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What nobody tells you about working for yourself

This post is brought to you by a business model you actually like, the letter S, and Hey Shenee!

When you tell the people in your life you’re making the big, exciting leap into self-employment, there will be no shortage of well-meaning advice aimed in your direction.

“Charge what you’re worth!” they’ll yelp.
“Work your network!” they’ll cry.
“Master social media” they’ll nod.

And while all that is well and good, very, very few people will tell you this:

There’s a big, huge, life-changing difference between the work we do and how we do it.

Por examplo: I’m a writer. I have many friends who are writers, but we have very difference business models.

Friend 1 is a blogger who makes money on sponsored posts and advertising.
Friend 2 writes for magazines and newspapers and doesn’t even have a website.
Friend 3 works 1-on-1 with people who want to write novels.
Friend 4 write sales pages and teaches people how to write their own sales pages.
Friend 5 ghostwrites books, magazine articles, and blog posts for people who’d prefer not to write.

Five difference business models for five different writers! And that’s just writing.

PicMonkey Collage
The wrong business model can make you feel car-razy. It can eat all your free time, reduce your income, and tie you to your phone and computer. The right business model can feel like the life you’ve always wanted, with just the right amount of freedom, connection, challenge, and income. (<- I learned this the hard way after burning out on a client-based business model.)

I guess what I’m saying is – if you’re self-employed, you should take Shenee’s free quiz to find your perfect business model. If I would have taken it three years ago, I might have changed the way I structured my business and saved myself a looooot of stress.

In addition to helping you avoid a terrible career path, Shenee shares great insights on her bite-sized podcast and helps you find your first, most important 100 people. Pop over and check her out! I think your business model will thank you.

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Fun links! Meditation can be fun + Jesus & Cadbury Creme Eggs + Crafting your best day ever

Satuuuuurrrday! You know the drill: you try to accomplish things. I try to lure you into internet holes with awesome links from some of this month’s sponsors.


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Your new favorite inspiring, business(ish) blog

This post is brought to you by smart, kind advice, the process of getting back to the work you’re excited about, the letter K, and Kristen Kalp.


brand camp

It takes A LOT for me to add a blog to my Feedly account. Like, it maaaaaybe happens 2-3 time a year.

As I type this, my Feedly list has 42 blogs. Right there in the B section, nestled between a food blog and a minimalist blog is my girl Kristen. I’m going to wait while you go add her to your Feedly.

Did you? Cool.

kristen kalp
What does Kristen write about and why should you follow her?

Well, she writes about business in a funny, kind, compassionate way. She makes lots of Harry Potter references. She writes about loving yourself and the fact that you can’t unsee the ocean. (This is both a metaphor and the truth.) She has a great podcast and gives away awesome, you-should-be-charging-for-that books.

But what I love most about Kristen is that she’s a Real, Actual Writer. Her prose is beautiful and deep and meaningful in a way that you don’t usually see on computer screens. Her writing is the stuff of books.

You’ll love her. Promise.

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A blogging + business course that’s actually, you know, affordable

This post is brought to you by a well-planned business, the letter L, and Luxe Launch

luxe launchVersion 2

Do you want to launch a blog or an online business? But then you check out a course like Marie Forleo’s B-School (available for a cool $2,000) and panic? And then you spend the next six months Googling everything till you melt into a weepy, overwhelmed puddle?

totally hypothetical and not something I’ve ever, ever done. cough.

Getting your start online and in business is hard. It’s even harder if you want to come out the gates looking polished and professional. It’s damn near impossible if you want do to that without dropping a jillion dollars. Unless you, ya know, spend $97 (!!) on Clara and Pauline’s Luxe Launch.

luxe launch 2
No lie, when I saw their curriculum, I wanted to email them and say “Business woman to business woman, you guys can/should be charging more for this.” Their interactive course covers idea + business development, company set up, tech essentials, marketing + promotion, and creating a lifestlye that supports all of this. I’ve seen this type of stuff offered at literally 10x the price!

If you want to dip your toe in, check out their posts on how to write a killer business plan, how to transform passion into purpose or follow along on Instagram. I think you’ll love them!

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But first, tea.

This post is brought to you by energy that’s not jittery, sophistication, the letter P, and Plum Deluxe.

plum deluxe teaplum deluxe tea
On December 31st, 2014 I made a big decision. I decided to move, get married, and become a stepmom BUT ALMOST MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OF THOSE DECISIONS: I decided to give up coffee.

Let me rephrase that: I decided to become incredibly intentional about when I drank coffee.

Weird as it sounds, those big life changes and my decision to quit(ish) coffee were connected. See, coffee makes me car-razy. It fills me with jittery, undirected, typo-inducing energy. I make lots of decisions very quickly, not all of them good. It hurts my stomach and it screws with my sleep. If I don’t drink coffee when/how I usually do, I get headaches. When I’m traveling, I’ll spend 20 minutes driving around some unknown city, looking for a decent cup of joe while I growl at my co-pilot. In summary: awesome.

PicMonkey Collage
I knew that the next few years of my life would be, um, a bit more stressful than I was used to and it seemed like removing something that made me jittery, headachey, and snippy miiiiight be a good idea. 

But I also like/need small amounts of caffeine. Enter: tea. Also, enter: Plum Deluxe Tea.

Let’s talk about organic, fair-trade, hand-blended flavors like cranberry macadamia nut tart. Let’s talk about making insane-o desserts like green tea frozen yogurt pops. Let’s talk about calmmming way down (instead of getting ramped up and wired.) You can even join their organic tea of the month club or check out all their great tea recipes and cocktails!

How do you feel about coffee? Have you ever tried to give it up? I’m super happy with my decision!

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Smart, loving advice from your imaginary BFF

This post is brought to you by that feeling in the pit of your stomach, a happier life, the letter D, and Dr. Danielle Dowling.

Do you have an incredibly wise, intuitive friend you’re always quoting and referencing?

“You know, I was talking to ____________ the other day and she gave me the best advice.”
“___________ always says ______________ AND SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT.”
“________ really blew my mind when she told me that. It’s completely changed the way I feel.”

For me, that friend is Danielle. I wrote and consulted with her for years and, to this day, I reference things that she told me. Things like how to stop procrastinating, why we need to stop rushing towards ‘normal’ and ‘Let whatever you’ve done today be enough.‘ << I need to re-read that one, like, every night.

Anyway, Danielle is sharing some of her best, most helpful insights in a free, hour-long class (I took a peek at it. It’s GOOD.) If you want to work with her, awesome! If you want to watch and take notes: also awesome! She’s full of great insights on career, mindfulness, and romantic relationships. So, so good.

I offer two sponsored blog posts each month. If you’d like five links and 150-ish words devoted to your stuff, check out my rates and info here or drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org!