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Web Time Wasters

You guys!  How was your week?  This was my last week in Wellington, New Zealand (over wrought emotional post to come) so I spent most of it having drinks/coffees/dinners with friends.  Next up, I’m heading to Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Sacramento and then back to Minnesota for a few months at the lake with my fam.  In preparation, I’ve been paring my 10 belongings down to 7 belongings and walking along the bay drinking coffee.  Like, every day.  Sometimes twice.

Who cares, Sarah?  Stop talking about yourself!  Bring on the links!

Interesting post about why we lie. How often do you lie – white lies or otherwise?

Do you guys remember when I packed for a weekend in Chicago in my purse?  Travel writer Rolf Potts traveled for six weeks, through twelve countries with zero bags.  Not even a man purse.  Okay, dude.  You win.More free awesome free things you should download: gorgeous blog clip art.

Interesting/heart breaking: child brides.

Ooooh!  In the event that you want a hanging lamp that looks like an illuminated dress shirt on a hanger.  (Really, it looks cooler than it sounds.)

Moorea knows what she’s talking about.  Three best ways to be productive when you’re self-employed.

Amy!  Stop melting my heart!  Things That Changed Her Life, Part 7.

If you, like me, love letters and tiny things, you probably need The World’s Smallest Post Office Home Kit.

On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about our craziest travel stories, the secrets to a good road trip and our favorite packing light tips.

Creating a blog that reflects who you are.

I ate one of the best meals of the year yesterday at Eateria de Manon – an adorable European place tucked down an alley in Newtown, Wellington.  For $50 you get five courses (including fancy palate cleansers!), a roaring fire and sweet French music.  Absolutely perfect.

If you follow The Post College Survival Kit on twitter or facebook, you can take part in our upcoming webinar on loan consolidation, debt, savings and having fun even if you’re broke.

What do you think about the internet’s obsession with girl-like women?  Always with the cupcakes and kittens and dresses with tights?  I found this article really interesting: Don’t Fear The Dowager: A Valentine To Maturity.

On the Every Buddy message board we’re talking about making friends while we travel, sharing blogging tips and tricks and the tv shows and movies we love.

10 Photos Of Cats On Tiny Furniture.  Annnnnd you’re welcome. (thanks, Tamara!)

Vintage Yes and Yes you might have missed the first time around: Thoughts on Job-Quitting and Country-Hopping, Dressing For Your DNA and In Praise of Theme Parties.

I have three more openings for people seeking hook-ups in June’s Network of Nice and heaps of spots for people who can provide a hook up.  If you’ve got expertise to share, email me!

Also: I’d love to do a pair of True Story interviews called “True Story: I’ve Had 70+ Sexual Partners” – one interview with a man and one with a woman.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got the male interview lined up, but I haven’t found a woman yet.  Is that you, or anyone you know?  If you’re feeling shy, you can (obviously) do the interview anonymously.  Drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

Share any good links you found in the comments!

Web Time Wasters

Friends!  How was your week?  I attended a fantastic Indiana Jones viewing party,  ate peanut butter pie with my Wellington bestie and gave a presentation to college students entitled ‘How To Be Awesome On The Internet.’Now!  Fun things from the internet!

Useful for travelers with touchy stomachs: Globally Glutenfree
This is great: Awesome People Hanging Out Together (I love the photo of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s knee!)On the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Board we’re talking about summer fashion trends we’re not into, our go-to comfort foodsour biggest, ‘spurgiest’ purchases and our current obsessions (I’m into cheap strawberry-scented shampoo that smells like childhood.)

How to share photos of your adorable child or pet on facebook and twitter without annoying your friends.  Just sayin’

I’ve uploaded some new photos to our awesome Flickr pool Moments of Win.  Join us posting photos of ourselves winning at life.

Under the heading of ‘heart-warming and inspiring’:
Japan’s pensioners volunteer to tackle the nuclear crisis.
The Skilled Veterans Corps, as they call themselves, is made up of retired engineers and other professionals, all over the age of 60. Volunteering to take the place of younger workers at the power station is not brave, Mr Yamada says, but logical.  “I am 72 and on average I probably have 13 to 15 years left to live,” he says.”Even if I were exposed to radiation, cancer could take 20 or 30 years or longer to develop. Therefore us older ones have less chance of getting cancer.”
A gajillion gorgeous travel videos! (thanks beeorange!)

A whole new (and gorgeous) way to create a hanging to-do list.

This book looks fantastic – Dear Me.  Famous people write letters to their 16-year-old selves.

My friend’s mum gave up her dreams of travel to raise kids.  Now she’s been diagnosed with stage four cancer.  Could you send her a post card of your town with a few sentences about life there?

