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Yes Spaces: Katie of ‘Creole Wisdom’

This is one of many Yes Spaces home tours in which we get a peek at my friends’ spaces and how normal people with normal income decorate.

Internet homes: 
Length of time in home:
1.5 years, and believe me it has flown by!



Who do you share your home with? 
I live alone and really love it. I’ve made friends with another fellow Katie who lives across the hall. She is awesome and we’re taking a quilt class together. We are kindred spirits and call each other “roommates.” Maybe I will get a pet fish, but it’s just a few plants for now.
What are the three things you love most about your space?

I love the layout (bedroom is close to bathroom), the open kitchen and how much of a blank slate it is.



What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space? 
For an apartment in Minneapolis my place is pretty new-ish. I think it was built in the 60s or 70s. It doesn’t have that “old-Minneapolis apartment” feel that I love. I have lived in those places and they certainly have their drawbacks (scary bathtubs.) Most of the places in my price range that are older, just aren’t in the best shape—someday!
Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space? 
I can’t pick one! When I moved in I had very few pieces of furniture, I was perusing Craigslist one day and noticed these beautiful, tufted chairs. I had to have them. My step dad and I went to pick them up and I made a bit of conversation with the man who was selling them. Turns out he was selling them for his girlfriend who is a photographer (I’m a photographer as well) before they both moved out of town for her new job out west. Very cool moment. It turns out the chairs were custom made at one of the old department stores in Minneapolis that no longer exists. I painted the legs gray.The other piece is this colorful trunk. I wanted to find a trunk, but usually they are pretty dark and my style is lighter with a lot of whites and pastels. I about screamed when I found this and for less than $30 on a rainy, but happy day in Stockholm, Wisconsin just a few miles from Red Wing (both places are a must if you enjoy antiquing and finding good deals.) I have no idea who the trunk belonged to, but I imagine it might be Scandinavian in origin because of the colors. It is an excellent piece for storage.


What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?
Basically everything is DIY, the only “new” piece of furniture I own is the couch and my bed frame. I’ve had some successes and failures; I think it’s learning what works for you and where your skills lie (spray painting, furniture building, sewing?).
I needed a dining table and don’t like much of the modern or IKEA options out there. One day while driving through the industrial part of Edina I noticed this table with a “free” sign on top. I loved the shape and when I turned it over noticed a “Gabberts” stamp. That is the story of how I ended up with a Gabberts table for free. To brighten it up a bit I painted the legs a jadeite green (I collect Fireking jadeite) and added mismatched chairs in the same hue. I recovered the chair seats in fabric from an old Target curtain panel.


What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
Maybe not strangest, but in my bottle collection I’ve got a pretty piece from Ireland. Most everything I have is from the side of the road, antique shops or someone’s hand-me-down. I guess I’m still trying to figure out why someone would put out a Gabbert’s table with a “free” sign on it 😉
What are your top five sources for design inspiration?
3. Old school, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic books

Thanks so much for sharing, Katie!


Yes Spaces: Lauren of Rebuild Health + Home

This is a (semi) regular series in which we visit the homes of stylish friends and drool over their design. You can see previous tours here.  These photos originally appeared on Lauren and Kevin’s house tour on Apartment Therapy; photos by Carolyn Purnell
Internet homes: blog // twitter 
Length of time in home: 3.5 years
I share my home with: My future husband, Kevin
What are the three things you love most about your space? 

Ours is a corner apartment about two blocks off Lake Michigan, and we get amazing amounts of daylight. That’s probably what I noticed most when I first looked at the place! Another thing I love is that it’s definitely a vintage Chicago apartment, which are like the ones I grew up in (lots of crown molding, crystal doorknobs, hardwood floors, etc). I can’t stand newly-built boxes with no personality! The other thing I love is its size; It’s a one bedroom, so it’s not huge, but it’s large enough that Kevin was able to move in after I lived here for about a year. We both fit quite comfortably.

