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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I spent the weekend and Monday at my parents’ house, digging through bins of paraphernalia from my high school and college days. I unearthed soooo many mix cds and had The Best Time listening to them on the drive back to Minneapolis. Late 90s Ani DiFranco A+ would recommend will be listening to repeatedly.

Awesome things from a few of my lovely sponsors

Are you a coach? Or maybe you want to become one? Hillary Rubin is hosting a free (!) 5-day, live interview series with some of the most successful coaches in the land! Even if you’re not a coach, you might love this post about getting over perfectionism.

I want to send a link to Whisked Away Travel to anyone who’d ever consider buying me a gift. They plan surprise trips for you OR for someone you love! You choose the continent/budget/time frame and they plan the trip! Funnnn!


Operation Lady Closet!

When I was a wee little Von I actively fantasized about the following things:

1) He-man coming to life off my beach towel and becoming my boyfriend
2) finding an abandoned baby otter, rescuing it from certain death and then raising it as my very own
3) having a fancy, lady-like vanity, all full of mirrored trays and power puffs and cut-glass bottles.
I have yet to realize either of those first two goals (though not for lack of trying, Prince Adam!) but a few weeks ago, I put the finishing touches on what I am calling Operation Lady Closet. I successfully transformed my rather meh closet into an oasis of fancy, schmancy organization. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Before: my messy, mismanaged (and apparently blurry) closet.
Doesn’t that look heaps better? I painted everything
with a satin-finish white and added fancy (fake) cut glass knobs.

p.s. I styled the sweet bejesus out of this photo. My wardrobe
does not really consist exclusively of black, white and tourquise
clothes. But they photograph well, don’t they?

My bangle collection has gotten slightly out of hand.
Now I just stack them around pretty bottles that I’ve
picked up here and there.
I picked up these crates at the Salvation Army for a
dollar a piece and painted them with left over chalkboard
paint. Now they corral all my fancy lady tidbits.
Mirrored tray full of perfume? Childhood fantasy fulfilled!
I added these cork board squares to the door to post
outfits photos that inspire me. Or convince me not
to wear my yoga pants to the supermarket. Again.
What’s your closet situation? Any awesome storage tips to share?