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Web time wasters

Look at this sweet little viking, all ready and pillage and plunder your paper supply! You can download him and his friends Yeti and Frankenstein for free on this awesome website.What happens when paisley goes bad?

Illustrator Emilie Boudet makes daily journaling absolutely artistic. Her daily sketches are adorable and irrepressibly French. Here’s what her February looked like last year.

Things that are not awesome about the movie-going experience: $7 popcorn, lack of cup holders and sharing arm rests. ElbowWars allows you to engage in the tussling of elbows, video game style.

FAO Schwartz has turned my 6 year old fantasy into a reality – make your own muppets!

There’s something deliciously spooky and romantic about abandoned spaces isn’t there? Every blessed kid at my high school has fond memories of poking about the creepy, condemned high school in our neighboring town to Riverton. So dangerous! So weird! Such a right of passage! But our photos never looked this good. I really like the abandoned theater in Detroit. You can still see the painted castle backdrop!

I’d like to know why there isn’t a School of Life in Minneapolis. It’s billed as “an emporium of emotions, a bazaar of bibliotherapy, a convenience store of concepts, a trading post of triumphant philosophies” Yes please!

Live moss is kind of gorgeous isn’t it – lush and green and tactile? And it would probably make for cool jewelry, eh?

Web time wasters

Everybody loves getting mail. But if you send these adorable wooden postcards? You might just be fending off marriage proposals.

Never have boxes with stuff in them looked so romantic and whimsical.

Wine of the month clubs are so passe. How about The Thing Quarterly? Subscribers pay $140 a year and receive a new piece of art every three months. The catch? They know who the artists will be, but have no idea what they will get. Past ‘issues’ include a pull down window shade by Miranda July that reads “If this shade is down, I’m not who you think I am” and an orange, rubber door stop with a fan letter to Bill Jean King from Anne Walsh.

I love Michael Eastman’s photography, particularly his collection on Vanishing America.

Ohmygod. A toy a day? 365 tiny, adorable 3-D paper toys you print, cut out, slide together and then display in your cubicle to the envy of all your workmates. I particularly like Frida Kahlo, Brian Griffin, Alice Cooper.

So damn awesome. A Belgian artist builds a man-sized nest on the side of sky-scraper and lives there for seven days. Whilst wearing a feathered headdress and periodically throwing feathers on to the people below.

Who needs squares and stars when you can have ice cubes shaped like dentures? Because that’s what I want to see floating in my drink.

I love this poster.

A fantastic window shade that replicates the look of a city at night.

Web time wasters

Do you love all things vintage? Are you a fan of handle bar mustaches and rosie-cheeked babies attempted to sell you salt? You will no doubt love this collection of old-timey catalog images. I particularly love the ad for Pong “You hear the sound of action! Every time electronic “ball” hits “paddle” or sideline you hear a beep!”

A functioning Grandfather clock that’s printed on canvas. Because a real one looks out of place with your Wii/milk crate inspired decor scheme.

For the true cat lover: a mug with a cat on the bottom. You set your mug on top of his cheeky little face. Perhaps it’s also the mug for cat-haters as well?

I know a lot of people consider the Midwest to be flyover space, but there’s something haunting and beautiful about our expansive plains and obscene amount of lakes and snow. This photo series captures that.

A chocolate shoppe that markets itself as a research facility? In that case, I have many important experiments that I need to tend to.

You will undoubtably be the coolest kid in the office if you download this screen saver.

You know the face you make when you’re giving yourself a french manicure? Or when you’re applying mascara? Be glad that Robbie Cooper wasn’t around. Here is his series of photos capturing the faces kids actually make as they play video games.

Web time wasters

You might not know this about me, but I am huge proponent for both manners and karma – thank you notes, holding doors, helping friends move, the whole nine. Which is why I love Operation Nice. The website chronicles helpful, lovely interactions that people have had, suggestions on how to make someone’s day, and things that are generally awesome. Nice indeed!

Did you hate dissecting stuff in eighth grade science? The inside of cats not really your thing? Eric Boker decided, instead, to dissect tubes of toothpaste – and the result is oddly artistic.

Mystery is sexy, right? If your not sure exactly how to be mysterious, this poster will point you in the right direction. I particularly like the tip about wearing a skeleton key on a necklace. “When you have an ornate, probably gold, probably vaguely skull shaped dangling around your neck, people will be going insane imagining what it opens!”

What would happen if Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords had a website where he pretended to be a Sci-Fi writer named Ronald Chevalier? Awesomeness would ensue. Obviously.

A lovely blog about random acts of kindness. (Thanks Annie!)

Lovely photos using the moon as a prop.

If you live in Minnesota (or are just passive aggressive) confrontation might be beyond your can. If so, you can use Hello! You there! to get your point across. You write up a letter, include a postal address and a written letter will be sent anonymously. I would say that I don’t condone such an epic level of weeniness, but come on! We can all admit it’s pretty genius.

Children’s sketches of monsters re-created by graphic designers. Slightly unnerving!