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Fun Links! Free comic about your life + Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon + There’s always time

You know the deal. I round up some of this month’s sponsors’ best posts, you get to avoid chores and grocery shopping for another hour. Yes? Yes. January highlights by Meg Worden

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There is always enough time // Free your mind. your ass will follow // No one gets to be a Messiah: on quiet acts of kindness + the human reality (sometimes life does actually suck)
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Best posts from sponsor Benjamin Plante
Theora's best posts from January.

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Imagery // Want a free comic drawn about your life? // Birthday card
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January's best posts from Euphoric Herbals on yesandyes
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Libido tea // Iron tonic tea // Menstrual melody extract
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Let’s figure out this whole Instagram thing, once and for all.

This post is brought to you by jewelry that makes you feel good, scholarships for college students who need them, the letter C, and Shop Compliment.

melissa camilleri

Melissa Camilleri

Can I be really honest with you for a second? I don’t really ‘get’ Instagram.

I mean, I have it on my phone. Most days I scroll through prettily styled photos of lattes and funny pets and I obviously stalk my favorite celebrities. (This is one of my favorite Amy Schumer photos.)

But how does one turn an Instagram following into clients and sales and, well, anything other than likes and comments?

 melissa camilleri

Melissa Camilleri

If you’re equally confused by the ol’ IG, you might want to check out Melissa Camilleri’s 21-day Instagram course. Melissa grew her following from 1,000 to 17,000 in one year; today she has 34,000 followers! More importantly, she figured out how to turn likes into sales. Instagram is the largest source of traffic and sales for Melissa’s awesome company Shop Compliment.

All that Instagram traffic has translated to more sales, fancy interviews, and more money that Shop Compliment can funnel into their scholarship program. Amazing right?

Take a look at Melissa’s course if you’d like to get Instagram figured out once and for all!

What Nobody Tells You About Working For Yourself

This post is brought to you by less-than-eight-hour works days, streamlined processes, the letter V, and Val Geisler.

working in collaboration


Here is a rather unpleasant reality that nobody tells you about working for yourself:

The work you do – what you do to actually earn money – is only a small component of your business. Literally, it is just a fraction of how you’ll spend your time.

Where does the rest of your time go?
Sending invoices and contracts
Making round after round of edits
Delegating work (and then nervously double checking everything you’ve delegating)
Sourcing photos
Writing, scheduling, and formatting social media updates
Emails forever and ever, amen

All that. In addition to your actual, you know, work.

What we need (and I really do need ’em) are systems. We need a perfect process. We need simple, cheap solutions.

Guys, we need Val Geisler

O14A0215val and suzi working
Val creates simple solutions for overwhelmed business owners. Her consulting sessions are customized to each client and her ecourses are a steal at $9 and $12. Her course about conquering gmail is free! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter for regular, helpful updates and gentle reminders that, yes, you should probably automate your invoice process and, no, business doesn’t have to be this hard or time consuming.

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Your online life + space need to look pretty (but not the way you think)

This post is brought to you by carefully chosen fonts, tweets that get favorited, the letter G, and Garnishing Co.

garnishing_comessy-desk-775pxWhen I started blogging a million years ago, I felt pretttttty smug about the skill set I was bringing to the table.  Internally, I was rubbing my weirdly small hands together and thinking “I’ve been getting paid to write since I was 20, I worked in marketing and advertising, THIS ISH IS IN THE BAG.”

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

While the writing and idea-ing has come pretty easily to me, I was floored (floored!) by the design aspect of blogging. My posts need to be accompanied by Pinterest-friendly images?! My tweets are 94% more likely to get favorited if I add images?! Fonts matter?! People are more likely to hire me and buy my stuff if my site and social media profiles look polished and professional?!!!! WHHAAAAAAAATTT?!

I just want to (attempt to) write funny, insightful things and then throw some Flickr Creative Commons image up there and call it a day. 

I use a designer for my ebooks and my site design, but I don’t have the time or money for her to design every single thing I do. If you’re serious about your online space you’re probably in the same boat: you know your stuff should be cute and match-y but you’re super busy and not particularly interested in learning PhotoShop.




Allow me to introduce you to our new collective BFF/resource hero: Susannah at Garnishing Co.

She’s gonna show us free tools that simplify graphic design. She’s gonna teach us what a favicon is, why we need one and how to make it. She’s going to give us a whooooole library of design resources and then we’re going to drool over her Instagram account.

So much helpful stuff, guys! Get over there and make your online life pretty!

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Two years in London + Emotional eating + Be kind to yourself

It’s Saturday! Let’s look at awesome links from this month’s sponsors instead of doing our grocery shopping!

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Emotional eating is love // Natural disaster // Dying the metaphorical death
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Favorite posts:
Be kind to cute animals. And yourself. // Relax. You’re already ok. Also: pimp suits // Free your mind. Your ass will follow.
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Favorite posts:
Two years in London, part 1 // Two years in London, part 2 // Ballet at the Bolshoi Theater
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You don’t have to stay at a job you hate. In fact, you could leave and start doing something else!

This post is brought to you by self-employment, your cat-as-a-co-worker, the letter L and Kathleen Ventura.

life coach schoolbecome-a-lifecoach
Do you know what it is to really, truly hate your job?

To get anxiety stomachaches every Sunday night? To do work that makes you feel more than a little ashamed? To have a boss who says things like “Are you trying to screw this up?”

I know what that feels like. In fact, I spent almost an entire year working under a boss who could give The Devil Wears Prada‘s Miranda Priestley a run for her money. For years after I left that job, my blood pressure would spike anytime I heard the ringtone I’d assigned her.

Leaving a stable job – no matter how much you hate it – isn’t easy. And while I don’t particularly prescribe to the mentality of ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!’ (because invoices) I do believe that you can do better than a job you hate.

You deserve better than 60-hour weeks and emotionally abusive co-workers.
You deserve better than a two-hour commute.

If you’re thinking about leaving your job, please consider the side-hustle: building up a side gig so you can make the leap into the safety net of developed skills and lots of clients.

And maybe becoming a coach is the side-hustle you’re meant for.

WY1_6702 smallerWY1_7632smaller
If you’re even a little curious about becoming a coach, you’ll want to check out Kathleen Ventura. She’ll help you meet other women who are in the same boat and give you her free training Coaching 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice.

If you’re already a certified coach but you’re struggling with the business aspect of coaching, check out Kathleen’s Start Your Coaching Practice course. She covers so much – how to promote yourself, how to structure your ‘discovery calls’, how to create packages, developing an onboarding practice, and creating the right mindset for success.

This just might be your next career!

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