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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys?  I’ve been feverishly crossing items off my 32 New Things list in an effort to get more done before my birthday.  I’m also leaving the lake to move back down to the Twin Cities.  I’m just renting a spare room from a buddy while I continue my search for my dream apartment.  If you’ve got an inside scoop on any cute one-bedrooms in Uptown or Nordeast Minneapolis or the Cathedral Hill/Grand neighborhood of St. Paul, let me know!  Also: any loft, anywhere.Now!  Amazing things from the depths of the Interwebz.

Have you heard about The Commuting Paradox?

According to a paper by the Swiss economists Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer, a person with a one-hour car commute must earn 40 percent more money to have a sense of well-being equal to someone who walks (or rides their bike) to work. Fey and Stutzer say that people underestimate the down side of a long commute when choosing a home, and that psychologically, a long commute often negates the benefits gained by living in the suburbs.

Holy awesome.  McSweeney’s new children’s book uses thermal ink to reveal secret images?!

My girl Kristin Luna (yes, that’s her real name) is kind of a big deal travel writer.  About a million people email her each week wanting to know how one goes about becoming a big deal travel writer.  I love her answer.

I love me some ridiculous Top 40 dance music.  So I obviously love Jess’s take on Every Pitbull Song Ever.

If you guys are outdoorsy or assembling a travel wardrobe you must must must check out Steep And Cheap.  The website features one insanely good deal at a time, until the limited quantity is sold out – you can get $70 Icebreaker tops for $30, compression sacks for $12.  Check it every day!  (Thanks, Lauren!)

I also love thematic manicures.  Leopard print manicure how-to, anyone?

8 questions to ask that aren’t “So when are you getting married?”

What You Can Do is amazing.  Choose an issue you don’t know much about (Clean drinking water! Domestic violence!  Prostate cancer!) watch a one-minute video about the topic, click a link to do more.  Yes.Hilarity ensues when my girl Erin brings her son to Disneyland.  And by hilarity I mean public urination, spraying Chinese tourists with his mist bottle and wearing his Mickey ears on his bare bum.

If you (like me) are hunting for The Best Apartment Ever, check out Padmapper.  It pools apartment listings from Craigslist, and, locates them on a map and even allows you to search based on how recently the ad was posted. (Thanks, Kaitlin!)

Organization porn: check out Alpha Virgo Nubby Twiglet’s gorgeously organized life.

On the Savvy Living boards we’re talking about ideas for fun family vacations, how to be a good host and our favorite super healthy snacks.

My obsession with caravan travelers continues: check out these gorgeous photos.

So awesome.  So, so awesome.  Move, eat and learn around the world in three short films.

On the Yes and Yes Every Buddy boards, we’re talking about how to get over an ex, friending each other on Twitter , if we know how much money our friends earn and current obsessions, round 3.Share any links you’ve loved in the comments!

Web Time Wasters

When I was living in Wellington, NZ with one of my best friends, we would pretty regularly have two-person dance parties to get out of a funk/wake up/get ready to go out.  The above video is a fairly accurate representation of what said dance parties looked like.How was your week, guys?  I worked and wrote 1,000 things, started planning my Birthday Adventure (road trip! camping! islands! kayaks!) and caught up with old friends.  And!  I went to a local beauty pageant where one of the contestants wore a camouflage formal dress and shot a compound bow for her talent!

Now!  Bring on the links!

Yes.  How to be fabulous in three easy(ish) steps.

I am completely entranced by these sparkly shoes.

Useful!  How to be your own stylist!

This is so lovely! The Charmed Life Challenge – 60 ideas to make the rest of your summer extra magical.

On the Every Buddy Boards we’re talking about music we’re currently obsessed with, our best thrift shop scores and tips/tricks for working from home.

For those of us who are busy/slightly anti-social: Three Parties From Your Laptop (invites, playlists order the food all from your computer!)

My obsession with Russia continues!  I love these 100-year old photos of ethnic diversity within Russia.

Aren’t you glad that food trucks are popular now?  I sure am!  (When I moved back from Asia, I was sorely, sorely disappointed by America’s lack of street vendors.  I want to stand on the sidewalk, eating food with my fingers as traffic zips by, dammit!)

Whaaat?!  A virtual summit taught by 100 amazing teachers for free?!

On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about last-minute travel deals and how to win at being The Best House Guest Ever.

Such an adorable idea – teeny, tiny photo albums made from your instragram photos!

Also!  I’m sending out the Yes and Yes Gazette (read: newsletter) today at 2:00 pm CST.  It will include a 90s mixtape.  So if you wanna sign up, now might be the time.  Just sayin.”

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends?  I saw both of my grandmas, two cousins, two aunts, rode in the car for 7,000 hours and remembered that few things smell better than wet swimsuits on a hot day.

Awesome links, you say?

I’ve never been to Nicaragua, but this gorgeous post has me intrigued.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the horror that is the Pickup Artist Community.  Here’s an academic approach to all that foolishness.

On the Every Buddy boards, we’re giving advice on what to do if you’re failing classes at college but don’t know what else to do, sharing our favorite blogs and our techniques to save money.

