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Web Time Wasters

Hello, internet! I’m Erin from I blog about things I love and my journey to make my life and yours just a little bit more awesome in a million little ways. I live in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend, two cats and a ridiculous dog. I’m a vegetarian, science fiction nerd, I drink a boatload of coffee and I eat peanut butter right out of the jar like it ain’t no thing.
Are you excited for fall? Because I’m totally not. I am a child of summer and I wish it would last forever. Maybe you too? Here are 10 green ways to get excited about fall.

What are our possessions, really, but a bunch of promises?

I am terrible, absolutely terrible, at finding my way out of dull, awkward and otherwise objectionable conversations. As such, I’m usually the one stuck humoring the creeper in any social situation. Believe me when I say I will be carefully studying this primer on making a graceful exit.

From the department of “Seriously, We Could Have Told You That,” it looks like separating classrooms by gender is not actually helpful to anyone.

How far would you go to protect your child from bullies?

Dinosaurs will always be awesome.

As an enthusiastic penny pincher, I sometimes turn down opportunities for fun because fun has a bothersome tendency to cost money. Elyse Renae writes an excellent reminder about trusting that everything will work out if we just say Yes.

This story about street harassment (or in this case, train harassment) is hard to stomach and I wanted to cry for this woman and what she went through. These stories are so much more common than people realize, and it is so so so important that we continue to tell them. (NSFW, violent language)

36 wonderfully thoughtful tips for artful living.

I am jealous of ladies who can wear fragrance because I have an allergy attack if I even think about perfume. But for the rest of you, here’s some useful guidelines on picking the right scent for you.

Bloggers, does your well runneth dry? Here are 8 great suggestions for finding blogging inspiration.

I am awesome at coming up with rock your socks right the eff off ideas for blog posts. I am not so hot at remembering them. Because I fail to write things down and my memory is hot garbage. So I will for sure be following some of these very smart techniques for organizing your blog.

Metro is a magical short film about a girl and a fox. Watch it.

image by Julie Davis, for sale here.

Web Time Wasters

Hi there! I’m Julie and I live in Shanghai officially but am currently visiting Minnesota for some late summer enjoyment. I’ve soaking up as much blue sky, fresh air, reading next to a lake time as I can, getting inspired for the next round of art-by-mail I’ll send.

YALO GALLERY: The image above is one I uncovered while reading about the women of the Yalo Gallery in Mississippi awhile back. The women are inspiring, and the image evokes a lot of memories for me, having grown up with three older brothers obsessed with basketball, and the colors and circles put me in a summer sunset mood.If you read my blog, you probably know that Terry Gross is my hero. I recently listed to a collection of John Updike interviews she re-aired. I enjoyed his voice and his crisp description of small town life so much that I started reading his memoir Self-Consciousness. The title is just right–he captures well how we become aware of ourselves as we move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

I’ve recently become obsessed with the “Dear Sugar” column on The Rumpus and its author, Cheryl Strayed. First I listened to her memoir, Wild, which led me to Dear Sugar, and a new book of the columns Tiny, Beautiful Things. Here’s a great interview with her in bitch magazine.

Speaking of reading, The 88 Books that Shaped America.

Though I’m in Minnesota, I haven’t forgotten all the great people back in Shanghai. Two of the sweetest folks I’ve met there are artists Ben of Red Clay Rambler, and Nicole of Brut Cake. Check out the podcast they did together.

It’s gonna get cold soon for those of us on the northern part of the globe, you know it is. Might I suggest you cozy up to the television with the loveable Louis C.K.’s show Louie (be warned, he swears! But damn does he have a big heart and man is he funny) or one of my favorite discoveries of the year, The Conversation? Sit on a virtual couch with Jane Fonda, Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy–it’s so great!

Or perhaps the end of summer just leaves you wanting to gaze at all thinks dreamy and pretty. If so, head over to dullDiamond.

Or visit Michelle’s shop and dream of saving all your pennies for a back-to-school splurge of a splurge of a splashy summer-colored dress. It warms my heart every time I see it, reminds me of taking in some sun on the beach somewhere lovely.

