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I’m retiring Yes & Yes ad space! You’ve got two months left!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Big exciting things are happening here at Yes & Yes! I’m working on a Youtube channel! I’m turning the Daily Yes app into a daily email! A re-design!

With that re-design comes the end of my (popular! affordable! incredibly effective!) sponsorship program. 

If I’m being really honest, you’re the best I ever had. The ad space I bought on Yes & Yes gave me a $3,000 return on my investment! – Meg Worden

Yes & Yes readers stayed on my site for nearly 4 minutes — double that from any other source, including my own freaking Facebook fans! It’s simple, easy, and (dare I say it?) fun to advertise with Yes & Yes. Sarah makes everything crystal clear and painless, then rewards you with the eyes and ears of her delightful readers. It’s like a unicorn and a very pragmatic, hardworking squirrel got together and made a squirrelicorn to help your business thrive. – Kristen Kalp

More than any other single investment I make in my business, Yes + Yes is pure gold. The site continues to be one of my top referrers, meaning that ad space here is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve gained countless subscribers and some dear clients through my ad.  – Christy Tending

February and March are the last months I’ll have sponsors. So if you’d like to introduce your products, services, or site to my 13,000+ daily readers – now is the time! 

$90 sponsor spot (9 left in February, 10 left in March)

$250 sponsor post + sidebar ad SOLD OUT

If you think your stuff would be a good fit for my readers, drop me a line at and I’ll let you know! If I don’t think we’re a good fit, I’ll let you know. I respect my readers’ time and your marketing dollars.

And a big asterisk: I don’t accept sponsors who are selling MLM schemes, diet plans, or companies that use pejorative terms in their branding.

As always, dear readers, thank you for making Yes & Yes part of your online life and I look forward to all sorts of awesome things in 2018!

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One of the weirdly hardest things about self-employment

This post is brought to you by your intuition, a calmer business day, the letter T, and The Tarot Lady

When you become self-employed, there are lots of things you emotionally prepare for: finding clients, managing invoices, putting on real clothes and leaving the house.

But nobody ever really talks about how weirdly hard it can be to be your own boss. I mean, sometimes I just want someone else to tell me what to do. 

When there are a million potential things to focus on – blog posts! social media! gathering client testimonials! – it’s easy to focus on nothing and go nowhere.

So I was super intrigued when Theresa told me about this. A weekly business planning guide focused on my Type A, Virgo nature? That tells me exactly where to direct my energy?? Delivered to my inbox???

Virgo. What to expand: 2018 brings great opportunities to communicate your brand message. Speak out more. Put your big message out where and when you can. This is a good year for all sorts of client communication – get more consistent with your newsletter. Answer client emails promptly. Express your knowledge with confidence. 

What to work on: From time to time, you may have issues with self-expression. If you’re feeling shy about putting yourself out there, take a deep breath and do it anyways. The world wants to hear from you! If you experience creative blocks, seek support to help you work through that. Be mindful about investing in your business. Avoid impulse (do you really need that expensive coaching program?).

Yes! Don’t you feel soothed and supported?

You can sample Theresa’s stuff with her free, 200+ page Tarot Card by Card manual or take her 21-day course on how to set your prices if you’re a sweet-natured healer or tarot card reader and you chronically undercharge!

I’m having Yes & Yes redesigned and my sponsorship program is ending on March 31st. If you’d like to grab a sponsor spot (and get your stuff in front of 13,000+ people) before then, read more about my traffic and ad rates here or drop me a line at and we’ll get you sorted!
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The Self-Discovery Tool You’ve Probably Never Considered

This post is brought to you by self-knowledge, surprising insights, the letter T, and Learn Tarot With Me

I like to think I know who I am and what I’m about. Personality tests? I’ve taken ’em. (I’m an INTJ and an Upholder). Self-help books? I’ve read ’em. LOTS of ’em.

I’m always interested to hear what other people are doing in terms of getting to know themselves better and nudging themselves closer to the human they want to become. I was fascinated when Angie told me that she uses tarot cards as a tool for self-discovery and personal development.

Say what? I thought tarot cards were for …. I don’t know. Telling the future in a room filled with incense smoke? Pivital scenes in movies when someone draws the death card?

Turns out I was wrong. Like, way wrong. Angie uses tarot as a jumping off point for weekly journalling prompts, deep questions, personal accountability. And you can get started for $1!

If you’re curious, download Angie’s free tarot meaning cheat sheet here and try it with your deck. You might be amazed at what you find out about yourself!

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A Planner That Helps You Create The Life Of Your Dreams NBD

This post is brought to you by a planner you’ll love using, a better 2018, the letter L, and The Life Design Planner.

Are you the sort of human who loves a good to-do list? Who gets an endorphin spike every time you accomplish a task? Who has a hard time not equating productivity with self-worth?

Hello! Welcome to the club! I am the treasurer.

If this sounds like you, you probably love a good planner. You’re probably really good at planning errands and events and tasks, but you’re less good at making time for introspection, creativity, or spiritual pursuits.

Thankfully, Carrie Jordan created the Life Design Planner. It can  help us plan the nitty gritty of our week AND dig a lot deeper into what we want for ourselves.

Carrie doesn’t just create amazing planners. She leads programs, writes about goal setting, and hosts a podcast. Take a peek at her stuff – I think you’ll like it!

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If you want to believe in everyday magic

This post is brought to you by kismet, good luck, the letter C, and Casey Erin Wood

Do you know anyone who believes in Everyday Magic? The sort of person who’s constantly referencing ‘kismet’ and finding lucky pennies and patting your hand and saying “It’s a sign”? And even if you’re a skeptic you have to admit that life seems a little bit more juicy when you’re in her vicinity?

If you don’t have that friend IRL, you’re about to have that friend online. That friend’s name is Casey Erin Wood.

Casey writes with candor and grace about believing in Santa (but not the way you think). She shares her stories of stars and ancestors aligning to make amazing things happen. She even shares a ‘spell’ created by her 8-year-old daughter … which sounds a lot like wise self-care.

If you’re looking for a buddy who can add a bit of magic and a touch of good-natured woo-woo to your life, Casey is your girl!

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What nobody tells you about self-employment

This post is brought to you by productivity, a calmer mind, the letter L, and Lady Boss Biz

This is Isabella and she wants to talk to you about your work. But in a totally non-intimidating way!

When I started working for myself, lo, those many years ago I thought that as long as I was good at what I did, I’d succeed. Which makes sense, right? If I’m a good writer, I should be able to earn a living writing sales copy and ghostwritten blog posts, right?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE that goes into successful self-employment than the services you perform in exchange for money.

Thankfully, Isabella can help us with that all important Other Stuff. She can teach you how to track your time and income so you can start charging what you’re worth. She can help you change your mindset and get back to being focused.

She’s even running a free, five-day challenge to help you start 2018 feeling happy and un-overwhelmed in your business! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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