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Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to last week, friends? We hosted friends for brunch yesterday, but – honestly – it’s been pretty much just de-icing and shoveling and rescheduling plans due to ice and snow all week. Ooof!

Links for you:

Are we improving ourselves to death?
Many are psychologists with impressive academic pedigrees and a commitment to scientific methodologies, or tech entrepreneurs with enviable records of success in life and business. What they’re selling is metrics. It’s no longer enough to imagine our way to a better state of body or mind. We must now chart our progress, count our steps, log our sleep rhythms, tweak our diets, record our negative thoughts—then analyze the data, recalibrate, and repeat.

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Some good thoughts about price + value

Grimace emoji: The unsettling psychology of an Amazon Prime addiction

“I definitely feel like I’m spending more than I should on things I probably don’t need,” Melissa says. “I feel like I come up with excuses to buy things when I could just as easily do something more productive, like creative writing, working out. I used to indulge a lot more before I had to pay rent and before my credit cards had to be canceled (by me, voluntarily). But I’m still living beyond my means.”

Though she has a decent enough salary to make her rent, rent is a huge chunk of her income, and her Amazon habit means she still turns to her parents for money. Because they never come to collect, they inadvertently end up footing the bill. That leads to arguments, and she sometimes hides purchases from them.

New (to me) podcast obsession: You’re Wrong About …

4 reasons you should try small town travel + what to do when you get there!

A true lol for all former theater and/or choir kids

This is so cool! In January of 2017, I interviewed Alessandra Biaggi about her work as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy National Operations Director. Now she’s a state senator for New York!

Fascinating: US book covers vs. UK book covers.

Supernatural collective nouns (a racket of banshees!)

This apartment tour is all my favorite things: a small, rented space that gorgeous and has been been thoughtfully decorated with thrifted things (but looks like a million bucks)

A (new to me) free tool for anyone who works with clients or students!

I’ve mentioned before how getting serious about Pinterest dramatically increased my traffic (here’s the class I took). Pinterest just released their report on the top trends for 2019. I guess it’s a good year small town travel, Brazil, bakuchiol, and DIY goat milk soap?

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Hope you had a great weekend, friends!

Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, friends? Unsurprisingly, I stayed inside for 99% of it – Minneapolis is NOT screwing around with these temperatures. I’m working through Bank Boost alongside my students and as part of my Earning Spree took on tonnnnns of work. Which is exciting! And means I’m working all the time!

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Web TIme Wasters

I returned last night from two weeks in Costa Rica – week one was hosting a retreat for Fit & Fly Girl, week two was poking around San Jose and its surrounds with my friend Meredith.

Here’s my totally unsolicited San Jose itinerary + tips for you!

  • Use Uber rather than deal with taxis. You won’t get ripped off or have to haggle prices and you can ‘share’ your ride with people at home if anyone’s nervous about your safety. (At home I prefer Lyft, but it’s not really available in San Jose.)
  • Stay in the city rather than the suburbs! San Jose super walkable and easy to get around. We stayed right in the heart of downtown, but Barrio Amon is beautiful, walkable, and a bit quieter. If I could do it again, I’d stay here!
  • If you’re up for it, rent a car so you can take day trips out of the city. You’ll have to get insurance (your American car insurance won’t cover you here), but even with full coverage, it shouldn’t be more than $30 a day. We loved having the freedom to go where ever we wanted.
  • Attempt the Tres Cruses hike. It’s sort of terrifyingly steep, but even if you just do the first half, you’ll get some amazing views and exercise.
  • Visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Their Sloths & Coffee tour is $60 per person but ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY. You’ll see your fill of sloths and toucans, as well as an ocelot, an oncilla (the world’s smallest jungle cat!!), and an animal I can only call ‘a tree otter.’ Also, the ranch is a rehabilitation center not a zoo, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is supporting a great cause.
  • Head to volcano Irazu, 1.5 hours outside San Jose. Take a million photos of the lake inside the crater and all the clouds you’re above. Bring a picnic or stop at one of the restaurants on the way up. On your way back to San Jose, stop in Cartago and see the basilica and the Santiago Apóstol Parish Ruins – an unfinished church that’s now a public park.
  • Drive southwest and check out the beaches of Jaco. We liked Playa Mantas and Playa Blanca (which are technically connected to each other at low tide.) On your way to Jaco, stop at Crocodile Bridge to see 15 giant, wild crocodiles sunning themselves in the river below this overpass. After a day at the beach, check out the sunset from El Miro – the ruins of an old restaurant, now covered in graffiti – a great place to watch the sunset.
  • In San Jose proper, we loved all the street art, the amazing bakeries, the corner fruit vendors, and the wild parrots that (noisily) congregated in the parks. The National Theater is gooooorgeous and if it wasn’t their off-season, we’d totally have sprung for tickets to a show. We stumbled onto Cementerio de Obreros and loved exploring it.

Links for you!

If creativity is so freeing, why do I feel trapped?

This is SUCH a great idea if you need design input on your home without the traditional interior designer price tag!