In addition to reading like a bookworm while home, I’m finally trying out the Julia Cameron Artist’s Way Morning Pages thing. Have you ever tried this? So far I think its pretty great.

If you don’t know musician and songwriter Lucinda Williams yet, don’t waste any more time! No one captures the heartache and longing of the last long shadows of a late summer afternoon quite like she does. “When the muse hits me, or the mood, or whatever it is, I get my guitar and I empty it out.”

Lastly, the best thing about the end of summer, the weird and giant and wonderful being that is the Minnesota State Fair. Check out the Giant Sing-Along.

Web Time Wasters

Hi, I’m Maria, at I channel my entity dude, Zurac, and he super-insightfully helps people figure out what’s holding them back from reaching their goals. I am way too attached to coffee, ankle boots, and food trucks.
Here are some fun links I really dig:

I like the tone of this call-to-action…

Love this idea and the execution is wonderful.

I didn’t make these (I’m crap in the kitchen) but a friend of mine did and they are deeee-licious.

And in an effort to improve said crap kitchen skills, I love watching this vid on how to chop an onion. So stylish.

I’m a big fan of the infinity dress, here is the super-edgy version of it.

I want the first mug. And the boy drinking out of it.

Some interesting viewpoints on being single.

Can we discuss this tiny handmade armadillo?

I can totally see this happening!

This is absolutely, positively how my coffee breaks/some evenings go…

I’m dying to stay in one of these treehouses.

I, of very little craft ability, made this shade and it looks all sorts of awesome as my porch light.

This is QUITE an art installation.

print rococco LA, for sale here

Web Time Wasters

Hello everyone! My name is Mia and I blog over at I just started a few months ago, so I’m still finding my voice, but I love to talk about what I wore, hooping, and DIY projects. Come by and say hi!

On to the links!

Do you have a jar of mismatched buttons? Check out this cute button bracelet DIY to turn it into something beautiful!

I just heard about thebeautyRiot, which defines itself as “a community of men and women who have chosen to artistically challenge the societal standard of beauty.” I like the sound of that! There are so many ways to help out with the project, and I’ll definitely be at their Dallas, Texas shoot this fall.

Jessica Mullen’s Tuesday Tips always cheer me up! This one from a few weeks back spoke to me in particular.

Gabby Douglas, the U.S. gymnast who earned the gold in the all-around competition, is facing some harsh criticism for… her hair?! Yes, really!

With the Curiosity landing, everyone is excited about space! This panoramic photograph of Mars’s surface is just plain awe-inspiring.

There is a lawsuit surrounding the Facebook “like” button – the “like” button is free speech, according to ACLU.

I can’t stop pinning recipes from Poor Girl Eats Well. These Strawberry-Banana Quinoa Muffins look delicious and they are only $0.50 a serving!

Lush has recently released a makeup line that is based around how you are feeling. Check it out here and see what your color reading is! (Mine was decisive, calm, and vibrance!)

Okay, even if you know nothing about hooping, you have to admit that these LED hooping videos are super cool.

Instagram addiction? Check out Prinstagram! They have all sorts of neat options for your Instagram photos, like tiny stickers or mini books. Wouldn’t that be a great way to collect travel photos?

There are tons of photos and videos here of the 2012 Olympic trampoline rounds. Worth it for the facial expressions alone! (I didn’t know it was a sport either, don’t worry!)

Here is an interesting look at why North Carolina is “the funny state.” I never would have guessed!

When escaping your day job – privilege  helps.

If you’re reading this, you probably need this little reminder as much as I do… How to Get Away from Your Computer from the Self Help Hipster.

print from clare t, for sale here.

Web Time Wasters

Friends!  I’m in Northern Ireland!  I’m staying with a friend 30 minutes outside Belfast, in a little cottage overlooking the sea.  Everything is painfully picturesque and old and oddly wholesome.  I feel like an extra in a period drama, drinking my tea and nibbling my oatcake with cheese and considering the swallows and the apple tree.  The roads really are perilously narrow and the fields really are achingly green.  Photos and more updates to come next week!

