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You guys! It’s been a crazy week! Eight days ago my guy and I tied the knot in front of our parents and his boys. Yesterday, I invited over a pile of friends for a) Adult Snow Cones b) my 36th birthday.  Somewhere in there, I met friends for coffee and lunch, read lots of magazines on blankets, played hooky at the beach, and watched my husband (?!!?) record a podcast about climate change with two professional comics.

But enough about all that. Let’s talk about the internet.

I’m officially a stepmom now and this book comes highly recommended. If you have any other recommendations, let me know!

Sister Bourne is our new idol.
In the 1910s she lost her first school teaching job in Arizona because she danced the one-step (think about what would have happened if it was the two-step!). At her second teaching job at a mining camp outside of Tuscon, Bourne asked her students (who didn’t speak any English) to teach her Spanish even though it was illegal to speak Spanish at Arizona schools at the time.

DIY deodorant cream? I’m kind of into it.

I love the idea of pairing a workout with your favorite book!

Wouldn’t this be cute nestled on your bookshelf?

Back-to-school supplies for grown ups

Yes! Yes. The REAL way to stand with Planned Parenthood.

Whoa! An app for … foraging fruits and vegetables?


Not Dressed As Lamb is one of my long-time favorite fashion bloggers; she’s incredibly stylish and fit and happens to be 43. Recently, she started the Instagram hashtag #iwillwearwhatilike, asking her followers to photograph themselves in trends they’ve been told they “shouldn’t wear over the age of 30.” The results are wonderful!

I liked this. 5 simple ways to make life LESS convenient.

Why is it so painful to admit you’re on public assistance?
I see myself in the stranger’s eyes, and I know he thinks he and I are the same. I am a young white woman with an expensive looking dress I bought at a thrift store last summer.  I have an EBT card, too, I imagine myself telling him, taking ownership of my identity. After all, what is there to be ashamed of? I wonder what it is, exactly, about receiving public assistance that humiliates me so deeply. I work hard, I want to tell him. I’m working two jobs this summer, and I’m starting college in the fall. Instead, I merely smile back at him and shrug. Moments later, I slip the cashier my EBT card, and the cashier looks surprised, then confused. Still, he swipes it without a word, and to my relief, it’s accepted. When I exit the store, I don’t let myself look back.

Wait, what? You can make your own sidewalk chalk?

Cute! DIY map envelopes!

A roundup of eco-friendly beauty products.

What if we treated our sons like daughters?
Logan is learning to read! There are so many books in his classroom, and he naturally gravitates to books about princes. He even wears his Prince Charming costume to school most days and keeps it clean. He daydreams about growing up rich and living in a castle and being married to a beautiful princess.

How to spend time alone in NYC.

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Web Time Wasters

Such a sassy song.

What you do on a friend’s birthday says about how much your value their friendship.

A brave article from a mom who gave up primary custody of her daughter.
I worried that I was teaching her that struggle is a part of life — something that many of us are taught subliminally. I worried that she would grow up with issues from not having her daddy in her life (a struggle that many women can relate to). I worried about the relationship she would have with money if she watched me try to make ends meet. I worried about a lot of things during that time, but the biggest worry of all was that I was setting an example for her that life is very, very hard — and that is not something I want to pass on to my child.

Let’s all make bacon donuts with maple cinnamon cream and then let’s make lemon poppyseed ricotta waffles followed by a watermelon margarita and a pie that has a crust made out of saltines.

I’m completely mesmerized by this … blazer?

I’m almost done with my tube of CC cream and I think I’m going to splash out on this highly-reviewed mineral makeup.

I love a good interview. A crematory operator explains what it’s like to burn bodies for a living.
What is the grossest thing you do at work?
Sometimes we get bodies in that are fairly decomposed. Because I’m at a crematorium in Detroit we often deal with bodies that have been found in abandoned houses and they’re there for quite a while until they’re found. So when they are found I have to make sure each body matches up with the paperwork so I have to check the toe tags and ankle bracelets to check and keep everything organized. Recently we’ve been dealing with the universities and donor cadavers and sometimes the cadavers aren’t all in one piece. If they’re in multiple pieces, each piece is tagged with the same ID number to make sure no pieces get misplaced. I had to hold a severed human head and it was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. That could be a little weird for people.

