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Web Time Wasters

I’m taking today and tomorrow off of work to catch up with an old friend who’s in town from Oz, get a questionable haircut, eat cherries and pick the brains of other writers over many cups of coffee. You probably deserve a break from work too, right? Peruse these yummy links!

What rock have I been living under that I didn’t know about Alexa Chung? I love her accessible, mishmash style.

How gorgeous are these Indian bangles?

In the event that you want to get be a belated birthday present, I’ll take a copy of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, please.

Let’s take a moment to remember how awesome Charm Attack was, circa 1999. Totally listened to this song while laying on the grass outside of my dorm.

How To Change Your Life For the Better – like changing your hair dresser, changing the song that’s stuck in your head and changing your cell phone provider. Genius!

Lush fake furs, interesting belts, big scarves – I am going to copy every last one of these looks.

A mariachi/Spanish cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony!

The 6 Strangest Coming of Age Rituals Around the World – gloves filled with biting ants, drinking blood and bungee jumping with vines? And I thought working at Dairy Queen was bad!

Have you guys heard Lily Allen’s 22? It’s a good bit of depressing and clever social commentary in a catchy, poppy package. Which, coincidentally, is just how I like my social commentary!

That guy who yelled “You lie” at the president? He doesn’t have anything on the parliments of Taiwan, South Korea, Ukraine, Australia and Britian. I was actually living in Taiwan when politician had the bill she sponsored ripped out of her hand and stuffed in her mouth!

Do you remember the hilarious/bizarre/fictional case of Dudley’s Heinsbergen Syndrome in The Royal Tanenbaums? Well, there’s a woman in Scotland who actually ‘sees’ time!

Two decor ideas worth stealing – a wreath made of mismatched silverware and decorating your walls with old sheet music.

In the event that you’re intimidated by the commitment of a real tattoo, why not get a full-body sun tattoo?

Insane prison inventions and weapons. It’s not just shanks made from melted toothbrushes anymore!

Have you seen this great, pro-GLBT Lee’s ad?

Okay, okay this Super Mario manicure is sliiiightly more awesomely ridiculous than mine.

David Lynch isn’t just that guy who makes all those creepy movies – He’s also the head of The Interview Project. It’s a great collection of online videos in which people from all over the country talk about their childhood dreams, lifelong loves, heartbreaks and hopes for the future.

What links are you loving this week?

Web Time Wasters


Happy Labor Day! In the event that you’re worn down from all that barbecuing/Corona drinking/ bonfire watching – a few links for you perusal!
Have you seen the This is Home project? Designers and writers send in submissions for what home means to them. I love this one. Okay, and this one.Did you know that my girl Winona (of DaddyLikey fame) wrote an effing book? Good lord, woman, could you beeee more awesome?! It comes out in two months and is sure to be as funny/helpful/fantastic as her blog. Go check it out!

Whaaaa? A techno remix of William Shatner talking about Captain Kirk climbing a mountain? Dudes, this business is catchy.

For all you rugged travelers out there: taking freight ships is apparently a cheap-o alternative to cruises. I am so intrigued by this!

Awesome and awesome – female assassins and their intended victims! My favorite is Charlotte Corday, a 25-year-old Parisienne who stabbed one of the leaders of the French Revolution in his own bathtub. Oh my.

Ceeee-ute! Make your own terrariums out of old pickle jars.

Six types of crappy hugs. Are you guilty of any of these?

Oh, that I would have had this for my birthday – a six layer cake in which every layer is a different color. Rainbows are delicious!

Operation Beautiful leaves encouraging, positive post-its all over the world. Lovely!

Apartment Therapy put together a great list of their favorite DIY projects for the long weekend.

I find this list fascinating – 15 Smart Celebrities. I’m not sure how they got a hold of her IQ score, but being a smartie is just another reason that I love Shakira. I also love her because of She Wolf – now in the running for The Most Awesomely Ridiculous Music Video Ever.

Y’all know I love tiny houses. And novelty houses. So you can imagine how much I love this list of 10 Amazing Treehouses from Around the World.

If you’re on a budget or trying to rein in your shopping habits, check out this great list of questions to ask yourself before you buy something. Seriously, I am printing this business off and keeping it in my wallet, wrapped around my credit card.

I love Mika’s sweet, joyful music. And his single We Are Golden is, as per the usual, Teh Awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I, too, love dancing around in my underwear to mix tapes.

The gorgeous visuals of this Kid Cudi video and the clever split screen effect are almost cool enough to make me overlook those questionable lyrics.

This incredibly brave woman is having 100 cups of coffee with 100 different men in an attempt to find true love. That is some serious stamina.

Things that are awesome: hip hop music superimposed onto old Bob Fosse dance routines.

