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Web Time Wasters

Everything about this movie is in my wheelhouse. #MaxGreenfield4eva

How was your week guys? I’ve been trying (with varying degrees of success) to really slow down and enjoy the holiday season. I’m dialing back the client work, writing some really great blog posts for 2016, and working on an awesome, free, super helpful collection of things for you. Stay tuned!

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Web Time Wasters

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Image created for Yes & Yes by Theora Kvitka

How was your week, guys? I spent most of Monday vulturing over sales on big purchases I’ve been putting off for months. Area rug! Philips wake up lightA new Roomba! A real desk chair! So now I have zero dollars, but I’ll wake up pleasantly, to a clean home I didn’t need to vacuum and enjoy sitting at my desk.

Here’s a weirdly obvious online shopping tip: before you go through with any purchase, google ‘[website name] discount code’. There’s almost always a discount code to be had and I usually save 10-25%!

Enough about my robot vacuum. Let’s talk about you, internet. (more…)

Web Time Wasters

American readers! How was your Thanksgiving? We hosted our very first feast with my in-laws and it was lovely and surprisingly easy (mostly because everyone brought something). The rest of the weekend was that perfect combination of Doing Productive Stuff and Doing Nothing. It’s so hard to find that balance!

Links for you!

If you’re doing your holiday shopping online, check out shops that are participating in the Good Karma Sale! You get 25% off your purchase and 10% of the proceeds go to charity!

Did you know that when the Ermahgerd meme went viral in 2012, the internet thought it was me? Like, I had a huge traffic spike from Reddit and strangers asking me for interviews? Sadly, I’m not the nerdy girl holding those Goosebump books (though it totally looks like me and I did/do read voraciously). The ‘real’ Ermahgerd girl has been discovered and this is her story.

Yummmmmmm. Super decadent polenta.

Are you trying to stop checking your phone before bed? Maybe this will help.

I think this dress would be a great addition to any minimalist wardrobe. Layerable! Works across seasons!

Here’s the Adele’s first interview in three years. It is, of course, awesome.
She talks about doing the Globes and how drunk they, “the Hollywood lot,” got and then when she was coming offstage she reached for someone’s hand and it turned out to be “George-F*cking-Clooney’s.” She talks about making the video for Hello and Xavier asking her to cry, so she made them play Labrinth’s Jealous. “The minute that piano starts I’m like,” she breaks into a fake wail. “Snot going everywhere. I can’t cope with that song. You could play it at my kid’s birthday and I’d burst into tears.”

A painful truth: nobody cares how hard you work.

This is so sweet! A barber goes the extra mile to conquer an Autistic boy’s fear of haircuts.

One of my Big Life Dreams (that I don’t intend to pursue because it seems time-consuming and expensive) is to convert an old barn into a house. I’ll just live vicariously through this home tour.

Great advice. 30 simple ways to take care of yourself over the holidays.

Ooooh! Allspice persimmon and cranberry mug-cake!  And pumpkin pie in a mug!

Cute booties.

Ahhhhh! If you’ve ever considered botox, read this first (and then watch the funny (?) gifs that accompany it).

When we’re open with our struggles, we make it easier for other people to be open with theirs. 15 celebrities who revealed their mental illnesses.

Yes. Put your life in flight mode.
If you don’t need to answer work emails at the weekend, don’t check them. (Use a separate address for non-work messages, or set up a Gmail filter so you see only those you want to see.) Use a different device if you can, too: using work technology at home, it’s been shown, makes it harder to detach. And for God’s sake turn off social media notifications on your phone, thus eliminating the nagging anticipation that one might arrive. There’s plenty in life you can’t control. Don’t leave your mind at the mercy of the things you can.

Ahem. How to cure your chronic lateness.

Such a pretty way to upgrade your picture frames!

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week guys? I won’t bore you by telling you how busy I was BUT OMG I WAS SO BUSY MY HANDS ARE GOING TO FALL OFF AND MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE.

A Facebook post I wrote about how to help refugees went viral (as I type this it’s been viewed by 1.2 million people!) so I also spent a lot of time refreshing the page and deleting racist slurs and blocking people. :/

I’m recovering by eating popcorn for dinner, brunching, and sleeping.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about you!

I loved this quote from Georgia O’Keefe.