Ha! The asshole rating self-exam.

Yup. I didn’t blog for an entire week and no one died.

Ooof. What do I have to say to a cop?

Yes! You can actually enjoy your mornings!

Gorgeous cat toys and accessories.

ALLLLLEEEERT! This empty Sicilian town is giving away houses.

My partner’s a climatologist so this article hits close to home.
“Oh yeah,” Schmidt says, almost casually. “The business-as-usual world that we project is really a totally different planet. There’s going to be huge dislocations if that comes about.”

But things can change much quicker than people think, he says. Look at attitudes on gay marriage.

And the glaciers?

“The glaciers are going to melt, they’re all going to melt,” he says. “But my reaction to Jason Box’s comments is—what is the point of saying that? It doesn’t help anybody.”

Do you have an intense kid in your life? Here are five ways to calm them down.

This designer is funding her trip of 26,000 miles by selling a series of 26 travel-inspired, hand-lettered posters!

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I spent Monday in San Deigo (and it was gross), lunched on Buster’s famous onion rings with Elizabeth and this weekend I brought the same salad to two bbqs because I believe in multi-tasking.

Enough about me! Let’s talk about you!

A few years ago I was part of this Minneapolis arts ambassador program and I can’t recommend it highly enough. In exchange for a tweet or two you get to attend nine events at a tiny fraction of the ticket price. Look into it, MSP-ers!

My latest travel trick.

Fellow renters! Easy, temporary backsplash tiles!

Until I read this, I didn’t realize that I agreed. ‘Celebrities I Have Long Believed Are Enchanted Dogs In Human Form.’ (Tony Danza, OBVIOUSLY.)

YES. Yes. Even though I love travel and it’s a huge part of my life, I don’t think that it’s a requirement for a fulfilling life and I think it’s condescending to assume that someone ‘hasn’t lived’ till they’ve seen the pyramids. (Puke.)
Because of how I was raised, where I went to school, and professional luck, I graduated into a class of people who seem to take international travel for granted, as if not going abroad is some kind of hardship. I guess this has always kind of irked for a few reasons. Firstly, the assumption that a lot of travel-privileged have that there is some sort of transcendent experience only they understand because of their travel that non-travelers wouldn’t understand. Yes, travel is educational and expands worldview, but so does meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and exploring neighborhoods outside your own. The assumption that people who don’t travel are somehow small-minded has always driven me nuts.

The second thing that always bothered me about a particular type of snobby world traveler is how classist and condescending they can be. “Oh my god you haven’t been to Paris?!? That’s crazy!” As if Paris was as far away as Bakersfield and as cheap to stay in.

I am always going to wear a helmet when I bike, but apparently there are some pretty decent reasons not to? Discuss.

Related: if you’re new to biking (or – like me – you know a million people who have been hit by cars) check out Ride The City. It’s an app that outlines ‘direct,’ ‘safe,’ and ‘safer’ routes for you!

Such a pretty, lady-like shirt.

Super interesting. The likely cause of addiction has been discovered and it’s not what you think.

We’ve talked about how what we eat can change the world. If you don’t want to become a vegetarian, what if you became a reducetarian?

Ahhhhh! Farting is my secret feminist weapon that works every time.
Not 10 seconds after my flatulence escaped me, though, a line of noxious odor that can only be described in subway terms as more-gross-than-unbathed-homeless-person and less-gross-than-actual-feces, and crept along to the unassuming nostrils of the privileged man half sitting in my seat.

Faster than the speed of fart, this man sniffled ever so slightly and then shifted over in his seat, removing the part of his thighs and butt that had been crossing the line into my territory.

 It was a miracle.

A swimsuit worth bookmarking (and stalking as we wait for it to go on sale.)

Also: A cute feminist t-shirt.