Anyway! Links!
12 most striking tendencies of creative people – do any of these apply to you?

I’d like all these rings, please.

I like this advice from Fred Rogers about watching the news.

As the child of two public school teachers (and a former teacher myself) I appreciated this post.
Imagine having a job that required you to work 10 hours a day (plus weekends), though society thought you only worked 6 (and spent your weekends working on your tan). Imagine teaching a someone who was born with cocaine in his system so there is a twenty second delay for him to understand any instruction you give him. Every. Instruction. Imagine having him and 4 other students in the class with ADHD- plus a boy who refuses to speak due to actions he’s witnessed at home and one more, a girl who is deaf and you have to teach them all algebra. Get started. Low test scores mean you aren’t doing your job, didn’t you hear?

Patterned photograph mat DIY – what a clever idea!

Helpful!  A good, effective, thrifty beauty routine.

Here are those tiny crochet animals you were looking for.

A good reminder about the decisions you make.

Good advice on starting fights with loved ones.

Advice on cooking ahead of time – smart, healthy, cheap.  Done.

If you like antiques and/or all things vintage (um, who doesn’t?) check out this online sale.  It’s one of my shirt-tail relatives so I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of everything!

Don’t we all love watching someone do something they love?

Good advice on managing a college/life balance:
As we move from school to careers, to managing households, the time crunch doesn’t usually get much better post-college. School might seem like a drain now but if you have a very strict schedule and a very limited amount of time to complete particular tasks, you’ll find a way to make it happen. That drive to follow through with the seemingly impossible in a short window of time will come in handy later in your job.

What type of Olympic sport are you suited for?

Good advice on how to write.
Never use three words when one will do. Be concise. Don’t fall in love with the gentle trilling of your mellifluous sentences.
photo by nickm photography,  for sale here

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys?  I ran the Warrior Dash, finally got not-taken-on-my-phone headshots, tried four new restaurants, decided to refine my business offerings.  Busy! 
But enough about me!  Let’s talk about you, internet!There are a few here that are new to me!  50 Online Tools To Better Your Blog.

I’m always a sucker for a secret treehouse!

This conversation about marriage and relationships between 7-year-olds is The Best.

Solid perfumes are one of my must-haves and I love the ones sold at Shop Olivine.

Do you think that it’s harder to be a mom or a dad?  Here are some of the non-awesome things about being a dad.
According to commercials, moms do pretty much everything that counts in child-rearing, especially if that can be expressed through
processed food or folding laundry, while dads are embarrassing doofuses
who can’t find their balls, much less that newfangled internet cord.
Sigh. I guess I’d rather be known for cleaning anything than forgetting to change my own kid’s filled diaper.

Agreed. Why ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the best pop song of 2012.My friend Rolf wrote about why all this online talk about the show ‘Girls’ is good.
When Dunham’s Hannah character, stoned on opium tea, declares to her
parents in the pilot episode that she thinks she might be “the voice of
my generation,” the show doesn’t just lampoon the hubris of
self-involved young liberal arts graduates—it invites a real-time debate
about the inherent limitations of the phrase itself. That debate has
played out not just in feature stories by (and the reader-comment
sections of) mainstream media outlets, but on Twitter and Facebook, in
blogs and on message boards.

Helpful!  How to stay healthy while traveling.

I always thought Keanu Reeves was sort of ridiculous.  Then I read this story.

Who doesn’t love a recipe for a guilt free sweet treat?

Yessssss.  Living In: Lost In Translation.

A helpful illustration about how to kiss.

I love noticing big and small differences when I travel.  Ways that Hawaii is different from the mainland.

I have little patience for verbose writing.  Here are George Orwell’s thoughts on the subject (and how they apply to blogging).

In case you didn’t know how: How To Be A Selfish Pig.

How to be the most organized person you know.

Want even more links?  Let’s be friends on Twitter or Pinterest!