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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I started it by being snowed in at my friend’s cabin (#notcomplaining), had date night at my favorite plant-based cafe in the Twin Cities, and this weekend we’re going to lay low after six week of non-stop travel, holidays, and parties. I am so looking forward to doing laundry and cleaning out the front closet!

Also! Three little housekeeping updates!

  • We’ve rejiggered my sidebar a little to make things easier to find. Click around to find posts in your favorite categories!
  • If you missed it when I ran it live, you can now watch my 5 Reasons Your Good Habits Don’t Stick workshop anytime you want.
  • Did you know I have a whole secret library filled with awesome workbooks and ebooks? For free? Access it here.

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Web Time Wasters

Hello yes this is the truth.

Friends! I’m back from my 10-day road trip, exploring 10 of Livability’s top 100 small/mid-sized cities! It was an awwwwesome trip and I now want to move to Bloomington, Indiana. You can see most of it in the ‘Roadtrip’ highlighted stories on my Instagram profile.

Links for you!

If you live in Minneapolis/St. Paul and you a) care about climate change b) like thematic cocktails, come to Bryant Lake Bowl on Friday! You will see see my handsome climatologist husband tell funny, moving stories about climate change AND drink a flight of season-themed cocktails! It’s $10 for Pete’s sake!

I listened to this for much of my road trip and IT IS AMAZING.

Everybody says this is great. Have you tried it?

I’m really trying to up my phone photography game and Miss Freddy’s Instagram account and tutorials are so, so helpful.

Nora has such a good answer to the question “How Can I Help My Teen Daughter Learn to Love Life Again?”
It feels great to be in love with your life, but it’s not always possible. Hard things are hard, and sometimes the very best we can do is just get through it. That’s no small feat, but when the standard is to be in love with your life? Well, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a person.

Should you be in love with your life when all your friends ditch you at your most physically awkward and emotionally vulnerable? Should you be in love with your life when the people you love die and everything falls apart?

How I Learned to Love Myself

– Love is the voice I choose to speak to myself with.
– Love is the way I treat myself.
– Love is protecting myself from things and people that aren’t good for me.
– Love is surrounding myself with nourishing things.
– Love is believing in myself.
– Love is never giving up on myself.

Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice.

A great de-cluttering podcast episode!

Bloggers! This is so useful! A visual guide for finding search terms and keywords!

This is not MY reverse bucket list (clearly!) but I appreciate the concept.

Fellow MSP-ers! Have you already heard about the all-women working space The Coven? It looks AMAZING. I’m going to try it out this summer!

Are you hiding your work? Here’s how to stop.
It took a full a full year for me to talk about my divorce anywhere, in any capacity. It took two years for me to admit the full cost of having hosted Brand Camp publicly.

I had depression for more than a decade before I talked about it with anyone other than my doctor and my best friend.

Vulnerability means, in the words of either Brene Brown or Glennon Doyle or both in some class they taught that’s no longer online — writing from our scars, not our wounds.

I loved Joy’s list of things she does to refresh every spring.

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And a periodic reminder that if you appreciate my taste in links, we should be friends on Pinterest. I’m pinning so many good things over there!

Hope you had a lovely week! Back to posting-as-usual next week!

Web Time Wasters

Wheeee! As you read this I’m exactly one day into a 10-road trip. As you guys probably know by now, I love small towns and I never tire of telling people they should visit them or even move to one.

So I’m super excited to be partnering with Livability and visiting 10 of their top 100 small to mid-sized cities over the next 10 days. You can follow along on Instagram to see all the fun diners, amazing bookstores, and adventures I get into!

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