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Your Daily Dose Of Happy In Internet Form

This post is brought to you by less negativity, more happiness, the letter R, and the Resilient website

As much as I write about happiness – how to find it, how to get people to share theirs, how to stop crowding it out – I am not the only expert on the subject. Nay! I am but one of many!

Katie at Resilient wants to help you find more happiness, too.  She wants to show you how to make a ‘happy box’ for bad days and teach you self-care. She wants to guide you through a 30-day negativity detox and share an inspirational quote or two.

Katie’s writing is helpful, honest, and bite-sized. Perfect for a lunch-hour pick me up or sitting-on-the-bus inspiration. Pop over and check her out!

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How To Be More Honest – About Your Work, Your Body, What You Want From Life

This post is brought to you by work you reallllly love (not just the stuff you know how to do), living in your body, the letter K, and my friend Kristen Kalp.

Have you ever stumbled upon a corner of the internet that felt like finding a long-lost friend? One of those “There you are! I didn’t even know I was looking for you!” moments? The kind where you spend hourrrrrs clicking trough the archives and saving everything to a ‘read later’ folder?

At the risk of sounding like An Internet Dinosaur (I am), it feels like these types of blogs are harder and harder to find in 2017. Every blog post ties into the launch of a $400 ecourse. What about vulnerability? And honesty? And, like, good writing?

If you’re nodding along with me, you’re going to want to read everything my girl Kristen writes, post haste. She writes about how we can stop hiding in our businesses and her long, honest journey to like her body.  She writes about how she has struggled to treat herself with tenderness.

Friends, Kristen is a real, proper writer. It’s not just listicles and quips. She writes moving, important things that will help you in almost any area of your life. Join her Fck Yah Club and you get her Fck Yah magazine on a quarterly basis and download a digital copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual.

You’ll love her! Promise! Go!

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If you love Harry Potter, daily planners, intentional living, or the theater – this is for you.

This post is brought to you by Harry Potter, a more intentional life, the letter H, and Heroine Training

Do you remember Ye Olden Days of the internet? When you’d stumble upon a treasure trove of amazing, helpful, funny posts and spend three hours clicking the ‘older posts’ button?

And then you’d forward your favorite posts to your best friend? And add posts to your ‘favorites folder’ (because this was 2008 and we didn’t have Pinterest yet)?

Encountering Xandra’s work made me feel like that. Her free, theater-inspired bootcamp reached deep into my One Act Play-loving heart. Her adoration of the Pomodoro Method and her ideas for what to do with your ‘breaks,’ got bookmarked immediately.  Her ideas for finding new beginnings? All of it. I LOVE ALL OF IT.

Xandra writes about deeper things, too – things like owning your story and building a happy life for yourself if you struggle with depression. (Also: her Instagram is gorgeous and calming.)

So if you guys love Harry Potter, intentional living, daily planners, or just listicles full of great ideas, go have a poke around Xandra’s site. I think you’ll love it!

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How To Really, Actually Check Items Off Your Bucket List

This post is brought to you by a fulfilling life, the letter B, and Passion Blueprint

Did you start the year with a looooong list of goals and aspirations? A shiny bucketlist of ways you’re going to grab life by the horns this year?

Yeah, me too. So how are we going to, ya know, actually go about doing that?

Welp, we might start by getting help from someone who knows a thing or two about checking items off their bucket list. Enter: Derrick Kwa.

Here’s a short sampling of some of the bucketlist items Derrick’s already checked off:

  • Working with Seth Godin
  • Traveling through 10 countries in two years
  • Contributing to a book
  • Starting a marketing agency in Singapore and landing clients like QuickBooks Asia
  • Playing in professional poker tournaments against some of his favorite celebrity players

And I think he’s, like, 24?

January 21-22nd Derrick is hosting Bucketlist Bootcamp, a live online bootcamp with interactive workshops to help you actually make ish happen this year.

And here’s the best part: IT’S $25 FOR 8 HOURS OF CLASSES.

That’s the price of a mediocre meal at TGIFriday’s. <- won’t improve your life.

Derrick and his co-hosts will cover topics like overcoming fear, dealing with pressure, and why passion isn’t necessarily about enjoyment.

Take a peek at Derrick’s stuff and see if it’s right for you. At that price point, what do you have to lose?!

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How do the Cool Girls do it?

This post is brought to you by great jeans, the coolest woman in your neighborhood, the letter A, and Amy Edwards


Do you know any Cool Girls? And by ‘Cool Girls’ I mean ‘Smart, interesting, funny women who are always doing fascinating things and somehow seem pulled together and on top of it in a frighteningly effortless way’?

You probably know a few Cool Girls. We all do! And most of us (read: me) want to drown them in “OH GOD HOW DO YOU DO IT” questions, but that would be awkward so we don’t. Instead, we admire them from a far and devotedly hope that someday we can get our hair to look like that.

But we’re in luck, friends. One of my all-time favorite Cool Girls (my words, not hers) happens to have a blog and Instagram in which she’s pretty open about, well, everything.

Amy talks about rebooting your life and how she came to be full-time musician in her late 30s. She writes prayers for non-believers, shares her favorite beauty products, and style lessons learned from Chrissie Hynde. Honestly, Amy is our personal pass into the Cool Girl club. Now we can figure out their secrets go check her out!

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How to make time for yourself + Send cards spread love + 7 easy steps to research & plan a trip

Satuuuuurrrday! You know the drill: you try to accomplish things. I try to lure you into internet holes with awesome links from some of this month’s sponsors.

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How to pick the perfect food tour
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Love your self, love your life // Let’s calm your inner critic // Pre-marital coaching
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