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Finding love + The Altar of Busy + Emails You Should Never Type

So we’re in agreement? 20 minutes of internet faffing instead of swiffering? Yes? Yes.

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(Not) riding elephants + the reality of soul mates + $15 clothes

It’s August and it might be hot, hot, hot where you live. Don’t you think you should stay inside in the air conditioning and look at these links from Yes & Yes sponsors instead?


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I Seriously Believe Buying Or Selling A Car Is A Feminist Issue

PicMonkey Collage
When Carlister approached me about purchasing a sponsor spot here on Yes & Yes, my initial reaction looked something like this.

And then I remembered what happened when I bought my car.

1. I went to one of those ‘no haggle’ car dealerships that claims they sell everything at blue book value (and then they tried to charge me $1,200 above blue book value)
2. The salesman mentioned three times that he was impressed that I could drive a stick
3. And then he mentioned that he was impressed that I “came to buy a car all by myself”
4. When I got up to leave, instead of standing up to shake my hand HE LEANED BACK IN HIS CHAIR AND PUT HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS HEAD like a 1980s movie villain

I’m 99% sure this is not how he’d treat a man.

And that was just the buying part. What’s going to happen when I sell my car or trade it in? Will it be more of the same? My car has about a year left in it and I’m already dreading the prospect of selling it. Like, I’ve actively looked into those ‘donate for a tax write-off’ programs because I just don’t want to deal with it.

But maybe Carlister can change that.


Now, to be 100% honest – I’ve yet to use Carlister (mostly because I’m still driving the car from the aforementioned douchebag-y dealership) but it looks a million times better than Craiglist. You just upload your VIN and it auto-generates a listing for you! With a vehicle history report! And it costs zero ever loving dollars.

You can read more about how it works here, or just drool over BMWs or a fantasy life that involves a Subaru and a big dog.

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Wardrobe Staples + Travel Tips + Arugula Pesto!

It’s Saturday; you know the drill. I provide you with awesome links from some of this month’s sponsors, you have a valid excuse to avoid vacuuming. Win/win/win!

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