I’m not 100% sold on having children (though I’d love to play with yours and then give them back!) but then I read things like this and I think: hmmmm.

Pretty, blinged-out friendship bracelets

If you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight, perhaps you could learn something from my girl Amy!  What I’ve Learned While Losing 40 Pounds

Oh, my.  I am obsessed with these neon/metallic animal figurines.  This post isn’t actually a how-to, but I imagine they’d be pretty easy to replicate!

On the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about amazing travel moments, live and learn travel lessons and what type of souvenirs we buy.

I’m a quarter Swedish and a quarter Norwegian, so I was really intrigued by this article on Viking women and their roles in (surprisingly egalitarian) Viking society.

I never imagined I’d find a recipe for kale and honeydew salad appealing.  And then I found this one.

What links do you love this week?  Put ’em in the comments!

Web Time Wasters

Awesome links for your Sunday!

How is girlfriend wearing four different patterns and a floppy hat and still looking awesome?!

On the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Boards we’re talking about the things we look forward to, applying for jobs and how our childhood diets have affected our adult food choices.

Let’s try this peach cake recipe – with ginger and homemade peach syrup and sugar shards!

Can we talk about how cute and fashionable Smaggle and her mister are?  (Also, having met Mr. Smaggle in real life, I can tell you that he’s an absolute gem of a gentleman)

Finding Whimsy in Geography is lovely! (wouldn’t this be a great project to do with grade school kids?)

On the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about our favorite international desserts and what we actually do with our time while we’re traveling.

Urban farming around the world!

A great series of posts about one woman’s journey to get out of debt.

New favorite online shop to stalk and obsess over?  Proud Mary.

Let’s talk about this:

I always just assumed that even women who don’t have that maternal rush suddenly develop it the moment the kid pops out, you know, like with Miranda in Sex and the City or Keri Russell’s character in Waitress. It will all suddenly make sense. So I just have to go for it.  But honestly, I’m scared. Could I possibly be a suitable mother? I drop a lot of things and I require a lot of sleep and I have a deep phobia of vomit (true story). And I love the way things are right now between me and Matt. Will a baby change that?

For those of us who are landlocked – this sea salt spray can still give us awesome beach hair.

Gorgeous DIY: antiqued glass votive

Also!  I’m looking for recommendations on Etsy shops or artisans based outside of the western world (North America/Western Europe/NZ/Oz)  Who do you love?

Web Time Wasters

Friends!  How was your week?  I spent mine poking around San Francisco and Sacramento, going to every blessed tourist thing and not taking very many pictures.  Which was kind of nice!

Now!  Bring on the links!

I like this: I think you should save money and not spend it all on fashion.

Crazy!  Did you know that in the 1970s a baby chimp was raised entirely by humans and taught sign language?  A movie was made about the entire debacle – it culminated with the the chimp smoking pot and humping a kitten.  Whaaaat?!

I would like to discuss this.
So, everywhere we go, we can’t help but think This is a place where rape happens. I am not unusually afraid of rape, by the way. This is a normal level of fear for a woman who has not been raped.

Let’s discuss this too.

I would be lying if I said I never wished Mark had chosen a different career that earned more money. I would be lying if I said I never got jealous of all my stay-at-home mom friends because the choice to stay home or work was never mine to make. I would be lying if I never said that sometimes I felt it was unfair that the burden of lifting our family out of a paycheck-to-paycheck existence always fell on me.Cute!  Stylish 70 year olds.

It’s true, yo.  No one cares if you succeed or fail

10 unexpectedly awesome foreign musical genres.

Lovely ideas if you’re going to take a digital sabbatical (or just want to get outside) 78 wholesome/cheery/legal things to do.

Also!  I wrote a guest post for my girl Kim about working for yourself without going broke or crazy.  It is, in fact, possible.

What awesome links did you find this week?

Web Time Wasters


How was your week, guys?  I spent mine bumming around Sydney with a friend I’ve known since first grade!  We poked around Manly beach, ate a lot of amazing food and discussed all the things that come with adulthood.

Now!  Fun things from the interwebz!

Gorgeous, subtle tattoos.

Over on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy boards, we’re talking about our favorite wines/salad toppings/veggies recipes/brown bag lunches and everybody’s sharing their blogs!

You know an ad campaign is effective when you find yourself thinking about how it would apply to you and your purchases.

If you’re a media/publishing/blogging nerd like me, you might like 7 Platforms Changing The Future of Publishing

I loved Alex’s post about the mysterious aspects of well-known friends.  Isn’t it fantastic when you find out new things about people you’ve known for ages?

Wanna travel the world on the cheap?  Check out Helpx and exchange work for room and board at lodges, homestays, farms – even sail boats!

The Secret Emotional Lives of Animals!

I loved Brandy’s collection of awesome things her 3rd graders have said over the past year.
On vacations
“They are good until I get carsick every time. Last time my mom made me puke in a rubber boot.”

On being smart
“Being smart is basically one of the best things I have in life.”

On spelling tests
“There’s not enough brain fuel in the world to get me to spell ‘especially’ correctly.”

Over on the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about vacation preparation, what types of souvenirs we buy and giving money to beggars when we travel.

Share any awesome links you discovered in the comments!