My girl Sal has a fantastic mini ebook on self-guided make overs.  Yes, please!

50 Reasons You’re Beautiful.

Over on the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about good deals on hotels, traveling frugal/green and how to get through airports quickly.

And some vintage Yes and Yes you might have missed the first time around: The Secret Language of Friends, Ridiculous Childhood Fears and KGB Style.

Did you find anything awesome on the internet this week?

Web Time Wasters

Oh hi!  What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?  And more importantly, how was your week?  I was phone and internet-less for three days (and nearly lost my mind), saw Water For Elephants, was disappointed by Te Papa’s giant squid (NOT GIANT ENOUGH!) and salsa/reggaeton-ed with my awesome ladies.Sarah Von, stop talking about yourself.  Show me cool things from the internet!

It’s edging into Autumn down here in New Zealand, but I bet you Northern Hemisphere-ians will love this perfect summer mix tape.

My second favorite hobby is Getting Rid Of Things, so I obviously love this post on minimizing for spring.
I thought this post about class, poverty and sustainability was incredibly interesting:
When my mother, who grew up as a migrant farm worker living in desperate poverty, came to visit me at the environmentalist cooperative housing she was appalled by what she considered to be “trashy” living conditions.  Though – to be fair – most of our furniture had once been trash. She felt sorry for me because I  “had to” dry my clothes out on a laundry line instead of in an electric dryer and because we didn’t have paper napkins.


I love ridiculously colored pants.  Let’s talk about how to rock bright pink ones.
Intriguing!  Dating and mating in Sweden vs. New Zealand.Apparently, I have been living under a rock and did not know who Ellie Goulding was.  I am now obsessed with: her haircut, her voice annnnnd just about everything else she does.

On the Savvy Travel message board, we’re talking about travel snacks, cheap summer travel and staycations.

This is hilarious/gross but I kind of love it (remember my crazy story about my family’s squirrel-tail Christmas ornaments?)How do you feel about this whole ‘cute tiny food in jars’ thing?  If you’re into it – here’s an entire picnic of food-in-jars.

The Post College Survival Kit has a facebook page!  Join us for all sorts of helpful links and conversations about post-college life.  (Also: you can see my awesome profile photo of a smash-faced cat staring at itself in a mirror)

43 Things You Can Learn Online For Free!

I love this piece on a famous musician playing a 3.5 million dollar violin in the subway station – incognito.  How do you think people reacted?  (Thanks, Darcie!)

Two interesting pieces about marriage: But Mom, What if I Don’t Want To Get Married? and Why Did I Never Get Married?

Share any awesome links you found in the comments!

Web Time Wasters

How was your weekend, guys?  I crossed two things off my 32 new things list (absinthe and cheese-making!), got out of town for a night with an old friend and finally got around to seeing Away We Go.
Now! Fun stuff from the internet!
A cute, quick-reference poster about which produce you should really buy organic
Fellow Virgos, watch out.  Wall calendar decals: so you can have a giant, write-able calendar on your wall.  Available in whiteboard and blackboard finishes!
This style blog checks two under-appreciated boxes: ‘style from the midwest’ and ‘dude style’
Travel + design = win.  It also equals DesignTripper
Wanna see where the spaces where I (and heaps of other bloggers) write?  Check out Spaces Inspired.
Normally I find both lace and wedding fashion questionable at best – but these dresses are gorgeous!
As you probably know, tornadoes have ravaged Alabama, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless.  The Red Cross always needs your help.
I love Beauty Bets’s road trip beauty tips.
Since I am 100% self-employed these days (!) I’ve been trying to read more business books.  Sadly, most of them are a) poorly written b) patently un-engaging.  I obviously love 6 Popular Business Books as Comics
Also!  I’m on Etsy and LinkedIn now.  Wanna be friends?As if you needed another reason to love Beyonce.  In this youtube video, she stops by and surprises a group of middle-schoolers performing one of her dances. And joins them.  And they don’t miss a step!

The Complete Guide To Not Giving A ****
I have spent almost my whole life–  31 years –  caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me.
I can’t take it anymore. It’s stupid, and it’s not good for my well being. It has made me a punching bag–  a flighty, nervous wuss. But worse than that, it has made me someone who doesn’t take a stand for anything. It has made me someone who stood in the middle, far too often, and not where I cared to stand, for fear of alienating others. No more. Not today.

Also: Could I request some good vibes?  A friend’s kiddo is in the hospital with thousands of tiny tumors all over his intestine, no diagnosis and limited healthcare coverage.  Send your kind thoughts and good vibes in the direction of the Twin Cities, towards a cutie named Eagan.

Web Time Wasters

Hello, friends!  How was your week?  I spent half of it cooped up inside avoiding 120 kph winds and rain.  But I also found time for a princess-themed party (wine from a teapot!), a conference for NGO techies and a book club meeting.