What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
Oh man, I’m a bit of a treasure hunter, so we have things from all over the place, from alleys to Anthropologie! Most of my favorite little trinkets and other pieces that add character are from thrift stores or antique shops, though. Here in Chicago, there’s a thrift chain called Village Discount, which, depending on the location, can be a total mess, but I’ve found some great scores!
What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space?Our kitchen is furnished with really ugly wood laminate cabinets and floor tiles that have seen better days. If we owned the place, I’d love to tear out the cabinets (or at the very least repaint them) and re-tile the floors in there. Also, no dogs. THE WORST!Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space!

The little black gazelle (?) who lives by our television in the living room is named Maurice, and I LOVE him. My parents got him at an antique store when I was young, so I remember always having him in the house and playing with him. When I moved into this place, I asked if I could have him (nope), and I think I ended up taking him home with me when no one was looking. He’s been with us ever since, and I’m pretty sure my mom has given up owner’s rights.


What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?

I did the Suzani print pelmet boxes above the windows in the living room using foam core, batting, fabric, staples and some L brackets for mounting, and Kevin and I both worked on painting and recovering the pair of Chippendale chairs in front of our coffee table. I recently repainted an old white dresser that I bought second hand years ago and moved it into the kitchen to repurpose it as a sideboard and give us some extra counterspace.The project I think I love the most is the Penguin Book art we have hanging above the loveseat in our bedroom. I took a hi-res digital picture, and then had Kinko’s blow it up for us. I was so happy when it worked!


What are your top five sources for design inspiration? 
The homes of people I find stylish (e.g. Kate & Andy Spade, Jenna Lyons), store merchandising (at places like Anthropolgie, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren…), museums, old books, and all the wonderful real spaces shown on the internet.
If you were to name your home ala ‘Tara’ in ‘Gone With The Wind,’ what would you name it?

Since starting my blog, we’ve nicknamed the place “The Rebuildery,” since we’re constantly trying to fix things up and use what we have to to rework our apartment until it’s our favorite place on earth!Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren!


Yes Spaces: Amy of ‘Starfruit Cafe’

This is one of several Yes Spaces interviews in which we snoop through the homes of my real life and internet friends who have used ingenuity and budgets to create sweet living spaces.

This tour comes from Amy of Starfruit Cafe fame.   She lives in San Francisco where she’s
a software engineer at Her favorite color is mint green,
and when she’s not riding her bike, she enjoys using it as decor.Internet homes: blog // twitter
Length of time in home: 2 years
Who do you share your home with?
I share my home with: out of town friends who come visit or local friends who want to have a girly sleepover!
What are the three things you love most about your space?
1. Light! so much natural light
2. French doors that close to separate bedroom from living room, or open to make the apartment feel more roomy
3. Big Kitchen

What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space?

Whoever laid out the kitchen put the fridge in an odd place– the door rubs against the window frame any time you open it– and this has resulted in the handle falling off.

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space?
Once while living in Tokyo, I got food poisoning and feel and sprained my ankle and knee in one afternoon. My friend Erek came over with homemade apple sauce, a giant goomba (like a get well bear but you know, awesomer), and cables and an adaptor for my super nintendo so we could play mario kart. Once I got better, we had a goomba stomp fest near Nakano station. So that’s how I ended up with a giant goomba plush! (For the record, they are as stompable as they appear).

What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?
DIY teepee from A Beautiful Mess!

What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
ALL the furniture in my apartment comes from IKEA, but as for
decorations– I have a stuffed robot from the convenience store inside
of the HONDA research building in Wako-shi, Japan.

What are your top five sources for design inspiration?
1. The Selby
3. Finnish interior design
4. Hello Sandwich 
5. Martha Stewart Living

Thanks so much for sharing, Amy!

Yes Spaces: Alex Franzen of ‘Unicorns For Socialism’

Welcome to Yes Spaces!
A post series in which we wax voyeuristic and check out the homes of
some of my Real Life Friends.  Who decorate their spaces with things
from Real Life Stores.  Like: Ikea. And Target. And Savers.
Photos by the lovely and talented Meredith Westin.Alexandra Franzen is one of my favorite people online or off.  We met
a few years ago when she stumbled upon my blog and discovered that we
shared an ridiculous number of life similarities: we were both former
English majors, who’d gone to school in New Zealand, and now lived in
St. Paul, working at non-profits and writing blogs.  Whaaaaaat?!Now we hang out on the regular, eating at Granny Donut, attending midnight screenings of The Room, and fantasizing about dachshund ownership.