Random recommendation: grating your cheese with this makes every dish feel fancy (and you use less cheese!)

Super interesting: You really don’t need to work so much.
Once upon a time, it was taken for granted that the wealthier classes enjoyed a life of leisure on the backs of the proletariat. Today it is people in skilled trades who can most find reasonable hours coupled with good pay; the American professional is among those subject to humiliation and driven like a beast of burden.

If you’re trying to buy fair trade items this holiday season, is an awesome one-stop shopping portal!

Ooooh, stock photos. Is this what you think lesbians look like?

My sister is adopted. This article was so, so interesting and enlightening for me.

New lifestyle idols! Kate and her wife restored an old Airstream and are traveling around America with their five-year-old daughter. AWESOME.

Ooof. Yes. How to stop eating crap all the time.

Privilege is an incredibly touchy subject. Most of us want to believe that we don’t have it and that we’ve gotten where we are “on our own.” I’ve certainly indulged in that perspective before! If you find yourself having that knee-jerk reaction or a you’re not sure how privilege works, this comic will clarify things.

Love it! The classic Richard Scary children’s book Best Word Book Ever has been updated to be more inclusive!

20 rules for life as a twenty-something.

I love Elise’s commitment to ‘slow,’ ethical fashion. Here’s her super comprehensive guide to slow fashion basics – tees, hoodies, etc.

My friend Dana is an elementary school teacher turned graphic designer and now she’s turning some of her favorite student quotes into screen prints. I particularly liked this one!

FASCINATING. 11 smells that are slowly disappearing.

A reminder to all of us: girl-on-girl jealousy is not inevitable.
We aren’t competing with other women, ultimately, but with ourselves — with how we think of ourselves. For many of us, we look at other women and see, instead, a version of ourselves that is better, prettier, smarter, something more. We don’t see the other woman at all.

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? Kenny and I had a little mid-week adventure at this gorgeous architect-designed … camper cabin. Since he’s a state employee now, we really try to take advantage of all the days he gets off. Veteran’s Day, ahoy! I also got to meet up with one of my usually-on-the -East-Coast clients here in Minneapolis!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you, internet.

I wrote this post years ago in response to a reader email, but I find myself referencing it whenever I’m crying over current events. I hope this helps you fellow, empaths: How To Stay Optimistic When Everything Is Horrible.

Welp, my college dorm certainly didn’t look like this.

Christmas breakfast = almond joy rolls.

Dinner tonight = squash noodle soup.

I looooved this post about the reality of ‘Midwestern Nice.’ Really beautifully written.
To live in the Midwest is to experience two realities: the first, all sunshine and bland pleasantries among other potluck-suppering churchgoers; the other, a red-lit underworld where people relay vulgarities through the learned second language of euphemism, eye rolls and loaded silence.

Related: a lot of people say that the Twin Cities are incredibly insular and that it’s really hard to make friends here. If you’re looking for new buddies in MSP, check out Break The Bubble!

If your Thanksgiving is going to include nosy relatives or a creepy uncle who keeps trying to give you “shoulder rubs” this is for you.

And if you’re hosting Thanksgiving like me, let’s familiarize ourselves with how to fix/prevent common entertaining mishaps

Well, forpetesake. This is adorable.

New podcast obsession: Every Branch. Brooke and Sarah cover topics like transforming the mundane, using mistakes creatively, and integrating work and play. Love it!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to raise a kid on your own?
The hardest bit isn’t having nobody to share the burden, it’s having no one to share the love. Nobody right there when your child tells their teddy that “people are bears, too, but with bones inside”, which you think is the most amazing thing in the history of the world, but you have a creeping suspicion nobody else will, and you can’t go on Facebook or ring your mother again.

Boooookmark! (Some of) The Absolute Best Shit on Netflix, Streaming Right Now

A beautifully written piece on why Serena Williams is important.
Imagine that you’re the player John McEnroe recently described as ‘‘the greatest player, I think, that ever lived.’’ Imagine that, despite all this, there were so many bad calls against you, you were given as one reason video replay needed to be used on the courts. Imagine that you have to contend with critiques of your body that perpetuate racist notions that black women are hypermasculine and unattractive. Imagine being asked to comment at a news conference before a tournament because the president of the Russian Tennis Federation, Shamil Tarpischev, has described you and your sister as ‘‘brothers’’ who are ‘‘scary’’ to look at. Imagine.