The last curious man:
My wife came home one day, and she said, “Look. There’s a really nice woman at the newspaper. Her son is a writer. She wanted you to take a look at his work,” which seemed…adorable, right? A mother’s ambition for a son. I took this manuscript out of its yellow envelope, not expecting much. I started to read. It was about a young cook, working at a pretty average steak-and-frites place on lower Park Avenue. I called this guy up on the phone. He answered it in his kitchen. I said, “I’d like to publish this work of yours in The New Yorker. I hope that’s okay.” That was the beginning of Anthony Bourdain being published. I don’t know if there’s any way to put this other than to say he invented himself as a writer, as a public personality. It was all there.

Breakfast and beauty routines in Nigeria.

I really, really loved this essay from my girl Alex: There’s always a simpler way.

Your daily weep.

What’s it like to be an auctioneer from Christie’s?!

I read most of this on my flight home and had to subtly cry into my scarf.

I loved the black walls in this hour tour.

Pasta with yogurt and caramelized onions?

How to teach your kids to clean up after themselves!

A family in six acts.
My mother-in-law throws a party. There are grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and the next generation of cousins, a phalanx: eager voices and strange, improvised games. I drink a whiskey in the back garden. The adults discuss every Californian’s favorite topic: the route they took to drive there. It’s all novelty to me, the continuity of grown-up cousins and young cousins. The day grows cool. We cannot find my younger son. I usually know just where he is: attached to me. There is panic. He’s discovered, in his aunt’s bed, content and watching cartoons, wholly at home among his people.

Hope you had a lovely week! I’m excited to get back to my routine and write some great things for you!

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I’m still in Costa Rica, ziplining and beach coming and eating all the chocolate I can get my hands on. But I still found time to round up some great links for you!

Link for you!

Beauty + breakfast routines in Costa Rica

I’m getting more into food styling and food photography for my monthly No Grocery Challenges and I loved these tips about how to slice vegetables artfully.

Inconsiderate conversationalists are one of my biggest pet peeves, so I loved Captain Awkward’s advice.
Constantly steamrolling a friend, dumping all your negative thoughts on them after they’ve asked you not to, giving them the silent treatment and tanking a joint game session (a nonverbal social cue…that communicates displeasure) because your friend disagrees with you or sets a boundary, never making an effort to see how your friend is doing or learn anything about them isn’t because of a disability, it’s because of selfishness, maybe intentional, maybe a bad habit, definitely sucky. 

Materials I’d rather be than wife material. 

Ohh, I think this would be a great addition to my tiny makeup bag.

I’ve been thinking about diet culture a lot lately and the amount of time, energy, and money we spend trying to make our bodies look a certain way. What would happen if we reallocated some of that time, money, and energy? Obviously, I loved this episode of the Hashtag Authentic: How diet culture is stopping you from playing bigger

I love this totally over the top throw pillow!

Recession fashion
Minimalism was also a hallmark of the clothing that came out of the Recession. Everlane pushed elevated basics, like simple T-shirts and navy sweaters. Cuyana, a brand launched in 2013, piously encouraged shoppers to buy “fewer, better things” — not a new impulse in the aftermath of an economic shock. In a 1974 essay called “Recession Dressing,” a response to an economic downturn that had begun a year prior, the fashion writer Kennedy Fraser wrote, “The old interest in the cautious principle of spending more on fewer clothes of better quality is back.”

YUM. Cacio e pepe roasted chickpeas!

How to close the gap between inspiration and action.

Hope you had a lovely week!

Web Time Wasters

I know we’ve left the holiday season, but I only recently discovered this Christmas song and now you need to know about it, too!

How was your week, friends? I spent most of mine launching Bank Boost – class officially starts tomorrow! As I type this, it’s 80% sold out – so if you’d interested, I’d suggest joining us sooner rather than later!

Other than that, I’m gearing up for two weeks in Costa Rica – one week hosting a retreat for Fit & Fly Girl, one week poking around San Jose with a friend. If you have recs for San Jose, send ’em my way!

Links for you

Since we’re deep into resolution season: An insanely easy way to stick to stick to your resolutions

Related: one of my goals for this year is to finally get serious about Instagram! So I’m very into this $200 course bundle that’s currently going for $97 – and it promises that I don’t have to be ‘instaperfect’ which is good because I am not.

This week I was on the Branding Outside The Box podcast talking about creating for your community and how we can’t take what people like (and don’t like) personally. You can listen to the episode here. Also: I LOVE being on podcasts. If you have one, I’d probably like to be on it! Drop me a line at and let’s get something scheduled!

It’s citrus season, so here’s how to make candied orange peel!

3 winter road trips worth braving the cold

The best gift to give your priest, rabbi, or pastor.

I love it when people respect the era and bones of their homes (not everything has to be open concept!!!) so I loved this article full of tips for emphasizing period charm.

Things you CAN’T determine by someone’s appearance.

A member shared this in our Money & Happy Facebook group: What happens when you spending diary goes viral?
In a very long, typewritten letter, a reader told me my fecklessness brought shame on my parents and my editor and warned that, if not addressed, it would cause tension with my future husband and our hypothetical children, culminating, potentially, in my alcoholism. “I have not written this in anger,” she concluded, “but out of serious concern for the way you are wasting your money and your life.”

Are our period-tracking apps being used against us?

The military secret to falling asleep in TWO minutes.

Farmers market fresh, without the farmers market trip” I AM INTRIGUED!

A sweet comic.

Hope you had a lovely week! You can follow along on Instagram if you’re curious about what I get up to Costa Rica! (Last time I went white water rafting and fell out going over the rapids. So.)