Internet homes: blog // twitter // website
Length of time in home: Moved in August 2011!
I share my home with:  The most adorable Black Metal Cherub / Boyfriend-Person, most nights.What are the three things you love most about your space?

Uno :: It’s wee-sized!

me to explain: when I was 24, I bought an adorable 3-bedroom 1940’s
house, near the Mississippi River in Saint Paul. It felt so fancy and
adult-ish to have so much s-p-a-c-e. But purdy soon, I was rattling
around through cavernous, useless rooms. So I rented the Haus out to a
lovely couple with a baby, and moved back into the city. My tiny
loft-style studio is a waaaay better fit for my style.

Dos :: The fact that one entire WALL is a WINDOW! Haaaaallelujah!

Tres :: There’s a yoga and pilates studio on the ground floor of my building. Don’t hate me.

What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space?
Aside from the sweet lil’ closet, there’s not a ton of storage space. And by ‘not a ton’ I mean, ‘absolutely none.’ But I’ve come to appreciate the snugness, because it forces me to think reeeeally hard about purchasing new ‘stuff’. When you (literally) don’t have any space to spare, you tend to adjust your consumption habits.

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space!
I’ve got a limited-edition WET magazine poster, which my parents let me take when I moved from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. It’s very avant-garde, kind of obscene, and completely perplexing. But it reminds me of my family. (That probably explains a lot.)

What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?
I am not . . . shall we say . . . the DIY Queen. But one time, I ‘artistically’ wrapped a string of fairy lights around a weird piece of white fence-like material that I found in the discount section of IKEA. It’s a night light, for reading! And someday, when I’m stupidly famous, I’ll sell it to a wealthy patron of the arts for 5 zillion dollars.

What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
There’s a local thrift store called SAVERS, which is chock-full of trinkets . . . and strange smells. And sadness. But several years ago, I found a magnificent pastel-colored Jackson Pollock-esque painting . . . for $17. Sold!

I think you’ll agree, it really ties the room together.

What are your top five sources for design inspiration?
Uno :: Karim Rashid. His book, Design Your Self, is my techni-pop Bible of Style. My favorite part is where he claims that women should only wear white — like an angel. Ba ha ha! Oh, Karim.

Dos :: Jonathan Adler! Jiminy Crickets. He’s got that disco-chic groove-a-thon look down pat. Walking into one of his stores feels like entering a special wing of Heaven, designed especially for ME.

Tres :: Victorian Dandyism. Even though I’m a ‘minimalist’ by nature, I’ve got a wild hedonistic streak. My space is full of ultra-soft textiles, fresh flowers, beeswax candles, magic crystals, and the occasional empty Prosecco bottles. I’ve learned that you can swaddle yourself in beauty, without cluttering up your space.

Cuatro :: The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Or more specifically, the Walker GIFT SHOP. (Everyone knows that gift shops are the best part of any museum. Let’s collectively admit it.)

Cinco :: Magic stores! You know, like that one in The Craft. I’m talking Tarot decks, smoking incense, mysterious orbs, and mystical oils. I’m getting increasingly woo-woo every year. And it shows.

If you were to name your home ala ‘Tara’ in ‘Gone With The Wind,’ what would you name it?
The FranzCube. Obviously.

Thanks so much for sharing your space, Alex!

Yes Spaces: Christina Holm-Sandok of Style-Architects

After nearly a year hiatus, this is the return of one of my favorite features: Yes Spaces
Photos of my Real Life Friends’ homes.  Decorated on Normal People Budgets with things purchased from Normal People Stores.  Amazing!  Photos
via the uber talented Meredith Westin.