I LOVE hearing about people who make huge changes in their life anytime after the age of, oh, 30. Anna Dorfman – everyone’s favorite design blogger – just turned forty. She also moved from NYC to a small town in New Mexico, quit her job of 16 years, and amicably ended her marriage. And she’s doing great! Hats off to you, Anna, and best wishes on your new beginning!

A reminder to dudes who tell women to smile: you’re not the boss of my face.

If you’re offended when people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” I’d encourage you to read this.

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I spent the weekend and first part of the week in New Mexico with my BFF, hiking and cozying up to giant, paper mache skeletons. The rest of the week was one metric ton of ghostwriting, house warming parties, brunches, and a middle school performance of Titus Andronicus. Because nothing says 7th grade like a sixteenth-century play about violence and revenge, right?

Anyway. Links for you!

I’ve been talking everyone’s ear off about Far From the Tree. Without hyperbole, reading this book is an investment in your humanity. Seriously. It’s is 700 pages long, but it’s absolutely worth it. If that’s a bit overwhelming for you, the audio book is read by the extremely emotive and engaging author. I don’t know a single person whose life hasn’t been touched by the topics covered in it.

Just watch the book trailer:

Ahhhhh! Orphaned raccoon thinks it’s a doggg!

We all love Drake. We all love Serena Williams. Let’s collectively imagine their courtship.

  • Went to the gym daily to bulk up in order to become strong and worthy of her, using “for Serena” as his concentration mantra in between reps
  • Played Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” on repeat during Tabata workouts to keep his focus pure
  • Casually looked up tennis scoring names on his phone just before starting conversation with her, clenching his fist and muttering to himself, “It’s love, fifteen, thirty, forty, game, you can do this, Aubrey”

Yes! I loved this post about what simple living looks like for one blogger. (Sometimes it looks like frozen pizza for dinner.)

I’d be remiss in my duties as your Internet BFF if I didn’t tell you that ev.ery.thing at is 40%. EVBERYTHING. Maybe now is the time to try bootcut jeans again? Or a sweater that looks like a moto jacket? Or this super cute skirt!

So sweet! Target’s only plus-size male model says his wife gave him the confidence to take the job.

Do you, too, have a giant bottle of Dr. Bronner’s hanging around under the sink? Here are 7 things you can do with it!

Let’s commit to making Instagram both beautiful and bearable.
First, we all owe one another an apology.  I’ll go first.  I’m sorry I make everything look perfect on Instagram.  In fact, nothing is perfect. Everyone is, in fact, doing the same thing… hiding their pain and disguising their anxieties behind various overhead shots of coffee and donuts.  I’m sorry.  I’m guilty of the same.  Let’s forgive people in advance for their perceived perfection, see past it and love each other anyway.

Related: the power of Instagram’s #vanlife hashtag.

If you’re a blogger and you create link roundup posts like this (which I highly suggest!) here are 10 tips to get the most out of them in terms of connection, traffic, dollars, and potential clients!

Oh, I’m a sucker for list posts and pro-women posts. Let’s all raise our glasses to 16 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Woman Who Has Her Sh*t Together.

This sweater is perfect for the holidays/winter! I’m pretty sure you could make it work with leather leggings or a pencil skirt.

A minimalist music video featuring cats + Dutch electronic hip hop. INTO IT.

Why are little kids in Japan so independent? And how can we help that happen here?

I’ve always thought Rihanna was gorgeous but also quietly wondered what the big deal was. Then Miranda July interviewed her and now I sort of get it.
‘‘You know, when I started to experience the difference — or even have my race be highlighted — it was mostly when I would do business deals.’’ Business deals. Meaning that everyone’s cool with a young black woman singing, dancing, partying and looking hot, but that when it comes time to negotiate, to broker a deal, she is suddenly made aware of her blackness. ‘‘And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It’s still a thing. And it’s the thing that makes me want to prove people wrong. It almost excites me; I know what they’re expecting and I can’t wait to show them that I’m here to exceed those expectations.’’

Yes. Sweden in the fall.

Good writing alert! Everything Morgan writes. Now you know.

What if we thought of this when we thought of wounded war vets?

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Hope you had a great weekend, guys!