Now!  Bring out the awesome links!
Did you know that one of my political pet causes is prison reform?  Yes.  So I love that my girl Not That Kind Of Girl started a pen pal program to send birthday cards to inmates.If you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer or a brand manager (um, who can really afford that?) this will help you pull together some ideas for a brand inspiration board.

In addition to prison reform I also love weird Russian stuff.  Because I’m a weirdo.  How gorgeous are these Russian-influenced lollipop beauties?
I imagine that deep down (waaaaay deep down) most parents have a gender preference for their baby.  I appreciated Cup of Jo’s candor about how she felt when she discovered she was having a boy.
I’m thinking of switching from blogspot to wordpress in the foreseeable future.  Kyla Roma dishes on her favorite wordpress plugins. (Have any of you guys switched?  Did you do it yourself?  How hard was it?)
I love Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – and obviously want to live in it. (Personal sidenote: There was a time in my life when I couldn’t decide if I should move to the Deep South or Asia.  I decided to move to Asia after reading everything Tennessee Williams ever wrote.)
Kate Spade, I suspect you live inside my brain.  I want everything you make!
This song is adorable – it’s what would play in the movie of your life when you’re riding bikes with someone cute.
More productivity tips for freelancers: Get Yourself a Calendar
A gajillion hilarious photos of cats chillin’ on stuff.  In a watermelon!  On a drying rack!  On a hat rack! (Thanks, Darc!)Your new favorite podcast: The Pop Culture Happy Hour.

What happens when you meet your online crush in real life? (Thanks, Francine!)My fantastic friend Danai has started a mini bakery with the awesome name Bake Your Pardon!

Let’s not make excuses for our inactivity.  From 344 pounds to a 4:08 marathon
Intriguing!  Safe And Sexy documents women in the public space in two modes; one for comfort, one for attraction. Through portraits, interviews and audio, I explore how social conventions, economic structures, personal history and location shape our visual and psychological landscape. This seemingly simplistic approach invokes a complex dialogue on the layered realities of individuals navigating a terrain of vulnerability, power, comfort and attraction.
I looooove this traveler’s notebook (it comes with a zipper pocket!)
Beauty Bets has great beauty product recommendations for Earth Day.Also!  Yes and Yes-er Jacqueline is going to this Yoga, Surf and Volunteer Retreat (!) in Nicaragua.  It’s only $850 for a week – she’s looking for 8 other people to join her.  Are you interested?  I would be!
Monty’s Beach lodge is a surfing retreat in the village of Jiquillio, Nicaragua. This retreat gives back to the local village by donating a portion of proceeds to the local school, medical center and more. This retreat offers two yoga classes a day, an opportunity to surf and some amazing outings: an estuary mangrove tour, deep sea fishing, wildlife reserve tours and a volcano tour.  You can even sand board down the volcano! Proceeds benefit the local clinic, community center, schools and a women’s cooperative. if you’re interested, email her at jacquelinesaxby AT gmail DOT com

Did you find, write or create something awesome this week?  Share your links in the comments!

Web Time Wasters

Friends!  How was your weekend?  My Wellington bestie and I took the ferry over the Eastbourne, poked around the beaches and ate pizza.  Then we went out dancing and attracted the interest of a hockey team of 19-year-olds.  What?!  I was fairly convinced we were part of a hidden camera show.



The above image is from a set of flashcards for obscure, underused words.  This is the image for numismatics (the study or collection of coins and other currency.  Who knew?)


I’m 100% not into American Apparel (mostly because I hate the fluorescent lighting in their store.  And, um, everything else about them).  Have you seen some of their new products?  American In-peril (ha!) is what Maggie says.

How pretty are these fabric braids?


Why am I only hearing about this now?!  eShakti allows you to almost completely customize your clothing.  Tell them your height, measurements, bra size and choose different necklines, sleeve lengths and skirt lengths.  Wow.

I didn’t see Singin’ In The Rain until I was 22.  And now I want to live in it.  Obviously.

Eeeep!  Super important: How To Talk To Your Friends About Money.

How awesome is this?  Dog Meets World is a photo diplomacy project that aims to put  photos in the hands of children all over the world.  Did you know most kids in developing countries have never seen a photo of themselves!  This is a great excuse to a) get involved b) buy an instant camera for your next trip.Cute!  DIY paper marquee letter lamp – so you’ll know what your name would look like on front of a theater.

Notes on the Three Muscles of Creativity.

I’m intrigued by this recipe for green pea guacamole.

Did you hear that National Geographic recreated the ‘Up’ house and flew a house using balloons?!  Yes.

What internet haunts are you loving these days?  Add your links in the comments!