Christina Holm-Sandok is lovely and talented and has great hair. 
She’s also one of the first blog readers I ever met in real life.  If memory serves, we met at a handbag launch party, where I hovered near the cheese wheel and awkwardly told style editors that my dress cost $5 from Goodwill.  Christina and I bonded over our shared rural Minnesota, small-town upbringings and love of a good Gouda.

Internet homes: website // blog // facebook // twitter
Length of time in home: 2 years
I share my home with: My husband, Craig and our dog, Zoe

What are the three things you love most about your space?

open layout {perfect for entertaining}, the white kitchen {feels so
cozy and clean} and the neutral palette – I have a favorite color each
season so it is fun to change the throw pillows or add fresh flowers. A
neutral palette makes for the perfect canvas for my color schizophrenia.


What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space?
airplane noise! I love the convenience of living 5 minutes from the
airport but it can be distracting during an outdoor BBQ on our patio.
Since we can’t hear each other speak when a plane goes overhead, we just
use it as an opportunity to take a drink of our cocktail 🙂

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space!
We stumbled upon our living room coffee table at Hunt + Gather,
an antique & vintage shop in south Minneapolis. It was an old
warehouse cart. I love the rugged appeal next to our white couch.

What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?

We recreated a piece of Restoration Hardware Art but customized it with a special address. Here
is our version.  White antlers – I bought an old rack of antlers for
$10 and painted them white – a subtle nod to my rural upbringing but
with a chic, city twist.

What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
The liquor store! I love saving our empty tequila bottles and using them as flower vases.

What are your top four sources for design inspiration?
Pinterest, Matchbook Magazine, Rue Magazine and Elle Decor

If you were to name your home ala ‘Tara’ in ‘Gone With The Wind,’ what would you name it?
Tom Collins {the cocktail} Balanced, simple & sweet – And after enough time leaves you with a cozy buzz.

Thanks so much for sharing, Christina!

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I had approximately 8 million meetings and conference calls, went to a MAC event with Alex (free makeup, y’all!), attended a hip hop dance class, had brunch with Dear Dude (remember him?), went to an Autumnal clothing swap party, and got another Yes Spaces photo shoot under my belt. (And by that I mean “stood next to Meredith while she shot stuff.”)

But let’s talk about links!

This will be my next jewelry purchase. Weird! Fancy!

I heard this song for the first time at my hip hop class on Thursday and it’s my new dance-around-the-apt go-to jam.

In the 1940s, a woman adopted a baby squirrel and spent the next several years dressing him in tiny outfits and posing him for photos.

A reminder: If You Want To Date Someone Great, Be Someone Great.
So, instead of worrying about The One, forget about that and be The One You Would Want To Be With. Go running every night, smile at every person you meet, pick up that James Joyce novel you’ve been putting off, start writing again, join a support group to work out your issues, go back to get another degree, help old ladies cross the street, work on forgiving your parents, take Tai Chi to learn to let go, get involved at the local community center and/or take a cooking class. Push yourself to get out and be better; you can’t control who you meet, but you can control the person you are when you meet them.

Helpful! How to be an organized blogger.

Yes, you can pay off debt at nearly any income level. It Happened To Me: I Paid Off A Sh*tload Of Debt On A Teacher’s Salary.

So sweet! A canoe elopement.

A few things you need to know about living in New York.
Social warning #2
Melodrama wrapped in sophistication is still melodrama.
Social warning #3
Your crackpot radar needs to grow exquisitely refined. This applies to strangers, obviously, but it also applies to acquaintances. Living in any large city means that your social circle grows exponentially, which in turn brings about a statistical increase in the likelihood of encountering iffy types.

How To Create Time (like, in your work day. Not, like, metaphysically)

I loved this New York Fashion Week behind-the-scenes peek.

I loved the comments on this post about the advice you’d give your 15 year old self.
The girls at your school who make you feel bad for not owning any designer clothes have no style anyway, and you’ll laugh at their Facebook photos mercilessly in a few years, so pleeease don’t spend all of your hard-earned money on Juicy Couture sweatsuits.

If you’re wondering what to buy me for Christmas, the answer is these spice shakers.

A gorgeous art installation.

Hope you had a great weekend!