It’s possible! The $30 dinner party!

This is important. A gentler, more compassionate way to talk about suicide.
Someone does not “commit” suicide, they die from suicide. This is a much less judgmental, more straightforward way to talk about someone who dies from mental illness. They are not “a suicide” any more than someone who dies from cancer is “a cancer.”

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Hope you had a great weekend, guys!

Web Time Wasters

(just listen to the whole thing while you’re making breakfast today. you’ll thank me.)

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m on a quick business trip to L.A. and I’m squeezing in a mini-trip to San Diego to meet Sarah and Elise in person – finally! Also: catching up with friends from high school and alllll the tacos, ever.

Links for you!

Yes. Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances To Get Coffee.
They’ll say yes, and we’ll have a perfectly nice time and bond over what it’s like being in our twenties and working in creative fields and struggling to find fulfillment on a day-to-day basis. It will slowly grow dark outside as we share and laugh late into the evening, and when we part we’ll agree that it was a truly lovely time and that we’ll definitely do dinner soon, and then we will never speak again.

Wouldn’t it be fun to re-create some of these? The obsessively detailed list of American literature’s most epic roadtrips.

Could you beat a 12-year-old at arm wrestling? Not this 12-year-old Minnesota girl.

An app to help you create and use your capsule wardrobe?

How to deal with too many business phone calls.


(more yelling) INVISIBLE BOOK SHELF??!!

Ooof. One female photographer is taking pictures of men moments after they harass her.

The ‘Email a tree’ service didn’t go as planned – it was a lot sweeter.
“My dearest Ulmus,” the message began.
“As I was leaving St. Mary’s College today I was struck, not by a branch, but by your radiant beauty. You must get these messages all the time. You’re such an attractive tree.”

When I lived in Taiwan this was one of my favorite restaurants. So awesome and weird!

A totally new way to use Twitter.

My hands and wrists get jacked up from typing all day, but this is helping a lot.

Have you heard of Thrive Market? It looks like Amazon for affordable health food? I’m intrigued…

What new moms say vs. what they mean.

Let’s agree on these things.

I don’t even have an iphone and I want this.

Happens to the best of us. What should you do when you’re jealous of someone who’s ‘bigger’ on the internet?
But here’s the thing we too often forget in this age of social media fame. Being cool on Twitter? That’s not the same thing as having power. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re creating anything huge or important or particularly meaningful. It doesn’t even mean you’re making a living wage. It just means you spend a lot of time on Twitter, and that some folks who have been designated as “cool” think you’re cool.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Web Time Wasters

Boy, do I ever feel this: the psychic weight of stuff.
Since the yard sale I have been thinking about how bringing an item into my home exponentially expands its weigh and energy. So easy it is to bring something in, and so hard it is to get it out! It’s like it grows to quadruple the size as soon as you take it out of the bag or the box. Just preparing for a yard sale takes many more hours per item than acquiring the item itself. I cannot afford to expend life energy on things that I don’t truly want or need.

Related: what does ‘living small’ actually mean?

Ooooh! The secret gardens of London!

John Mark Nelson is 21 and he’s writing songs like this. So.

Every time I wear this$5 lip gloss, people comment on it. Like, really.

I’m filing this under ‘investment pieces I’m saving for.’ (Or maybe I’ll just get this instead.)

I’m heading out to L.A. for a quick work trip next week and I’m totally making/packing these lemon chia chews because I imagine they’re 100% cheaper/healthier/better than the three Clif bars I’d try to eat.

Ahhhhhh! This house tour! That ruggggg!

Cute! Marthe will send you a handwritten, artist-designed inspirational postcard for $5.

From ages 22 – 35, you’ll probably spend tens of thousands of dollars on your friends’ weddings. Reminder: you don’t have to go to every wedding you’re invited to, especially if they’re far away.
A 33-year-old Washingtonian I spoke to has found an effective way to cut down on the costs: She says no to nearly all out-of-town weddings. “If you don’t live in D.C. and I never see you, I’ll go to your wedding,” she tells me. But if the couple lives in D.C. and they’re having a wedding outside the Washington area, she’s not going.