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

Web Time Wasters

Because it’s Friday! And, at least here in Minnesota, it’s rainy and cold and a perfect day for wasting on the internetz. Happy clicking!
Have you heard about Puppies Behind Bars? It’s an amazing program that partners felons with a puppy that they train to be a service dog for returning war vets. Ready the kleenex, yo – puppies + triumph of the human spirit = weeping.This is what cookie monster thinks about eating five servings of fruits and veg.

If you’ve got a penchant for graffiti, you probably need this notebook. The pages looks like walls!

I’m living alone at the moment and this graph pretty accurately captures the benefits of that.

A cute DIY that requires only old bottles, masking tape and spray paint.

I love these roughly sweet wood lights.

This man’s name is really, truly John Doe! Apparently, he occasionally runs into trouble at the airport. always has the best stuff. I love this username translator. Just something to think about before you choose ‘hotgirl 69’ for your next handle.

I love the photos of Tara Donne. Gorgeous colors, daily life.

What awesome links have you stumbled across this week?

Web Time Wasters

Because I’m an animal nerd. The 10 most diabolical fish on earth!

I want to do this when I grow up. Or next week. 20 Subversive works of Guerilla Street Art.

You guys know I love tiny houses. So I obviously love tilt photos, which make everything look miniturized.

I’m pretty sure these are the romance novels of choice in my hometown. Whatever floats your boats, guys.Link

I’m a little bit in love with this girl’s outfit choices. And by ‘a little bit in love with’ I mean ‘I just went through her whole flickr stream.’

I’m totally not into planned communities (I’d like to be able to differentiate my house from my neighbor’s, thanks) but what if it was an eco-community?

Are you a cusser? Or as my college roomate liked to say ‘a swear bear’? Apparently, Americans lovelovelove to do it.

If you live in the Twin Cities, maybe you’ve seen St. Paul’s art signs? They’re metal and shaped just like real traffic signs, but feature funny pictures or strange sayings. Apparently, they’re supposed to help slow fast traffic in the residential neighborhoods.

How cute is this delicate, a-symetrical necklace?

Two fantastic house tours: one feminine and lovely, one full of bizarre, museum-worthy curiosities.

Y’all, bookmark this business: The cheapest places to live in the world, $500 a month.

I need this adorable paper-clip hoarding birdie on my desk yesterday.

And remember, you can still comment for a chance to win this swanky, $125 clutch!

Happy hump day!


Web Time Wasters

It’s Humpday ! Bring on the links!

My girl Winona at Daddy Likey is giving away a gorgeous National Geographic photo book that she contributed to. Yes, that’s right. In addition to being hilarious and adorable, girlfriend works for N.G. Stop stealing my dreamlife ‘Nona!I’m not entirely sure why I find this illustration so funny. Probably because I would put my cat in a hat and talk to him.

What a fantastic wedding bouquet!

True story ripped from the headlines? Or Scooby Doo plot? Take this quiz to find out.

I hope that the next wedding I go to gives these out at favors. Toooo cuuuute!

I love Barnaby Bradford’s work – Hummel-esque figurines eating McDonalds and spray painting graffiti.

As a former ex-pat in Asia, I found this article incredibly fascinating: three famous Chinese chefs come to America, eat at our best restaraunts and find the food here bizarre and nearly inedible. And we get wound up over bird’s nest soup and thousand-year old eggs!

This reminds me of my friend who made a pair of pants out of beanie babies he won from the claw machine . As if there aren’t enough ways to entertain yourself at the Goodwill, Goatygoat came up with a new one.

Don’t you want to give this necklace to your bestie?

The cutest AC adaptor in The Land!

You probably need to buy this t-shirt for the vapire-lover in your life. Amber has some great ideas of some lovely things to do for cheap/free

Have you seen these photos of Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? It seems the Mad Hatter was inspired by Carrot Top, no?

What’s the best stuff you’ve found on the internetz lately?

Web Time Wasters


Because it a Friday! And it’s summer! Like you’re really going to accomplish anything at work.

My girl Winona makes an excellent argument in favor of every one’s favorite early 90’s hairstyle.How cute are these sweaters? And I bet you could make your own if you’re handy with an embroidery needle.

Because I love a) things that are sparkly b) weird things hanging from the ceiling: ship chandeliers!

Spread love where ever you go with this guerilla love kit. Too.damn.cute.

Fantastic drug-store makeup finds for under $8. Wouldn’t it be great it everything that made us feel beautiful cost this little?

Fascinating! Gorgeous houses in terrible locations. I love the historical farmhouse that has a train running through the back yard!

An adorable idea for any upcoming birthday or anniversary – a catalog of love.

You wouldn’t think that a bullet casing and gemstones would go together so well. And yet….

I love of cmykboom’s inspiration machines. Really, all of them!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who wants to reinterpret Disney princesses for the modern day.

On the reality of rock/paper/scissors. And how, exactly, paper beats anything.

Oh, this video is going to get you. Street performers around the world singing Stand by Me. Tear!

Have a great weekend!