in Africa might get in ahead of you.

So! Let the networking begin! Can you help these readers out? Do you have an area of expertise you can share?

The Yes and Yes Network of Nice

Last week, I decided that I probably needed to look at a vintage airstream trailer that was for sale. (Because, a girl who’s saving for a world tour obviously needs to spend thousands of dollars on a portable silver marshmallow home. Duh.) The price was crazy low, but I had no idea what to look for, what questions to ask, how to override my desire to live in a tiny, tiny house. So I emailed two Yes and Yes readers that I knew lived in airstreams and girlfriends helped me out.When I was planning my upcoming time in India, I facebooked a friend (and Yes and Yes reader) whose mum works at a special needs school in Bangalore. And guess where I’ll be October of 2010? With a little luck, I’ll be helping the kiddos via The Brindavan Educational Trust.

Readers have given me advice on trips through South America. They’ve mentioned this blog in major publications. They’ve recommended me to literary agents. They’ve volunteered they’re own amazing true stories. The connections I’ve made through Yes and Yes are amazing and heart-warming. It occurs to me that it is nigh-on selfish of me to be keeping all of these connections to myself! I know that there are Yes and Yes readers who are published authors, or know heaps about getting into med school, or would gladly offer you a tour of their city, or can tell you how to become a flight attendant. So let’s harness the awesome!

So. If you want to know about something/ need a hook up/ are looking for some first-person input on something, email me a 100-word (or less) writeup about the connection you’re looking to make. You should also be comfortable having your email published on Yes and Yes. I’ll put up ten of these connection requests each month and (hopefully!) another reader will be able to help you out!

I’ll go first!

I need to know about doing the Mount Everest Base Camp Hike. How much do Sherpas cost? What things do I need to look out for? Can I go it alone with my Sherpa or do I need to sign up with a company? Do I need to take the elevation meds? I’m planning on being there in November – is that a good time?

Email me your connection requests at sarah_vonbargen (at) yahoo (dot) com. Let the networking begin!