The smartest way to take a vacation. (I think I’m doing it ‘wrong’)

Related: how to maintain that vacation feeling when the vacation is over.

Yup. 10 wines to drink with ice cream.

Related: saltine crack ice cream sandwiches.

Such a cute, easy idea: DIY reversible throw pillows.

This bra is so incredibly sexy.

Do you do date nights? My guy and I love the $3 Riverview Theater and R & B nights at The Roller Garden. Here are 10 cute summer date night ideas!

I loved this: My wedding was perfect and I was fat as hell the whole time.
I skipped the bridal boutiques altogether. My friend, artist and designer Mark Mitchell, and I conceived of the most beautiful dress we could imagine, which, according to the old orthodoxies, just happened to be the least “flattering” dress possible for a fat chick: a strapless, skin-tight mermaid gown exploding with silk flowers. The flowers – my god, the wisteria! – added extra bulk in areas I’m supposed to try and “slim”. The silhouette accentuated my stomach instead of camouflaging it. My arms looked like what they are – strong, and big. I didn’t wear Spanx. I was beautiful.

I never thought of this, but it’s such a good idea: Why I Always Support Female Led Films on Opening Weekend

Web Time Wasters

Links for you! 

Ooooh! Famous European theaters as seen from backstage!

I work from my sun porch these days but I loved these tips on how to save money and time on your commute.

Yes x 1,000. Conscious optimism vs. lazy, pseudo-spiritual optimism. Please make a choice.
So that vision of the world we want to live in…it requires wide awake optimism to create it. Those lives “of service” so many of us are trying to live… Service is being informed. Service is being enraged. Service is keeping your heart open even when you’re enraged. Service is being ruthlessly honest about the facts — and then choosing to be optimistic. Service is fuelling your optimism with action. (And yes, meditation counts as action.)

Quick! Before summer is over! Fill 100 water balloons per minute?!

Man partner, are you reading this? Please buy me these for my birthday. Also: this brooch.

Things we should all cook/bake/eat immediately: Crispy tofu kale hash, peach and plum Caprese salad, asparagus three cheese tart.

Focus At Will is the newest tool in my productivity toolkit. So good! This is the oddly specific way I use it.

Here’s your Sunday weep: a story of a couple’s last vacation together as the wife dies of cancer.

“First I need you to promise me something. Not for now, for after.”

I take a deep breath and find it hard to form words; all I come up with is a nod.

“I want you to do the things you always talked about doing but never did,” she says. “The house on a lake you wanted. Buying the vineyard that will use up all your money. Another dog, to keep Gus company. Just don’t let too much time pass before you do. Each day is like a year, as I found out the hard way. And I want you to be happy, as I always have been. That’s my wish for you.”

“I don’t want to do any of that without you,” I say. “It won’t mean the same.”

“It will have to be without me,” Susan says. “That decision has been made.”

The best natural sunscreens.

Related: Ca-yute! And a perfume that allegedly smells like the beach.

How to create a sustainable grocery shopping list #lentils

Do you also love creepy, creepy Shirley Jackson? What if she wrote “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”?
Chapter 3: Mother, Mother, I’m Coming, I’m Coming, Mother, Just A Minute Mother, Mother, Stop Banging On The Walls, Mother I’m Coming, Mother Mother ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ
On The Moon We Speak A Soft, Liquid Tongue
Look Down On The Dead Dried World • A Huge Cloud Of Looming Nothingness • There’s No One Here Named Charles

I moved into a new place a few months ago and I’m struggling to make my  old pieces fit in the new place. I liked Kelsey’s series on decorating a new space with intention (instead of just buying cute, mismatched things at Goodwill, like I usually do.)

Tech housekeeping = yes.

Are you healthy or cheap or vegan or lazy? If so, have I got the summer dessert for you!

A photo essay about a 22-year-old nun.

Ooooh! A super easy DIY for your own upholstered headboard.

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